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Good luck with your sales :)

It is a clean magazine theme, good font selection and well managed theme in four columns. Well done.

An excellent job. Good luck with your sales :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Looks really awesome. probably I will buy this month ;D Good luck with your sales

Clean & Nice Work! GLWS :)

Nice theme, good luck..

Very nice design!Looking gorgeous,GLWS :)

Nice style, congrats.

Nice design. Is it possible to increase the font size?

Yes, you can change font at the back end (font-family, font-size, font-weight, color …)

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

love the theme! If purchase, how do I change the 468×60 Top Banner in header to 728×90?

I would still want it to be completed responsive on smart phones.

Hi, You can upload 728×90 banner to header. This theme is responsive design and works properly in smart phone and tablet

sent you an email about that…please respond

Looks fantastic.

One quick question, can you please change the title to

on the single post pages for SEO

Can you change the title of the single post blog pages so that they use the H1 tag

OK, we will do in next update

Great design. Yes, I agree with Kemrich, if post’s title is using H1 tag, that would be nice.

OK, we will do it in next update

Awesome! Thanks so much.

Hey Kopa,

Great design! I just bought it and when trying to set the homepage layout and work I get a message above that reads: “The server does not have ImageMagick or GD installed and/or enabled! Any of these libraries are required for WordPress to be able to resize images. Please contact your server administrator to enable this before continuing.”

I have installed and worked with several themes before and is the first time I get that message. Dos that mean the theme will not work unless “ImageMagik is installed in my server? Thanks!


Dos that mean the theme will not work unless “ImageMagik is installed in my server?
Yes, you need to contact your host provider asking for their support in this features

1. Does it have to be 4 columns, can i make 3 or two 2. Any issues on an adult entertainment site 3. Looks very slick

You can check available layout in demo site

him i didnt see any different home page layouts that is why iwas asking, maybe I am not looking in the right spot

I wonder if Visual Composer works well on Passion?

No, we use our visual layout manager. And this theme doesn’t work with Visual Composer plugin

Hi I’ve sent you an email, pls respond. Thanks

I’ve got this message after install:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/htdocs/w007fd85/zeitschrift/wp-content/themes/passion/functions.php on line 51

What’s wrong?

You can logo whenever you want. The Login-Data i’ve sent to you are in function.


I am sorry for late answer because we have just returned to office after long holiday. I am trying to find you email but I can’t because there are a lot of email during the holiday. Can you please re-send your login credential with note about your issue?



We have fixed the bug and updated the theme to ThemeForest. When you received update notification message, please come back to TF to download the latest version (1.0.1)


Can you make an option to add individual icons for each category in admin area. It could be optional for those who want to have an icon for restaurants; tech, news, etc…

OK, we will think about this in next update