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Hi I have registered on your website, but never recieved my password. I have checked my spam emails as well. Can you please advice how I can get my password, as I can not recover it from your forum website either, as it simply couldnt find page.

Thanks for your reply

After installing new version, I was still having same issue with my profile images. I found out that woocommerce plugin was the reason behind that. After removing that, everything is working as it was supposed to be.

Anyone else had this sort of issue? Please advice if you faced any issues with woocommerce plugin on your site and what you did to sort that out.


Hello, I try to translate de theme but that’s doesn’t work ! I use wpml.


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Hi. Im having problems with the portfolio. The first set of images shown are viewed in prettyphoto popup as intended. However, when I load more images and click the magnifying glass on them, it links directly to the images them selves.

What to do?


HI I want to remove woo commerce from my site, how can I do this in wordpress 3.9.1 with the latest pararesponsive theme.


I am still using version 4.1 of this theme and want to upgrade to the latest version. When i click the link that says “You have already purchased this file. You can download it here.” I can download the theme but when I try to install it in WordPress it will not install. Is this not the file I should be downloading to upgrade to version 4.4? Is there a place where i can download each version of this theme?

Hi I bought the theme in version 4.2. I would like to know how to download the current version 4.4

Hello, I just one question… is it possible to place the image gallery in a single page?? I´m trying but I just can place it in a post or in the portfolio. in the post section you have the option of “service”, gallery… etc, but not on the pages. If is not possible there another plugin that I can install to make a better gallery? I can´t understand why in the pages you have the options to put a youtube, vimeo video, soundcloud, progress bar… but not a image gallery. When you make a post with the “team” option is going to the about us page, when you make a service post is going to the page services… and the galleries? are just going to the blog? Sorry for my english is my first time working with this kind of pages in wordpress. Thank you


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One more try, new question.

Is there any way of listing all blog posts in the blog from start? As it is now, i have to choose one category as the main category..

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Would be fantastic to get some support for this theme soon…

Hello I purchased your theme and have a quick question; what font is used through out theme?

Hi, I have some services and team information added to the carousel but it is crazy it keeps going back and forth and not showing the actual next. http://crla.mondelezinternational.com/

Can you please help?

Need to improve WooCommerce template design.

Hello , im having an issue , when the order is made and i click on pay with paypal it doesnt redirects me to paypal ?

Hello Mg !!! I’m very happy to use this theme !!! Can you tell me how to update “LayerSlider” 5.1.1 to 5.2.0 because i cant do it. thanks :)


sorry this comment is not for you .

I’m considering this theme for a client of mine but I expect to be making some customizations. I tried to access the “online docs” (both choices) and couldn’t find any actual doc’s. I also searched comments and support.

My primary concern is updates overwriting customization. I was looking for info on child theme or info on how the theme manages customizations. I’ve been bitten more than once by themes that erased my customizations on update.


Hello, ConHost

If you modify the code that will be lost after update, but in this theme there is a special section – “Theme options”, where you can make some settings for themselves.

This theme contains child theme.

Also, after purchasing the theme, you can get assistance in our customer support forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/ . Support team are online 24/7.

How I can set the logo size?? I have the version 4.4 and I can only set the logo size for the retina logo… Im trying with the normal logo but is smaller that what I want. How can I set the logo size? thanks

hello there,

My website is really horrible for iPhone and iPad mini! How to disable responsive theme?

Thank you in advance


(google translate)

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Hello, ordirepair!

We try to help for, but you should describe problem in details on our forum. In ideal add the links to screenshots with problem. Also we need link to your site, where your have problems.

Forum for this here http://gogetthemes.com/forums/forum/parasponsive-wpwoo/

Hello I tried to make an account on your support forum after purchasing this theme but miss typed my email address and now can not access the account is there anyway we could fix this.


Hello, socialeyesandrew

Most likely you can not login to your account because didn’t finished registration. Please, create an account on the forum again, and fill in all fields. After registering, you will get a confirmation to your email. Just in case ?heck the spam folder.