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Beautiful, keep up the excellent work!

This is an exceptional theme, really nice work!

Nice to see something different on TF, great work CreativeStable

This is really a nice and elegant website, I like it.

Good Luck

Wlk Purchased

Nice template! Thnx

emkey Purchased

Hi Amy, wonderful work. I can start to do my concept with this template but I need the WordPressTheme. Will you do it in the next time?


Hey emkey! thanks for purchasing ;) I am not familiar with theming wordpress but I am hoping to learn soon. I am thinking this would be a good starting project for me… it’s just a matter of finding time to do it! :)

emkey Purchased

Hi, yes, time is always rare. But I hope you’ll find enough sleepless nights to do the job – ggg* If so I will purchase the WPTheme too. Your Theme is excact with background and color what I’ve been looking for a long time. I’am now in planning because the blog has to be multilanguage and I had to write a lot of article. Because it should be starting with an excisting archive. So I have to tend for the translation in the next time too. Let’s hear…

Tgemayel Purchased


I purchased this theme but like many of the others here, I needed a Wordpress version. I am in the process of theming it to wordpress right now and should be done by next week. If you are interested, I would be willing to work something out to give you the theme. Judging by the quick sale of the html version, I think you will find the WP version will be extremely successful as well on TF.


iGraphiX Purchased

Hello Amy! Your template is truly amazing. I’ve been around your official website and gazed upon posts and your opinions. I took a look at everything you say, I liked the way you counterfeited the Internet Explorer thing. I laughed a lot as I’m an old school guy and I’m using GNU /Linux OS and applications. I’m writing an article about Open Source vs. proprietary software, I will quote you in it. As soon as is ready, I will send you the link.

Also we share the passion for horses, and that’s why I just remained WOW when I saw the template. I hope you sell a lot and come up with more good work to enchant the eyes of our TF guys to whom I apologize for my off-topic comment.

Again, congratulations and a deep bow for a well done job, I bought it to support your work, and when I will use the template I will also send you the link.

- Dorian


Hey Dorian,

That’s very flattering, thank you! Feel free to msg me anytime :)

emkey Purchased

Hi Amy, are you working to the wordpress theme? I need it. For better accossiation for what I will do with the wordpress look here:

schnauzerfoto [dot] de

Would totally buy if it was WordPress! Great job…Please let us know if you’re planning to do WordPress version anytime soon.

Looks awesome :D I absolutely love that colour scheme ;)

Beautiful theme. I would like to see a wordpress version also!

Looks very good.

I need something like that for my paintings-portfolio.

Perhaps you make a theme like this with a “portfolio” section, where I can present my artworks with descriptions? With some jQuery sliders at the starting page?


I’ll follow your profile :-)

awesome template. I absolutely love the colours!

Very professional! I like the color very much.

Any news on a Wordpress version?

Sorry I should have read a little more before I asked about a WP version. If I have enough time I might convert this to a WP theme for you as a client really likes this theme and wants to use it for her animal rescue site. I will keep you posted if this happens.


Does it come with the PSD files?