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v1.5 is out! (1.05.2014) – WP 3.9 Compatible

Simple yet powerful magazine/blog WordPress theme

Particle is packed with awesome features. It’s fast, highly-customizeable, mobile friendly and beautiful!
The theme was built to embrace new technologies and web standards such as mobile first, which is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and hot stuff like touch enabled sliders, image annotations and responsive images that increase performance by changing size depending on what kind of device the user is browsing on. These features make navigating the theme a pleasant experience and we all want that for our beloved users so they keep coming back.

Particle is WordPress 3.9 compatible and uses the Bootstrap 3 CSS framework.


Beautiful goal-driven design.

We studied and researched many big and small news outlets on the web to see what kind of functionality they were offering their users. We then compiled a list of the best ideas and incorporated many of these features in Particle. For example, easy to use mega menu, gorgeous full screen ajax search, we added ajax functionality everywhere so users can easily load more content from a specific parts of the page if they want to, they can filter it by popularity, date or even category, it’s awesome!

The #1 thing people want in a website is speed and #2 easy navigation, Particle has both of these and then some.

All Features

  • Responsive Design – Works on every device!
  • Touch enabled image sliders
  • Full screen ajax search
  • 4 post formats
  • Custom widgets including Mailchimp, Facebook likebox, Twitter and more
  • Image annotation that allow users to comment on specific parts of images
  • Multiple post layouts
  • Easily translatable with .po and .mo files included
  • Theme Options panel with a whole bunch of options to adjust the look and functionality of the theme
  • Easily create reviews
  • Responsive images that resize depending on which device the user is browings on. This has huge performance gains.
  • Customizeable mega menu that displays beautifully posts from the categories you like.
  • SEO optimized with an option to let other SEO plugins take over so you’ll never have any conflicts
  • Select from over 600+ fonts for your default text and headings
  • Special Archives page
  • Comments can be rated


