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I took this theme. But, it looks like the site http://themeforest.net/. Why can not I turn on the Magazine home page?? My site: http://teleucraiova.ro

Sorry, I don’t understand well your question. You can follow documentation to setup your site

Will there be a support for BBpress?

NICE theme btw.

No, it doesn’t

Damn – if it comes one day, ill buy it

Flex Slider

Hi, I bought your theme, firstly thanks for your effort. But ? need a small favor from you, ? have to use your flex slider on the other wordpress theme like widget. Can you let me know about this how can ? use that slider on the other page.

Please try to help me. Thanks.

No, it is included in the theme so when you activate other theme, it will be removed

I understand, can you let me know about slider? I have to find that slider actually ? bought your theme because of the slider.. How can ? find it please try to help me..

I think you can purchase this one http://www.woothemes.com/products/wooslider/

Not sure if you answered this, but can the left sidebar on the main page (Under Video) , and middle 160 sidebar on the single.php be turned off?

We will think about this in next update

presale question: I am hosting offshore, anonymously and paid with Bitcoins and need a daily journal for several co-authors who have to be protected (like Wikileaks) so I cannot afford wide open backdoors like google cloud fonts .. unfortunately I am not a glorious scripter so I need to know if there are normal standard fonts with a colorpicker and in pixel included in this theme and if its possible to eliminate google-fonts totally (and also eventually used outside hosted jquerie-libraries etc) – and if, so this is in the theme, you would help me to eliminate this – thanks in advance B.

This theme includes option page to set the font (Google fonts) and change color with color picker. Currently, there is only one Google font used for the navigation. However, if you don’t like to use Google font, we can show you how to remove it.

Great theme :) I have a few pre buy questions. hope you can give me a prompt answer I am ready to buy this.

1: Can you use this theme as a 2 blog column content with the FlexSlider? 2: Can you show the video/audio on the homepage? in the blog session?

1: Can you use this theme as a 2 blog column content with the FlexSlider?
There are pages option as demo. You can check all demo page if it can meet your need.
2: Can you show the video/audio on the homepage? in the blog session?


how easy is it to arrange the homepage?


Yes, we use visual layout manager and it is very easy to setup as same as demo

hey i seem to having the an issue when i installed the theme is says

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c08/h03/mnt/172711/domains/elitemuzik.net/html/wp-content/themes/passion/functions.php on line 101

anyway to fix this if not id like to exchange another working theme for this one


Can you please provide login credential to your site? I need to check what is happening. You can send via our profile page contact form.



We have fixed the bug and updated the theme to ThemeForest. When you received update notification message, please come back to TF to download the latest version (1.0.1)


error message is gone now thanks a million!

Does not work.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in /home/centralen/www.reviveskincare.ru/docs/wp-includes/compat.php on line 30

Hi, Can you please explain in more details about your issue?

Hello, I’m not able to view the Demo content. I have went through the documentation and uploaded the xml document as stated in the “documentation”. Please let me know what the issue is.

The demo content consist of posts, pages, categories, etc .. However, after uploading the demo content, you need to follow document to setup the layout. Here is the video tutorials, you can follow it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3FmrQ3Gq04

hi. i will buy this theme. but, my browser ie8, you marked compatible ie7~. your theme not compatible ie7 or ie8. how can i compatible? please.

We have tested with IE7 and greater, it works properly.

Good day tell me how to make different categories of templates for different categories? For example, for one column zebra pattern headings and rubrics for elephants completely different with its unique features? Since you removed the template category and no longer able to do this design as before (if (in_category (‘24 ‘)) {include (TEMPLATEPATH.’ / category-24.php ‘);}), tell me how to implement it. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Yes, I would like to add an additional skin for some categories. How can this be done?

It’s not only one file or two file but you need to understand how KOPATHEME framework works. I am sorry that we can’t explain you in one or two words.

Corrected ini now have the opportunity to create a unique pattern headings, it is impossible to attach to a specific post unique template, you can tell the sequence of action to create a unique pattern of fasting? Thanks in advance.

I’m having a lot of trouble with this theme and internet explorer..

it “says” that its compatible for all version right down to IE7 though…

any help would be appreciated.

Can you send me the link to your site?

I would like to change the top menu/secondary font size to be bolder and larger. The only way that I can see to change the font and size on the back end is the primary menu. Please help – thanks!

You can add custom CSS to Theme Option > Custom CSS
#top-menu li a{
font-size:YOUR FONT SIZE;

hi. This theme is in the future plans to support woocommerce it?

We will think about adding woocommerce in furture

Hello, I was wondering how to get the Home page of this theme to pull Pages rather than Post. Is there a way to do this?


I am sorry that I don’t understand clearly your question. Can you please explain in more details?

Purchase this theme to replace Jarida..only becuase of Media Center. After the purchase I am really disappointed 1. Theme is really tough to setup. Documentation is using Wording like “Style Magazine” which does not exist in Theme Panel. 2. Video Tutorial is of extremely poor quality 3. Layout Manager Freezes when trying to save Front Page 4. Flexi Slider is missing Auto Scroll option. so no one knows which news is really coming up. 5. I was unable to setup Media Center and Life and Style type of view as shown in Demo 6. Video grab is not being shown in Media center even if we import demo content 7. Single Post styling is not working. I tried to “Turn Off” Widget Area one from one of the posts but failed in this regard. 8. Authors Page is really an essential component of Magazine Themes but its missing.

Really impressive Demo/Preview on themeforest but really a poor show after Install


If you are not familiar with setting up our theme, please send me login credential to your site, we will help you.

Sent through your profile contact form

Hi -

I am trying to change some settings in the Typography section.. I have changed the ‘Main Content’ font to Merriweather, size 15, font 300.. when I change the line height it doesn’t have any effect.. currently the line-height adjustment is just changing the space before first line of text (like top-margin or something), not between each line of body text.

Also, shouldn’t the post title be H1 and the related item titles in sidebar be H4? Currently the are the opposite..

Thanks for your help!

How to setup Single Gallery Post like this demo page: http://kopatheme.com/demo/passion-magazine-wordpress-theme/

Please give me the step by step approach if possible

In add new post, you can upload images and create gallery, then choose post format is gallery

I tried that and it did not work for me…

Thank you for making a great theme.

I’m not sure whether it is the question here. I use w3 total cache plugin. Hosting server also uses its own CDN services. Only during the 230×140 size thumbnail over CDN server does not have. Whenever you register your posts manually upload it to give them. Is there any good ideas?

Thank you.

Currently, theme automatically crop the image. It need to customize the theme to meet your requirement.