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Hi I read your plan for upgrading themes to support OpenCart 2.0.x but unfortunatelly this plan is not telling us much. Status for all is To Do. So , any specific date for this theme , or at least approx date ?

Further more, in this plan I see Pav NewWines theme. Is it this theme or ?

I mean I just saw that you have one another Wine theme called Pav Wines and in description it is said that it is compatible to OpenCart 2.0.x. But where can we see this theme on OpenCart 2.0.x ? Because demo is not OpenCart 2 for sure.


Yes, but I need to make selection now for my client. I am not asking for upgrade but completely new pruchase. What about this theme here, is this NewWindes theme ? Do you have somewhere this another theme, for which it is stated that it is compatible for OpenCart 2, demo where I can see it. You can send me link on email., please follow this link
this theme is available on version

Ok, but does it look on version the same as on this demo page where it is installed on 1.5.6.x ?


CRISPPX Purchased

is there a reason why I keep getting double menu?

I already deleted all menu items and added a new one.

can you please provide your admin page ?
then i will check your setting and give some solution for you

Hi there

Nice theme. What would it take to get a sticky menu?

And is the theme now 2.0 compatible?

Thanks in advance

sorry, we don’t support this feature on this theme

I just want to buy your theme. Please let me know is is compatible for opencart 2.0 or not.

Thanks for contacting us about the theme.
It is available to use on newest Opencart version (
If you have other questions about the theme, please send them to our email address
Have a nice day!