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hres Purchased

Hi there, a time ago I purchased the theme (via Themeforest) – and it gives me headaches ever since. I’d like to post / fix some issues in the forum, but do need a username and password for that. I do not have my original email. How can I still acquire both so that I can post on the forum?


Hello, hres

If you can not use the recovery password, please try to register on the forum again, for this you need your Purchase Code.

Awesome theme, i’ve a problem with the slider on fresh WP3.9 install, when i activate the plugin and after create a new slider i try to config the slider but it only shows a blank page on the slider settings (just the WP menu), i’ve try activating only this plugin, several versions of WP, importing the demo data, but nothing, i just cant see the slider settings. BTW i tested the theme before when i recently bought the theme (using old versions of the theme and WP) and it just works, i dont want to use old versions.

Any advice?


Hello, spooky_mulder!

Reply on your questions you can find on our forum to this link http://gogetthemes.com/forums/topic/layer-slider-on-wp-3-9/#post-7540 Our support team work 24/7. We are glad to help you.

Hi i have a big problem! i buy the item: http://themeforest.net/item/parasponsive-corporate-wordpress/5454721 thinking he had the WooCommerce integrated I can pay the difference and they could give me the theme with WooCommerce? Please Help!


Hello, danielvalle!

You should write to administration of themeforest, only they can selling themes and provide return money.


Yesterday I wrote a ticket but I still get no response :(

Hi Serzh,

Is it ok to upgrade to the new wordpress 4 with this theme? And are there any updates coming soon?

Thank you!


Hello, michaelwtodd

We tested the WordPress 4 on our themes, everything works fine, so you can update. Update of this theme will be available from day to day.

Hello, Where is changing and how the color of the backlight in the menu BLOG. I can not find the time and I have white letters with a retractable white background:-) Sorry for my English.


Hello, jerronimo

Please, login with a user name you bought theme. Support is provided only for our customers. Also it will be better if you ask your question on our support forum www.gogetthemes.com. It works 24/7.

Fantastic support, thoroughly recommend them, every time there is the slightest issue they are there to help :)

Once It is Parallax there is no page reload isn’t! What I mean, if set a player for instance a Soundcloud player in the content, Will It stop the music when we click in a link in the menu???


Hello, Mavix!

We mean that we will try to add the code, but can not promise, that will stop the music when we click on the link in the menu


Ok Serzh thanks for your time, I thought it was Ajax then wouldn’t stop the music, Well, It can be a suggestion for next versions I know some themes here with this feature but no one like yours, I mean a beautiful Parallax like this. It would be a nice idea, your theme is too much artistic!... <|:¬}


Hello, Mavix!

Thank you for an important note. We’ll work to keep it in mind in the next updates :-)

Mistaken. Not in the theme wrote. Sorry.


Oh! Everything is fine :)

I received this error upon activating the theme in WordPress 4.0. Any suggestions?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘FacebookLikeBoxInit’ (T_STRING) in /public_html/wp-content/themes/parasponsive/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1


Hello, jdefensor!

If you get this message, you need to select “binary” transfer mode on your FTP client settings and upload theme again. For example, in FileZilla: http://prntscr.com/2l961o. Any questions you can ask on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums. Our support team works 27/7.

geniusmm Purchased

Hi I purchased the theme some time ago and it works great, only one problem I found, when i watch the site from iPad/Safari the menu acts a little weird: After loading if i scroll down just a little (like 50px) the menu moves down the same amount and if i scroll just a little again it moves a little again and so on. I think it supposed to stay in the top of the browser. Could you help me fix this problem?


Hello, geniusmm!

Please, send us screenshot with problem and write version of Safari. All this information and description of your problem you can provide on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums. Our support team works 24/7.

Hey team Serzh,

How do i get my flickr image to open in a new tab ? currently when a user click on flickr image it takes them to my flickr account leaving the website.

Thank you

Serzh Author

Hello, navjeetsingh!

Please, ask your question on our forum. It will be great if you provide us with the link to page with flickr. Forum can be found here http://gogetthemes.com/forums/forum/parasponsive-wpwoo/