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Super clean theme! I like the unusual offcentered but yet centered layout :)

Thank you! :)

Very stylish theme, good luck with sales ! ;)


Hi! Nice theme, so much extraordinary. What the font of logo?

Thank you.
It is Proxima

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you very much!

Clean graphic-design work , congrats :)

Thank you Bedros!

Hi guys,
I’m happy to be the first one who bought this theme.
After a first look at the structure, the admin panel, e.g. ... WOW!!!
I build up now 13 or 15 WP themes for clients in the past but this one is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.
And let me say ‘Good luck with sales’, too.
Cheers, Micha

Thank you very much!
Happy blogging :)

Just a quick question on this great theme…

Is there an option to redirect portfolio pieces to a separate page – or does it always push to the lightbox?


Yes, it is possible, but it needs some coding.

simple and clean :) i like it

Thank you.

I just purchased this theme. I looks great! However, I am having a hard time making it look like the sample you have here. Can you, in a few lines, let me know how to achieve this look. Slider on top, portfolio and blog bellow. Thanks

Still not able to make img show in Blog page. http://loscimarrones.com Please help

For blog page is necessary to set featured category (in Parada admin panel)

This worked! thanks. Now I am unable to delete the title form page using Full Width page template- http://www.loscimarrones.com/mapping-the-project/

I just don’t want to site title showing and white space right next to it. Thanks for all your help and we love this template.

Hi, I just purchased yout theme. BUT…I cannot install the plugin. I have unzipped the download and upload the parada.zip I get an error messag. No plugin available.

Can you please help me asap!!! My client is waiting.

Regards, Ray

Hello, you need to upload Parada as theme. Not as a plugin. Thanks

I am completely CRAZY hahahaha…..SORRY ! I am downloading and installing so many WP plugins and themes lately that I was certainly very dizzy this time haha ;) I should take some extra sleep !! Thanks and sorry. Theme looks excellent. Regards, Ray

One thing: give me please a clou how to establish the homepage slider, with the text??? Where to do it? Index as portfolio index… and??? shortcode??


Hi. If you are using portfiolo template you need to create some Silder posts…

Hi, nice theme, purchasing now. However I have same requirement as nhoyne:

“Is there an option to redirect portfolio pieces to a separate page – or does it always push to the lightbox? “

if you can advise on editing the template files to achieve this I can go ahead and do it.



just purchased and installed in WP3.5 I get a fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /homepages/28/d397434425/htdocs/wp-content/themes/parada/functions/admin-interface.php on line 139

Please advise thanks

Sorry forgot to update to WP3.5 !

Hi, something isn’t right with the Default Template, it won’t pick up the home page slider. I just get my home page text content where the slider should be! The home page text content needs to sit below the slider. If I use the alt portfolio template I get the homepage slider working I but lose the sidebars that are on the homepage..please urgently advise. Site is http://www.longbowventurecapital.com. Thanks

Hi, I cannot get an image next to the blue name field on the BLOG page..? (highligted image….doesn’t work) Look here: http://hettydalm.nl/blog/

And the detail page of one blogpost looks like this: http://hettydalm.nl/nieuw-schilderij-mistige-dijk/

Hello, you need to set featured blog category in admin menu.

I have the same problem as @RayNicovs…I cannot get a slider to appear on the blog page as you have on the demo. Please advise. The page is here: http://www.chiltern-developments.co.uk/news/

Thanks, Craig

Hello Craig, you are using blog template, so you need to set featured blog category in admin menu.

Hi there is only the option for one featured category and that is in use for the homepage slider: http://www.chiltern-developments.co.uk/ How would I set up a second featured category? Thanks

no, if you use portfolio template you need to add some slider posts. For blog template you set one of categories as a featured.

Hi, The same as @craigdfreeman: It is NOT possible to make a featured image on the blog page. LOOK HERE: http://hettydalm.nl/blog/ the same page as the one of @Craigdfreeman: http://www.chiltern-developments.co.uk/news/

It is really so. On alle templates appears a featured image but NOT on the blog page template.

I hope for a solution. Thanks, Ray

Hello, did you set featured category for blog slider?

Yes I did…but I want a static featured image on the blog page!! And it is NOT possible….or….if you would help me out with this ?.

Regards, Ray

Hello, you can bypass this. Set featured category with only one post, with image you want to. Thre will be no arrows and bullets.

Documentation is exceedingly poor and inaccurate and the Theme Developer does not respond to queries. Avoid this theme. Not worth $40.

Hello, I don’t know but I have few support “windows” a day! If you need to know something I’m ready to help you.

Firstly you mention a home page slider category in the documentation, though when you add a slider item to sliders you cannot select any category. The only way I can get a slider and content below it on the home page is to choose the index portfolio template but then you get revolving images and texts, though what I and a million other users need is a standard slider and static home page content box where you can add content to appear below the slider. Currently the home page text content appears where the slider should be… also clicking on the portfolio thumbnail images opens a lightbox, there’s no option to link to the actual portfolio page… Please pay attention to functionality and documentation rather than something that looks cool and is a pain in the butt to work with…not sure whether i should get a refund or recode the theme to do what it should do out of the box.

I really don’t understand…
If you use portfolio/index template > create slider posts
if you use blog template > set featured category in admin panel
As easy as a pie! And all this is in documentation…

Hi, nice theme, just have one problem. The featured image falls off on ipad and displays below the logo. Know how to fix this?

Found a solution? Cheers

I fixed it, modified the mobile stylesheets quite a bit, send me a message with your email I’ll send you the CSS file.

Hello and thank you. Email address is in docs.