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Hi Eugene, is there a simple solution to install Font awesome 4.1.0 on Pannonia theme ?


The only one solution is to update font files, css file and class name on pages :(



Though its more than one year old but looking at the features and positive replies here, I am tempted to buy this template. I would like to ask a question about responsive tables being used in this template.

In the demo maximum five columns are used with very little text. If there are say 8, 10 or more columns with display of information like email which does not have spaces in it and so can not displayed more than one line then how will the tables behave?

Will horizontal scroll bar still be there if table goes outside the screen on right side?


Hi there.

Of course, on small screens all table cell content has no wrap, doesn’t matter how many columns you’ll have there, scrollbar always will be there if total width of columns is higher than table width.


Requesting you to please have a look at these two screenshots:

http://postimg.org/image/fqnc11t6d/ http://postimg.org/image/r1pzpf01h/

Above screenshots are two scenarios and in both the table goes beyond the screen on right size.


Oh, that can be fixed by adding overflow-x: auto; to the parent div. I’ll with that for you if needed.


Is there by any chance these both scenarios be included in the demo by adding another table on tables.html page so that it can be seen working online? I believe this may be another star on the list of features.



rfg76 Purchased


Is it possible to fix the width of the input box in the bootbox prompt in order to fill full the window? http://i.imgur.com/jg8uyPY.png As is seen on the demo http://bootboxjs.com/#examples

Thanks in advance.


Yes it is, try to add this code to the CSS file:

.bootbox input[type=text] {
width: 100%;


Hi there,

I purchaed this item, really nice but could you tell me how to change the default value:

here is the screen shot. http://prntscr.com/5l50p1

by default I want 100 entries.

waiting your reply.


But in which js file i can find this code, there are hundreds of files.

Totally depends on your application structure, there is no specific place or file. But by default datatables code is in files/functions.js file.

Many thanks i found the solution.


caotian Purchased

Will you provide a Bootstrap 3 version?

hello again i was the one who contacted you last time, i told you i am interested with the template..you said you are already working on the new version..any update? i am now ready to purchase this template..btw i have few requests if it’s possible..can it have a possibility to lock or freeze the row header and at least 2 or three columns from left? and also, a way to update/edit the table data directly? (within the td tag) thanks and hope to hear from you soon…

Hi again

I mentioned that i am planning to update it when BS 4 will come out :) It just did and i will start a new development in 6 days. I think it will take about 2 weeks to complete.

Yes it will include these features in datatables, along with new library version.

Thanks for your patience.

let me know when will the update be available..ps i hope the scrollbars will be automatically available in large tables using ios browser and safari…ty..