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For some reason when I add some posts to my portfolio and i hover over nothing changes also when I click on it it’s opening the portfolio on some weird way nothing like the demo.

Please tell me how to fix it.

Hello, boriszion!

We need to see your site for check problem. Please, write us on support forum for quick responsive. Forum placed here: http://gogetthemes.com/forums/

First of all great theme!

I just need to be able to change one more thing. I have to use white background for the menu so I need to change the font color of parallax menu from white to black. Otherwise people can’t see the text. Where can I do this?

Hello, Sybren!

Solution you can find by this link http://gogetthemes.com/forums/topic/parallax-menu-text-color/#post-20977. Feel free to contact us via our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums. We work 24/7.

BR GoGetThemes Team.

Dear Serzh, thanks for the solution! I have one more question, I wanted to post on your forums but I can’t find the link to register…

Anyways I just have one more question! The max logo size seems to be 50 height x 297 width. My logo is big in height. Is there any way to change the height to 150px height?

Hello, Sybren!

Sorry for this inconvenience! It was temporarily technical problem. You can register here http://gogetthemes.com/login/

Please provide us with your site URL on support forum and we’ll help you to decide problem with logo.

Best regards!

Hi there,

I’m having trouble making my logo larger. I set the width to 29px when creating the .png file but the logo is still stretched out. I also can’t figure out how to access the CSS to change the properties for the logo div. Help!

Thanks, Mallory

Still not working.

The logo is stretched and squished. I need it to be 271×150px minimum.

Hello, murraybrand! Please, provide us with a link to your website on our support forum that we would check and help you. Please, register here http://gogetthemes.com/forums. Support team works 24/7. Best regards!

Hi, can I use video in the background of the first parallax slide? (home screen). thanks.

mossawi, you are welcome!

You should edit height of slider in menu Layer Slider. We use 700 px slider height. You can adjust it by your taste. Also, I recommend you to use our support forum on order to get quick assisstance. :)

thanks, last question, is there a way to set it to automatically adjust to full screen height?

No, it is imossible. You can enable only fullwidth mode. Best regards!


marts08 Purchased

Very quick question – looking for the styling you’ve applied to the contact form – need to remove the border radius applied but having trouble locating the css file to edit? You seem to have many in use. Thanks

Hello, marts08!

You can find answer to your question on our support forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/topic/contact-form-boreder-radius/#post-21359. It is the best place for getting assistance.

Our Support Team works 24/7.

Best regards, GoGetThemes!


LianaL Purchased

Hi, thanks for creating a great theme. How do I change the title on the Products page? It says “SATISFACTION GARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK”

Hello, LianaL!

Thank you!

It is not a page. It is section of parallax page. In order to change it you should go to menu Appearance-> Theme Options-> Pricing Table -> Section Title http://prntscr.com/83eca6.

Please use our support forum in order to get quick assistance http://gogetthemes.com/forums. It works 24/7.


LianaL Purchased

Hi, I can’t get the sidebar to show on my products page. Please advise. I’m using Woo Commerce Simple Auctions – could there be a conflict with that?


LianaL Purchased

here’s the sandbox:

The page I’m trying to get the shop sidebar to show up is this page:


LianaL Purchased

Wanted to add that this page is the product category page. The shop page works fine and can show the sidebar.

Hello, LianaL!

It seems that plugin causes a conflict, because on my test site the sidebar appears. You should add necessary widgets to Shop sidebar via menu Appearance -> Wigets http://prntscr.com/83elpi.

Did you do the same?

Please create own topic onn our support forum in order to get quick support.

Best regards, GoGetThemes Team.


fmazon Purchased

Hi. I’ve bought and installed your great template. Some of your documentation links suchs as “Layer Slider Documentation”, “Service/Portfolio/Pricinc Table/About us/Contact us” and “How to create Parallax home page” don’t work or just don’t exist. I need “Layer Slider Documentation”. Can you please tell me how can i get that information? Thanks

Hello, fmazon! Thank you for information. We’ll check our documentation. We have already sent you a link to full Layer Slider documentation. Please check your mail box.


fmazon Purchased

Hi again. I’ve registered at forum page but i didn’t receive the email containing the password. My email is fernandomazon@gmail.com

Hello, fmazon! Sorry for inconvenience! We have already sent you a password. Please check your mail box. Feel free to contact us on our support forum. Best regards, GoGetThemes Team.

Hi, I met some problems with my website : http://mybeautifulcom.com/ Could you please help me ?

1 / I can’t open the posts of the blog :

When I click, it’s written : “Not Found

The requested URL /2015/08/20/facebook-generateur-de-trafic-numero1/ was not found on this server.”

2 / It is the same for the portfolio. It’s written “The content could not be loaded”.

3 / Furthermore, the blog page doesn’t display when I click on “blog” in the menu.

4 / I would like to delete the logo in order to have nothing at this place

5 / The URL on the Facebook icon of the footer is wrong and I don’t know where I can change it

6 / I would like to delete Flickr in the footer, but when I only put Facebook & twitter widgets, it doesn’t display

Do you know how to fix this problems ?

Thanks a lot for helping,

Kind regards


Serzh Author

Hello, mybeautifulcom!

Please register using your purchase code on our support forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums and ask all your questions there. It is the best place for quick assistance. We’ll help you you with pleasure.

Best regards, 24/7 Customer Support – http://gogetthemes.com/forums/