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I’m lovin` it

sweet design. good luck with the sale.

Thanks a lot guys!

very nice! any chance you have a link to the paper texture you used?

nice design ! (sick of the overdone paper airplane motif though :D)

Really nice! Any chance you make a wp-theme based on this one?

- R

I agree. Would love to purchase for WP.

need coded version!!!

@pixelito – Yes just converted it to xhtml and css.

Is there a way to obtain the XHTML and CSS version of this?


– Here’s the xhtml and css version of this PSD template. paper business html version

I really like this theme! GREAT Job!

@joshrodgers – thanks man!

if someone is intrested i can code this tempalte for you info@dosonaro is my mail adress

Hi Jeofrey, very nice theme. How did you do the folded corners on the paper? Thank you

Jeofrey, was wondering how you did the folded corners, any particular site i can refer to?

Thank you and i forgot to mention. this is awesome work!

anyone will send this layout to me ?

I can at this site make such a design? http://bongacams.xxx