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I want to see backend demo. How can I?

This is link and account to access back-end page: (demo / demo)
If you have other questions about the theme, please contact us to email address
Thanks, Have a nice day!


animart Purchased

Hello mate i face some problems and errors with the template, can you please check your gmail and let me know? i would really appreciate it.

we replied mail for you, please check and keep contact with our technical

Hi pavotheme,

Please, can you help?

Theme control panel in fonts and Google Fonts doesn’t work.

and quickview opens up too late.

We have already checked and replied your email.
Please check and let’s know via email if you have other questions.
Thank you.

I know .I watch the video. but it’s not working.

can you please provide your FTP and admin page via our gmail ?
it’s very for our technical check and find solution for you

1-) Hi I’m getting this error on the Contact page: Notice: Undefined variable: site_key in /home/website/httpdocs/catalog/view/theme/pav_fashion/template/information/contact.tpl on line 105

2-) theme control font module dont work.

Please help, thanks

1, As you can see this screenshot:
2, watching this video:
Thank you.


SoleLace Purchased

Good Day,

Pav Layer Slider and Home Page Builder does not work. OpenCart version 2.01.

The Layer Slider does not save or preview anything.

The Home Page Builder works only with one image. When adding two, it repeats the first one to the width of the page.

Also, I would like to make use of my whole page. I want to have images/video to the left of column left. There is too much white space on the sides with default spacing.

Thank You

can you please send your website link and your issue via our gmail ? then our technical will advise for you

hello there and thank you so much for providing such a beautiful theme. i have just purchased in for our new label but i am unsure which opencart version to install. your last update was in december 2014 and the latest oc version is will the theme work or do i have to pick an earlier version to avoid errors.

thank you in advance


i want make sure you want use latest version
because if you are using a good version 1.5.6 and it still work fine
i think you should use it because if you try update it, it’ll take have a lot of time for make it same with your old version

Hi Pavo,

My store setting in Google Tab lost, hide. my version

I’m getting this error on the Contact page: Notice: Undefined variable: site_key in /home/website/httpdocs/catalog/view/theme/pav_fashion/template/information/contact.tpl on line 105

My store setting google tab hide or lost. Version you can see this screenshot:

sorry our staff guide for you on version
please use latest version because you version have a lot bugs of opencart

Hi, Contact page eror,

i don’t have that last “Google” tab on my installation oc

can you please send provide your website link + FTP via our gmail ?
then our technical will help you this problem

Fix problems with version .. thank you. But “Enable Customize Font” does not work

can you please provider your address mail at here ?
then i will goto your FTP and fix this issue for you


gfxmedia Purchased

Where to set reCAPTCHA key domain ? I couldn’t find it… Now on every form : ERROR: Invalid domain for site key

please goto admin page > system setting > then setting for google key CAPTCHA on your domain

atalayyorukoglu- aldigiin hatayi bende almaktayim. google sekmesi yok. çözüme ulasirsan bilgi verebilir misin? Ürün ekleme hatasi ve font hatasi da aliyorum.

tab-google on support on version
please use new version instead of use old version have a lot of bug

Can this theme be used for vendor marketplace ? Is Multimerch marketplace extension compatible with this theme ?

sorry we don’t support other extension, you can contact to provider for integrated it on our theme

Does category pages have filter by size and Price range bar ?

sorry, this theme is using feature default of opencart, it does not support this option

Pavothemes is suck, I bougth oneshop theme with custom module and paralax module, when you update to 2.0 ver you delete it. Why? I complain you don’t reply.

Please send your problems to email address Including website link, back-end account and FTP . They will help you to check. :)

Hi, When I enable the URL Seo. the links doesn’t works any more. Please let me know What I have to do to makes it works

hi, please read guide of opencart, :
you should buy other extension “SEO PACKAGE PRO” it will help you seo url

hi pavo, product category page 3 column. How can we make 4 columns?

please goto module “Theme Control Panel > Pages setting > Category” at here you can choose 4 columns

hi pavo, Theme Control Panel > Pages setting > Category 4 columns but category in product 3 columns.

please send your issue + FTP via our gmail
then our technical will check and resolve this issue for you


zeeya83 Purchased

I have old theme can i get new theme with 2.0

we have service-custom for upgrate on latest version :