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Hello, writing you here because your site support never answers its support tickets.

I cannot find the dummy data for the slider. Can you possibly send it to me by email?

Thanks, John

please check your email.

You are welcome

I want of buy this Ultimate WordPress Book Store this theme my word-press version is 4.2.2 4.1.5 and i want to know is this theme is work on this verson or not


Papirus theme already compatible with wordpress 4.2.2. you can check our live demo site.

First of all sorry for my bad English, I’ll expose my problem:

I have some issues with the kodda menu plugin I think, we’re making a web for a client on this link:

The problem it’s that in pages that are using templates like Blog or Contact dont display correctly the Mega Menu made in section “Catálogo”, showing an empty content when that must display some posts, in the others templates used like Composer template this problem is not going, showing correctly the information inside this menu.

Can you help me? And what could be the reason of this problem?

Thank You very much!

You’re welcome, pbargues.

We’ll meet you there.

Have a nice day for you too :)

Issue is relatively solved, some classes CSS were applied to Composer template only, like .vc_col-sm-3, we added those classes to the screen.css, but we think that could be better if js_composer.css is charged in our all page, any idea?

We believe js_composer.css is coming from the plugin, not the theme itself.

Some might use Visual Composer, but some others may not, so we don’t think it’s wise to call it on all page.

But if you think you need to do it, and it’ll help you a lot, then you are free of course to add it :)

Hope it helps.


Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Plz Help me Regards


Make sure you have uploaded the correct zip file. Don’t upload Main file that you have downloaded from themeforest.

I am interested in purchasing your theme but I have found several issues with the mobile version of it.

Where would be the best place to submit my questions?


You can ask to our support at :

Thank You.

Visual Composer License Key Required for activate where from i will get that id kindly plz help me


Hi webtigerindia,

You still can use the Visual Composer without activating/entering the License Key.

Please try again.

If you’re still having trouble with it, please submit your issue at

Thanks in advance.

Hello Sir,
Kindly i need your support to change some text descripiton.
1)where i can change text of all buttons are in single page?
2)i want to change of Product Description, Product Detail , About The Author, You may also like… in single page.
Many thanks,

Hi carhbel_haddad90,

If you want to change some text in a Single Product page, you can start by looking at wp-content/themes/papirus/woocommerce/content-single-product.php.

Hope it helps.

Hello i tried many time to find this buttons in single product page but i didn’t find it :
Please advise


These text is generated by woocommerce, If you want to modify these text, please read this tutorial :

Thank You

Hello again How can I make books look smaller after a search? Thanks in advance :) One more thing, can I also get the dummy slider? where do you want me to send my email?

You are welcome katiazev.


katiazev Purchased

I cannot import your dummy.xml. It gets imported into Media Library as a .txt file. Any solution? Thanks

Hi, ...

Please try to import the dummy data XML using the Tokokoo WordPress Importer plugin on the attachment.

Here’s how to use it:

If you’re still having trouble with the import matter, please let us know. We’ll try our best to help you solve this issue.

hi, do you provide psd?


Sorry we do not provide PSD file.

thanks for your support
Kindly i need small things for translation:D.
1)in blog page we have “Posted Under:” and “Tagged:” where i can find this 2 keywords to change it.
2)in contact page we have “Leave a Reply’ and fields to change like “your name”.... where i can find this text?
3)in single product we have for example we have tabs “Quotation” “enquiry” “reviews” when you click on of this we will have fields “your name”.... where i can find this text and change it?


For google map issue, the google map do not displayed because the Gmaps.js library not loaded in these page because your website using https. Please edit the file inc/theme-contact-maps.php line 21, change http:// to https://

Thanks resolved :D

You are welcome

I’m using Papirus template and I’m so frustrated trying to find on the server the file which containing the description of “ADD TO CART” button to change the language to spanish. Where I can find it?

Please help me.


Can you tell me more detail in which page do you want to change “ADD TO CART TEXT” ?

Pre-purchase question – I will be building a website for our rental company. We rent items for parties. The goal is to list our products, have the customer add the items to a shopping cart, and choose the specific date(s) for when they need those items. Is this theme capable of calendar dates for products or the entire cart order? If not, can you recommend a pluggin that you think would best accommodate our needs. We sell old and excess inventory, meaning not every single item will need a rental calendar.

Hi! Elegant theme! A pre-purchase question please: is it possible to have an ebook and a paperback for sale on the same page (i.e. the same book in 2 different formats or even both)? I can’t find anything in Woocommerce for it. I’d ideally like it to look and work something like this: Thank you very much for your help!


Sorry, i think papirus theme do not have feature like that. We just provide standard features of woocommerce.

Hi, is there a problem with the mobile version of this demo? It runs really badly on mobile! This needs to be perfect before purchasing!: