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Hì guy, can you explain how to insert a header in a simple PAGE? and a slider in the header to the Page?

Can I have a sample data of DEMO site? That way i can better understand how it works ;-)

Send me a private email – address is in documentaion. I will sen you XML file.

Hello, can I add more than four slides in portfolio template top slider? The fifth slide does not appear.

Thank you!

Hello again, is it possible to have slider in pages?

Hello, you can create slideshow in portfolio posts:

Hi there!

Ive got some problems with the contact form shortcut. I did the right thing, but it doesn’t work at all.

See how my code looks: [contact_form email=”claudio.dantas@clube.ag” subject=”Site Joia”]

I’ve tested several e-mails and took hours on it, but I could’t make it work fine.

Should I have to configure something else in somewhere else?

My site: http://joiacomunicacao.com.br/

Thank you! Claudio Dantas

Hello, I’ve sent an email now (a copy to me) and works fine.

I dont know why, but now its working :) Thank you! Claudio Dantas

Hi, how can i change the “undefined” photo description in portfolio images lightbox?

Thank you.


Is it possible to get an xml file with this theme to help me see how everything should be set up?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, please contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci I will send you XML file. Thank you

Great theme—simple to use once I got the hang of it! Thank you!

Thank you, very much!

Is there a video of how to setup the site along with the documentation.

No sorry, videos are not available. Thanks

How can I get rid of the border bar in the sidebar. The color is #dddddd. If I change the Border color to white in the Primary Styling section I lose the small bars under the main menu too and I don’t want that to happen.


add following into style.css (at the bottom)

#sidebar.fourcol{  border: none !important}


Thanks, it works!

I’ve a problem on this site http://www.dbartists.net/site/ . In the “Visual Tab” the short codes’ button is not available and I don’t know how to add some columns, contact form etc…

Can you help me or send me a list of all the shortcodes available? There are not in the documentation.

Thank you


please send me and email: : info[at]dannci.com

I’ll send you “List of shortcodes” . Thanks

I would like to direct the portfolio images and links to normal pages. How can I achieve this?

Hi, as I said, portfolio link can “go” to portfolio single page only. That means: http://www.legovogel.nl/corpocon/portfolio/beroepsongevallen/

Thanks, a 301 redirect did the trick

Yes, URL redirect is solution.

Is it normal that when you load the full width template on an ipad the slider is placed below the logo instead of right next to it? Thanks


in Editor add

img.headimg { max-width: 76%;}

at the bottom of style.css

Thanks for the excellent support.

No problem…

Any tips on how to make the logo retina screen ready?


prepare bigger logo image; e.g. 260×320 or 260×330px, upload and use as logo. Then add into style.css

#header h1 img {max-width:185px;}

Thanks again

oops, see below

Could you please check why my full-width pages on http://www.legovogel.nl/corpocon do no load correctly on smartphones? The text appears right next to the image instead of below the image…

can you add that code to your page? ‘cos I doubt that mentioned code can harm page layout. Thanks

I did,,, Can I mail you the code?

Hi, check your email…

Hi! My posts page stopped working in Google Chrome – http://south85journal.com/blog/. Possibly after I updated Wordpress? The problem is also happening in Google Chrome on your Live Preview. The posts populate in Explorer and Safari. Right now, I am just giving people an archive of the “Blog” category when they try to view our blog, but I don’t want to do this forever.

Also, I can’t figure out how to get the featured image to display on the posts page. I am baffled by this. Otherwise, your theme seems to work great, and we have been super happy with it.


do you mean blog slider? Please set featured category in Parada admin panel; posts featured in slider need to have “featured images” set.

Thank you

Hurray, hurray! I got it working! THANK YOU! I am so pleased with our website! Great theme! I highly recommend it. :)

No problem…

Hi there,

My website is no longer showing the portfolio list:


How can I fix that?

Thanks! Claudio


could you please submit a ticket to: https://dannci.freshdesk.com

Please include ‘Item Purchase Code’ and link to your site.

Thank you