v1.5 (01.05.2014)
  • Added: Ability to have multiple comma seperated post types in the Get Posts widget
  • Added: Ability to hide the featured image when using the Get Posts widget/Shortcode
  • Added: Option to enable/disable post navigation with the keyboard arrow keys
  • Added: Option in Get Posts Widget and Page Composer to control if slider should auto start and the duration in seconds when slides should change
  • Added: New widget positions:
    • Top of Archive Page
    • Top of Archives Page template
    • Top of Author page
    • Top of Category page
    • Top of Search page
  • Fixed: Fix issues that were affecting plugins such as BuddyPress
  • Fixed: Video sizing issues, now all videos scale in the right aspect ratio
  • Fixed: WP 3.9 shortcode and editor issues
  • Fixed: Iamge height stretched in the slider on mobile
  • Fixed: Moved rating above tags and share buttons, looks better
  • Fixed: Show all search results link return 404 on certain setups
  • Fixed: Author name now displays under the title on mobile
  • Fixed: Slider pagination arrows now updates buttons to show which slide is active
  • Fixed: The whole slider posts are now linked, not just the title inside
  • Fixed: Background image issues
  • Fixed: Some language strings
  • Fixed: Instagram caching issue
  • Fixed: Shortcodes now work properly in Get Posts when the whole post content is shown
v1.4 (25.01.2014)
  • Added: Archive.php and Category.php pages with configuration for them in the theme options
  • Added: Option to set the sidebar width on all pages in the theme options
  • Added: Custom post type field for the Top Featured Posts
  • Adedd: Option to hide the featured image by default
  • Added: Post Navigation in single.php now fades in when you scroll down
  • Fixed: Get Posts widget and the Page Composer now properly exclude categories that were selected, on load and ajax.
  • Fixed: Styling issue with dates
  • Fixed: Syntax error in single.php on PHP < 5.2
  • Fixed: Some minor fixes here and there
v1.3.3 (21.01.2014)
  • Fixed: Category selector for the Featured Posts Header
  • Fixed: Some plugins that hook into the_content filter where being rendered with the Get Posts Widget
  • Added: More social sharing buttons below posts
  • Added: You can now choose which sharing buttons appear below posts
  • Fixed: Default featured image option was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Sorting/Filtering with Get Posts while showing the whole content
  • Fixed: Spacing between category and timestamp
  • Fixed: Syntax issue with the Get Posts Widget in IIS
v1.3.2 (16.01.2014)
  • Fixed: Normal posts being included in other post types
  • Fixed: Some minor fixes
  • Added: Options for the review archives page in the theme options
v1.3.1 (15.01.2014)
  • Fixed: Wrong theme options configartion file in the latest version
  • Fixed: Page top widget position was not loading in the page composer template
  • Fixed: Videos/Images rendering twice on the post page
  • Fixed: Title & sub-title now properly escaped
  • Added: Time format for posts in the theme options
  • Added: Options to remove fetured image
  • Added: Option to remove image placeholder
v1.3 (10.01.2014)
  • Added: Option to show the whole post content instead of only the excerpt with the Page Composer and Get Posts widget
  • Added: Options to change the number of columns for posts in the search, archive, author and index pages
  • Added: Soundcloud and VKontakte icon in the social widget
  • Added: Option to enable navigating between single pages with the keyboard arrows
  • Added: Option to change date format for posts
  • Added: 4 custom sidebar positions that can be used with the Page Composer
  • Added: Widget position at the top of the container on all pages except the home page. (Use Home Top there instead)
  • Added: Option to disable the view count on posts
  • Added: Option to add custom post types into the ajax search function
  • Fixed: Disabled the top slider if there’s only one slide
  • Fixed: Vide iframes were poppoing thorugh other elements like the search overlay background and more
  • Fixed: Get Posts not working correctly with tags on some occasions
  • Fixed: Instagram widget links now open a new tab when clicked
  • Fixed: Code to increase view count on posts is now in the JavaScript to bypass caching plugins
  • Fixed: If offset was set to > 0 the slider was rendered
  • Fixed: Background color not working properly
  • Fixed: Review posts are now in the loop on all pages
  • Fixed: Changed the way tags are selected for various features. If there were thousands of tags on a page it would return an error and break the layout of the admin page.
v1.2 (20.11.2013)
  • Added: Full support for responsive Google Ads
  • Added: Two additional (optional) footer areas (rows)
  • Added: Widget area below articles (above comments), ideal for ads
  • Added: Get Posts can now be filtered by tags
  • Added: Get Posts now works as a shortcode (Added a button in the editor as well)
  • Added: Get Posts now support Custom Post Types
  • Added: Get Posts can now be ordered by Popularty past week/month
  • Added: Get Posts now have manual offset (starting from)
  • Added: Copyright area in footer, editable in Theme Options
  • Added: Child theme support
  • Added: Option to select posts by tags in the featured image header
  • Added: Global selector for featured image layout (Change all post layouts)
  • Added: Text Selection color is now the same as the Theme Color
  • Changed: Sliders now display the arrows to identify them better
  • Changed: Title size in full width grid posts to make it look more like a blog
  • Fixed: Background pattern not repeating.
  • Fixed: Aspect Ratio of featured videos sometimes not appearing correctly
  • Fixed: Title not showing up for social buttons widget
  • Fixed: Error in header (Wrong datatype)
  • Fixed: Get Posts – Unpublished Articles sometimes showing up
  • Fixed: Get Posts – Related posts loading all posts when the load more button was pressed.
  • Fixed: View count not logging correctly with W3-Total-Cache plugin enabled
  • Fixed: Various CSS Fixes
v1.1 (06.11.2013)
  • Added: Responsive and touch enabled Instagram widget
  • Added: Options where to display the author information
  • Added: Options to make review scores range from 1-100, 1-10 or 1-5 (stars)
  • Added: Google rich snippets support
  • Added: Option to remove “Show more articles” button from widget
  • Added: Post Template (Smaller featured image)
  • Added: View count on all post layouts
  • Added: Option to change sticky menu hide function
  • Added: Option to change font size for posts & pages
  • Added: Option to change font line height for posts & pages
  • Added: More mega menu support
  • Added: Option to change excerpt length in Bluth Get Posts widget
  • Fixed: Image comments container alignment in content & mobile
  • Fixed: Responsive Fixes
  • Fixed: Background image not displaying correctly when top-header turned off
  • Fixed: Slider not working correctly on some mobile devices
  • Fixed: Theme border color on menu hover
  • Fixed: Post nav settings not working correctly
  • Fixed: Image placeholders in get-posts
  • Fixed: Sticky header menu settings now works as it should
  • Fixed: Removed curl request for Google fonts, massive performance boost and no need for php5-curl ext
  • Fixed: CSS Post nav in mobile
  • Fixed: Author page not accepting page layout changes
v1.0 (4.11.2013)
  • Initial release