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I want to add a text banner on the left side, which may contain facebook like code, but there is no option to create such banner only image banner is allowed. Would you please help me asap


Thank for advices
i will check issue on theme and feedback with our team for this issue
because it’s a banner advertising, therefore we only support upload image, Kind Regards.

vagsera Purchased

Hello. I want to make a multilanguage eshop using Pav Fashion template. I have translated everything that I found in languages/[language]/modules and everything works good.

The only thing I cannot find anywhere is the Blogs text in the default opencart menu. In my language it shows as text_blogs.

Where can i find and translate this?

Thank you.

you can make it in file catalog/language/[language]/[language].php
at file you can define same code
$_['text_blogs'] = 'enter your text';

Hi, I would like to purchase this theme, would first like to know if your Newsletter sign up feature on the home page is integrated with any third party Newsletter tool like MailChimp? Otherwise, where can I see who has signed up for Newsletter in the admin panel? I tried with your demo site but couldn’t find where is the subscribers information in the admin panel.

If I already have an existing store, can you help me to install this theme on top of it?


about module newsletter on our theme
Please watch video guide for use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRCwaOH9vLM
some other extension can use on our theme, but we don’t have support make style for 3rd-party, You can contact provider for integrated on our theme

lacilla Purchased

I agree with placecapitol. Before purchase please be aware that the theme is heavily bugged and the Customer Support is just a fake.

They provide you with ready made answers once every 24h without caring of your issue, even if it is a bug.


Sorry for diffrence timezone, because Our timezone is GMT +7.
Therefore we can respond slowly if your time zone is different from our
You can send your issue via our gmail pavothemes@gmail.com
And about some issue, Also we need time to check, Because we were not able to answer you without no solution for you
I hope you understand i mean

azjata Purchased
Hey I am getting this error when trying to use Live Editor, I checked in admin.php and there is
define('HTTP_CATALOG', 'http://www.somavintagestore.com/soma/'); so this should be fine...
here is our error
Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 509Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 510Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 513Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 515Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 516Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 521Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTPS_CATALOG - assumed 'HTTPS_CATALOG' in /home/maszin/domains/somavintagestore.com/public_html/soma/admin/controller/module/pavmegamenu.php on line 529
Please go file root/admin/config.php Then add text
define('HTTPS_CATALOG', 'http://domain.com/');
RafiWskY Purchased

Hello, all images I add the Pav Layer Sliders are pointing to “data/slide_image.jpg”. To fix this problem I need to go to the table “oc_pavosliderlayers” and change the path.

How can I solve this problem?


our theme are uploading on folder [data]/ and it resize image on folder [cache]/[data]/
You should keep our setting for path images
i don’t understand what do you mean.
Can you explain this issue and take some screenshot for your issue which you saw.

kilanys Purchased

I am having problems installing the theme, can you assist me please.

thank you Daniel


Please send your issue and about your website (Link) via our gmail pavothemes@gmail.com
or submit Ticket on our website
Then Our technical will check and give some solution for you.
Thanks !

Hi I am thinking about purchasing this theme, but I was wondering if you could answer some questions about the theme:

1) Would be possible to add a Coupon Pluging at the Check Out area? 2) Also, is it possible to set up different payment options? 3)About the Revolution Slider, is it possible to make it more narrow? I mean, customise the dimensions of the slider. 4)Also, do you offer support daily?

Looking forward for your reply so I can purchase the theme today!




Dear Friend
Thank for interesting our theme
1, about other extension, our theme don’t support style, you can contact provider for this problems.
2, our theme are using some payment options default of opencart system
3, you can go our demo and see setting for LayerSlider, we have support setting width, height,
4, our services use mail for support, you can send your issue via our gmail
Kind Regards.