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Hi There, Please help me urgently, as I’ve just bought this Parasponsive Wordpress template. I already managed to install Wordpress to my own web server, but as there’s no choice on Wordpress website, only version 4.1 can be downloaded. Wordpress is working well, but I cannot install the ZIP I’ve just downloaded after the purchase. Wordpress Plugin manager says (after uploading it in wordpress Plug-In admin): Package cannot be installed. Invalid extensions have been found!

What to do now? It was 60 USD, and at least a basic site should be active till tonite!

I would highly appreciate anyone’s urgent help now! Thanks!


Hello, nordicmusic!

Excuse me for delay with answer. You should to unzip the package you purchased, because it includes documentation, package with theme and demo-data. You should to upload only ZIP file with theme.

hi, your theme is great.

but turning OFF NiceScrolling Script doesn’t work anymore. with a former version of the theme it did.

so i have the problem that an overlay lightbox scrolls (mousewheel) both the overlayImages and the page beneath the overlay. don’t want that.

can you please help. thx


Hello, robsonkruso!

Sorry, but the problem with a turning OFF NiceScrolling Script is a bug. We’ll fix it in the next update. Now I can propose this solution. Add css code to the file ‘style.css’ (goto Appearance=>Editor) http://prntscr.com/5mw80c:


html{overflow-y:scroll !important;}

Give us a link to your site and describe more detail your issue with an overlay lightbox scrolls (make screenshots) on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums, for this you should to register on it. Our Support team works 24/7.

hi serzh,

you already helped me with a subject. you told me i could use the helpcenter of gogetthemes. that’s cool.

but registration with my purchasecode didn’t work. everything worked to the point where i should receive a confirmation mail with my password in it.

this didn’t happen. no email at all of the helpcenter. and no way to contact a team there.

can you help me?!

i used my username there: robsonkruso



I apologize for any inconvenience. Now I fixes the problem!

I sent you a new password.

Thanks a lot! BR, Serzh


thanks a lot. account on gogetthemes help center is working. already got some advice/help of the helpdesk.


is there a date for an update of the theme yet? there some issues.

for example, turning off nicescroll (you know it already), and the footer excerpt (where i can put HTML tags in) won’t be shown, even if i fill in ordinary text.

powered by-box – if i fill in a text + html ref (link) it works at first, but after other changes in the settings, it’s gone.

but thank you for great support and of course your beautiful theme.

Serzh Author

Hello, robsonkruso!

Unfortunatelly I can’t say exactly when the update will be ready.

Please follow us on themeforest.net and you will receive an e-mail with notification.

Yes, the issue with nicescroll exists. The problem with footer excerpt is bug. We know about it and will fix in next update. In order to resolve this issue now I propose you to add this string <?php if ($smof_data[‘footer_excerpt’]) {printf(__($smof_data[‘footer_excerpt’]));} ?> to file footer.php after string <?php get_template_part(“part-footer-social”); ?> (go to menu Appearance-> Editor and find this file). So your code must be like code at this screenshot http://prntscr.com/5rwfzw. In order to resolve the problem with powered by link you should to follow tips in this topic http://gogetthemes.com/forums/topic/powered-by-link-error/.

gbudrow Purchased

I just purchased this theme. In the contact area, I added a file upload. On the form it shows the form correct, except the file upload button is just text and does not work. Do you know what class to make the file upload to make it look like the rest of the default form template?


Hello, gbudrow!

This button works on my test version. Could you please give us a link to your website. We highly recommend to contact us via our support forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums so you can get support asap. Our Support team works 24/7.