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Tell me how to create your individual design of the post? Not using sidebars and Owned unique design with its own pattern? Thanks in advance for your reply.

You can assign an individual layout for each post. In add new post page, you can see custom layout and sidebar. You can enable custom layout and sidebar then select a layout for the post

Does not work “Is use custom layout for this post” in a particular post. With what it can be connected. When you try to remove one sidebar on page post, it is not removed, although the admin shows that he cleaned.

Can you explain more details about your problem? I am sorry that I don’t understand clearly your question

When I try to post at a certain remove one of the sidebars, I note a check in “Is use custom layout for this post”, then I put sidebar1 none. Once I save a post, sidebar 1 still in place and not gone anywhere .

The question is removed, decided to “include” and its field.

Nevermind, deleted.

Why don’t the theme automatically update via admin panel?

Currently, it doesn’t support automatically update. You need to re-download and re-install the theme.

what was the update?

Because the file located in ThemeForest consist of not only theme file but also document, demo data, etc (different with theme located at WordPress.org) so I think it is difficult to update automatically via admin panel.

I have a question. Mobile page (width: 320px, iPhone) images showed not gon showed why? IPad is fine.

Can you please post your question to our support forum? http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/passion-magazine-wordpress-theme/


There is a LIFE STYLE section on demo site. How do I setup a category to look like this? I have tried several times with no success.


Hi, hello, can you respond to my email about the problem on the images that are not found when you share on facebook, and especially why the images are placed in a folder outside “upload”. The downloaded images are not visible in the media part of wordpress … extension images pose problem and are not specific… Thanks


Can you send me your site URL?

Thanks for your reponse.

Hi Kopasoft,

Hopefully can you help me with my problem. I’m trying to change the language of the template. I used the documentation, which was send with the download, but it doesn’t work. I uploaded the translated po and mo files to the same directory as the en_US files. Should those files placed in another ‘languages’ directory?


Is it possible to have the featured image in the single post image?

Can you send me the login credential to your site?

Sent by private message from the contact module here: http://themeforest.net/user/kopasoft

Tnx solved…

Hi, How do I upgrade to the new version of “passion” without erasing everything that is already configured on my site. I tried to download it directly, but wordpress does not want because the directory already exists … Thank

After updating the theme, all your configuration is still remained. If you have customized CSS, you need to add this CSS to Theme Option > Custom CSS.

ok I should not redo everything then this is a good thing. But wordpress does not want to download the file because it already exists … do I do the update manually by ftp completely overwriting the old file? I will not repeat it all either?

Yes, you can replace the existing theme by uploading via FTP


Do you support child theme for this?

Yes, it support

Hi! I’m logging the 404 errors and I found a lot of error about images not found in /wp-content/uploads/bfi_thumb/ Different images in various pages! I think is something related the theme behavior…

Does the theme use the BFI Thumb image resizer?

OK, I will check with him But, I am sorry that he is off work today. Can you please wait.


I forgot to write that they could check those 404 error in http://www.finanzainchiaro.it/wp-admin/tools.php?page=404_error_log

The problem seem solved. I was related to a strange issue with folder permission.

Can you send xml config website to me?

This theme has only demo contents it isn’t enough.

There isn’t xml for configuration. If you need demo database, please send me a message, I will send you.

Get a White screen in Internet Explorer 8…how do I fix this?

I sent you an email about this issue…

I have received your message. Our staff will check it on next Monday.

upgrade to the latest version and got a white screen….how do i fix it?

Can you send me login credential to your site? I will check what is happening.

Hello, I want to set my home page like the demo one (i can’t install demo content to take a look) here is my website : www.info-du-jour.net when i go to Layout Manager, Home, i dont have possibilities to make video at left.


Ok, thank you, but if i can give u an idea : give user possibility to change Home Layout in Layout Manager, user can choice between Blog Page or Front Page :)

No, it is WordPress feature, we can’t do it

ok, thanks.

Another question please : Can i make an autoplay in FlexSlider on Home Page (www.info-du-jour.net) ?


Please wait for the update. We will add this feature

ok, thanks, i hope in very few days :)

You will see notification for 1.0.4

Thank you for the update (y)

I want to see the picture on the whole length of the post and not aligned right. In single-post.php i use now class=”entry-thumb” (without pull-right) but image still small. (exemple http://info-du-jour.net/tunisie/tunisieserbie-signature-de-trois-accords-de-cooperation/)

How can i cropped image on the hole length of the post ?


Can you please post your question here: http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/passion-magazine-wordpress-theme/ Our staff will show you how to do.


I have an issue…more like a request> The Homepage Slider (Featured News on Demo) only showcase post in a particular category. I need more flexibility.

Instead of just admin being limited to just the post, I need to add a photo with link and Title that can also be featured in this section. That way I can send the user to another website, a page on the site, or even my facebook account. This is possible with an image that has a hyperlink and Title.

If not, can you make it possible for my site?


Can you capture screen and note your request then we can quote you for customization work? Thanks

Hi Kopasoft,

Nice template. This is your second template i am using, I hope not to have issues in the future. I would like to know how I can post my videos like the demo from youtube and also how do I get the mail/print/share/comment plugin within the posts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi again Kopa soft, please I need the flex slider to continue to slide. It seems to stop after the last post. How can I get it to return to the first post and keep sliding without stopping.

Another help i need is the author_tag. I just installed a plugin to allow me use more than one byline on a post. I need to edit the author code of the template.

For your request about the feature of flexslider, please open this file: js/custom.js Find the section of flexslider from line 250 to line 318. Now look for the animationLoop property and change it from false to true