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On the home page it has 01, 02, 03 as bulleted list for each of the blocks in the main area. However, my 01 is there by default for the latest news view block since it is in the tpl file. However, it isn’t showing up before the title of the block with the dark gray bg circle – it just has the 01 after the title of the block. Also I wasn’t sure how to get 02 and 03 to show up.

Did you add keyword numbered into your blockclass CSS class field?

Ah haa! I misread that and put the actual number within the class such as “02” instead of “numbered” text. Oops!


Glad to help. Thanks.

Thank you for this great Drupal theme.

After purchasing we have found a bug when viewing the site on an iPad. This is default behaviour of the theme on an iPad. Bug: there is a white area on the right side of the header and footer (approximately 200px wide). A screen shot has been send last Wednesday and another on Friday.

Please provide a CSS fix as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

You can simply add following lines to peak.css file

#header, #footer { min-width: 992px; }

OK ESORS , I can confirm that line fixed the bug. Thank you.

OK, found the solution myself:

/* iPads (portrait and landscape) -—*/ @media only screen and (min-device-width : 768px) and (max-device-width : 1024px) { #header, #footer, #main-wrapper { min-width: 1023px; } }

After implementing that line within peak.css a white bar appears in the full right side of the website?!

I checked both iPad & iPhone, didn’t see the bar.

I setup this theme and I am not getting the numbers in the block theme. I am going through the documentation, and I am not even getting the number on the first block where my template has: 01 could this be an issue with Cufon? what should I check?

Make sure you uploaded everything in theme peak folder. Double check user guide main top region section. Use keyword numbered in your blockclass CSS class field for the block.

Is there demo content for this template?

Is there any support for cufon font and international characters? Currently we enabled multi-language and the titles for showcase and blocks on the homepage do not show up.

Please check user guide cufon section. Thanks.

Hi, I installed peak theme. I am facing following difficulties.

1. I followed steps required to integrate showcase using user guide. 2. I am able to see the list of images in showcase block at home page. But the styles are not applied.

Could you please let me know, what went wrong in configuration, evenif I followed exact steps.

Sorry for late reply. For over two weeks, we couldn’t login to our account. First make sure you upload all files in Peak folder then make sure you enabled Aggregate JavaScript files option at Performance.

Hello, when update for android,ipad,iphone ?

Sorry for late reply. For over two weeks, we couldn’t login to our account. We don’t have plan to update Peak for mobile device yet. Although we never officially say that Peak theme compatible with mobile devices but I checked current version of Peak theme on iPad & iPhone & android, it all looks quite well.

When using the “Sky” style in the quick tabs, the tab inserts a space over the tab on the bottom and right side after clicking on the tab. Its inserting a scroll bar if the tab field is long and it inserts the same space even on the bottom and right side even when the tab is short enough to fit. We need this style because its the most condense and we cant seam to change the fond size or bold on any style.

In general how do we change the font styles, size, etc throughout the theme (i.e. the primary menu)

For quick tabs, please use theme default style. Not the others that come with quick tabs module. For font, please have a look at user guide Cufon section. To change size, you need to edit style sheet peak.css file. Use firefox + firebug to find which line of code effect on the style then change it.

Thanks. How can we disable the header left and header right regions? they take up too much space. we want all other regions to slide up. I assume if we disable the header left and header right regions that will happen.

You need to edit peak.css file. Find #header-lower and change min-height to a smaller number.

How to change the Footer copyright message? Usually in the design make a separate unit – I did not find it.

It is in the page.tpl.php file

I purchased your theme thinking I can get the showcase images you have in the demo site. I can’t find those images from the download. Any way you can submit them to me?

please have a look at this theme’s item detail page at included & no include section

Hi, nice theme and there has been an issue when I translated content it’s title won’t show translated parts(????? EEP ????(only EEP shows)) and same with blocks, what’s the problem?

Hello there, please check user guide cufon section.

Will it break the theme if we use a bigger sized logo, eg: 300X200?

I bought this theme, but if I install it to drupal 7.23 or 7.14 (with every certain modules) sites don´t work. Its look like drupal can´t load all CSS and images. If I look to code, only one css is loaded (css3.css) and pictures have path like ”../peak/” no ”../peak/images”. I´ve been sure that i have all files on server. Where can be problem?

Hello there, that is a bit odd. You mean with certain modules enabled then theme stop working? Anyway you can use contact form to send me your live site example, I will have a look. Thanks

like this;