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I purchased your theme when It first became available here and I like it a lot. Since I purchased it I have not been able to properly update the theme. I think I need to update because some of the features I see in the demo version of the theme does not work properly in my theme. I tried updating once and regretted it because I lost all the preferences I created within my sidebars and It was painstaking to recreate all of the widget options I created in my sidebars. I registered to the Koppas website to submit a ticket and nothing came to my email to confirm my registration. Please help.

Can you be more specific as to where I should send it?

please help! I need to know where and what exactly I should send so that you may help me.

Hi Tonireece!

Did you check your spam email? If there is nothing, you send your acc to kopatheme@gmail.com, we will check for you.

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Hi, loading speed doesn’t totally depend on theme. lots of articles, images, install many plugins, free or premium cache plugin,... many things can change your page speed you can test some theme on top of envato, none of theme reach 90/100.

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Here at the speed of the subject 91 http://anthemes.net/themes/?product=mogoze#mogoze
Hi, because your location is different with us, so the result is not same. I only got 73/100 for this site: http://imgur.com/i11omc3

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Yes, and how to look dnmo admin

Only after the removal of threads turned to amend the language

Hi, after create a new language file (like ru_RU.po and ru_RU.mo), you have to switch your site language to Russian (in Settings > General) so it can take effect

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Thank you for the good support =)

What is the error in the widget COPA Media Center when you hover over the widget to the video instead of the circle with pictures stpelkoy writes an error, press and open a black square, and nothing is happening in the photo the same mistake, but the photos are opened, and thumbed through. http://s010.radikal.ru/i311/1505/71/1afaa9df3172.jpg http://s008.radikal.ru/i303/1505/29/bfb9e2e68549.jpg

I do not need to remove the comments in the contacts, and hid them, and they disappear everywhere = (

Thank you understand. simply with English I hardly =))


We dont’ understand your point. Did you remove the comment form in the contact page complete?

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team.

Hello I want buy this theme Do it support RTL Persian language?

Hi, this item is selling in Envato Marketplace, you should ask them about payment method

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Hi, Envato Market offers two purchasing options:

PayPal for convenient one-off purchases. Prepaid Credits for multiple purchases.

Prepaid credits can be purchased via Paypal or Skrill (Moneybookers) so I think you can choose this option. for more information: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269700-How-to-Purchase-Items

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Thanks from your information!!

If I should seo plugin, and I do not disable the built-in SEO topic, it’s okay?

Hi, That’s Ok. you can use both our built-in SEO and SEO plugin.

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Thank you

New update your theme, this update media center? if yes then tell me which file to fill in the server, so that nothing disrupt the topic

A XSS how to update

Hi, about XSS, we change manything in theme, you have to update whole theme. Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Thank you, all the best to you in your work

Updatings for Media Center did not help, still remains. With the addition of three columns and more than three posts napremer 6 is displaced as before.

Hi, Sorry about this. we’ll re-check and update this theme very soon

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Yo, did you know your demo doesn’t work in ipad and iPhone?

It won’t scroll down.

Hi, I tested our demo: http://kopasoft.net/demo/passion and it’s work on mobile device. please recheck with the direct link

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team


Alex1771 Purchased

hello! It did not help the media center upgrade , 3 columns and 6 positions, and again all are leaving = (

Hi, this version only update XSS vulnerability in the prettyPhoto jQuery library. Media Center error is going to fix later. please wait sorry for any inconvenience

Regards, Kopatheme Support Team

Why has the WP theme NEW MAXX been removed? I purchased it for a client less than a year ago and it’s now gone? Is my client entitled to a refund?


We have removed the New Maxx theme from TF, however, we continue supporting you to update and any other issue. Please read this post http://kopatheme.com/faq/ if you need to update.