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Hi there.

I love, love, love your template.

I just want to know a couple of things before buying.

Once I install this template, what do I have to do to collect people’s email? Is this something simple or will you provide help for that? Also, on top of their email, I want their zip code, is that attainable?

Thanks so much!

This template only uses MailChimp API, you can only get their email through MailChimp. I can help you with that. Sorry this does not support zip code.


already purchased the template. Would you pls help install and set up on my site ?

PS. I could not find your email, so send here the message instead.

Thanks, Teerawee

Hi, teerawee, thank you for purchasing the file.

I can work this on Saturday. I’m not home yet. Please provide the details in falconerie.04[@]gmail.com

Awesome work, very easy to use and well documented. However background not loading on iOS devices. Any suggestions, I will wait for your response before rating.

Can I see the site?

Hi, can I see the file?

I’ve bought your theme yesterday! Very-very good job! Very creative, nice design, simple and easy to customizable code. Just keep on! :-)


Please rate it. It will be a great help. :)

What a great theme!! Just a little thing: Is it possible to change the background display so that it is not distorted? Thanks a lot. Eric

Hi there Eric, Thank you for purchasing the file. Did you follow the recommended dimension of the image? Can you also provide an example? Thanks

Hi falz04, please find an example… http://www.ak-composites.com background image is distorded and not homothetic…

Hey! I’m having issues with changing the background. I once changed it and now it’s not possible anymore. Any suggestions?

so then.. why is there a button for enable the rain?

all the changes i do and save are not being set…. what’s wrong there?

http://codecanyon.net/item/panpan-responsive-wordpress-coming-soon-plugin/6748112 This is the plugin you have bought, not the this HTML template. I did not create the plugin. You must comment there. :)

Bought the template, youtube video backgrounds are displaying ‘error’ rather than playing. The counter is freezing after one second. Other than that I am really happy, I would appreciate some assistance.

Site is at http://www.yorkshirepound.co.uk/ Is it possible for me to have a logo and a text header or will I have to modify the template (not a problem if so.)


Hi CallumNash,

It is a different developer, you may contact him in this plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/panpan-responsive-wordpress-coming-soon-plugin/6748112

Hi, i have already bought this template. how to add my own background image?

Thanks Regards Nipuna

Hi, 3dnipuna,

Thank you for purchasing this file.

To add your own background image, simply find the img with the id=”background”, replace it with your the path of your image.

Please read also the documetation included in the file :)

Don’t forget to rate this file in the downloads section. It will be a great help for us developers.

Regards, falz04

Hey I just bought this theme and I need help installing it to wordpress. Let me know if you can help me out. When I try to upload it tells me its missing a style.css sheet.

Hi jmdawson10,

You don’t need WordPress to install this. This is just a plain HTML template.


Before i purchase i just wanted to ask if it is possible to swap out the large text up the top for a logo (most likely a .png file) and if so is it something pretty straight forward to do?

Thanks Mitch

Hi mitchbrook,

Yup, you can add logo or any image within the template.

Cheers, falz04

Hi.. great work.. thank you.. can i change the color of the Countdown and buttons like About us & Socual media.. when i have a light background image ?..

thx & regards Mike

Hi mike!

Yes you can change the colors through CSS. ;)



Demo is not online.

How big should the picture be?

There is not only english in this word. Please let people write longer text, at least to convince people to subscribe to the email.

I need to translate;

1) Enter your email address here

2) Notify Me

How can I do it?

Thank you

sorry for the many messages :-)

Hi oceans_uk

I think you bought this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/panpan-responsive-wordpress-coming-soon-plugin/6748112 and not my template.

Ask the author of that plugin. Thanks.

Hi, I just uploaded the folder and changed the Date and the Background but there´s no rain effect to see or sound to hear. Am i´m doing anything wrong? Is there anything to activate?

I got it fixed. The sound was because of the different index.html and the rain – i guess – was because i linked a picture out of a different website.

Hi sorry for the late reply.

Good for you, you figured it out yourself :)

Don’t forget to rate this template. It will be a great help.

Cheers! :)

No Help needed so far. THX

Hi, sometimes the background isn`t loading and there is only the word “background” in the upper left corner. What could this be? I´m using the 5K iMac from Apple. Any Issues with HighRes-Monitors?

I still have the Problem. Instead of showing the Background-Image there´s only the Word “bachground” in the upper left corner. Even on my MacBookAir. It is hosted in /img/ . You can see, that he`s loeding it. But after finishing the loading-process he turns to this situation.

Another thing is, that it does`nt work on iPhone. The Rain-Effect, i know, it can not work. But the Contact-Site is not showing as it should be when you have a lot of text. No scroll.

Now the Background-Image is shown. I removed the “http://www.domain.com/” and only left the “img/Background.jpg”.

Any Help with my other issue?

What iPhone version are you using?


How can I set up the coming soon page for a specific page (not the home page but the shop section).When I enter the adress in the form it doesn’t want to display panpan.Could you please help me?

Thanks Thibault

Hi there, I am a prospective buyer, and have a question regarding the rain effect (restarting or not showing) when the device changes its orientation from landscape – portrait, is there a way to prohibit that so that it always shows?

Hi sevenlemons, right. I never thought of that. Will work on that within this week.

Thanks for informing me. :)