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Hi Swami,

Do your theme provide child theme support?


gabsdt Purchased

Hi There,

I bought a copy of this theme the other day, which is exactly what I needed and looks great, but I don’t think it works correctly with the latest version of wordpress. I have had a look around to see if I can download an old copy, but it looks like I cant get my hands on any. The menu bar at the top does not work correctly and some of the built in functions like layout do not seem to function. I have reinstalled it a number of times to make sure it was not that. Do you have any plans to fix the problems, if not could I get a refund.

Kind Regards



Hi Gabs,

All our demos run on the latest version of Wordpress and we haven’t any complaints such as this from any other buyer. Could you please message me your wordpress admin id and password to swami at brandexponents dot com and so that I can investigate and fix the issue for you immediately. Mostly likely an issue with the way the site has been configured.

kind regards,


Please check your demo, it’s not working

cltek1 Purchased

Hello, the Demo site is not working. Is there another link? Also, the dummy content did not load up as well (images…)

Other than that I love the site. Please assist.




Hi Phil,

I have responded to your email. We will take it from there.

Thanks, Swami