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Hello, My contact form is not working. What do you think the issue is: I have our main email listed in the PHP contact file

No worries, i figured it out. Thanks


Happy new year and apologize for my late reply!

I`m glad to hear that you manage to fix the problem in the meantime.

If you encounter any other issues, don`t hesitate to let me know!

Have an amazing year!


Hi. Is there any chance to add the instagram feed?? thanks!


There are plenty of jQuery plugins that you could use for instagram feeds. For example, this one looks nice:

When working with HTML templates, the downside is that you have to work with code and implement things using code.

On the other hand, you should check out the WordPress version of the template: WordPress is known for its power of extend, by using plugins and you could have an Instagram feed by simply installing a plugin( for example: or ).

Let me know if you have any questions about the WordPress version.

Thank you!

Hello do you have any examples on how to set up the Twitter feed?


Please contact me via my profile contact form so we can speak more about this issue.

Thank you!

Hello !

I really like your theme. However since a few months I sometimes have a slow loading page. Can you please help me with this problem ? Here is my website :

Kind regards, Thank you !

Thank you !

I’m going to try reducing the size of the images first. If it’s not enough I’ll use lazyload. How did you there was 2MB of images ?

Many thanks.

I reduced the size of my images to around 1MB, I feel it’s still slow when you load the website for the first time. Can you help me please ? Thank you :)

Ok. Please contact me via my profile contact form so we can speak more about this issue.

Thank you!

I have used this template for months. However I realized that the work gallery thumbs don’t show up on FireFox. It works on every other browser


This is a firefox issue, related to the way that it handles .svg files(the grayscale effect is based on an svg filter). You could fix it by adding to the .htaccess file located on the root server:

AddType image/svg+xml svg

That should do it!

Thank you!

Works great!. Thanks so much!

You`re welcome!