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Good work.. i like it..:)

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated!

Need to verify the following:

Theme not responsive? Any base theme? I will be using calendar and forum and wonder how they would appear with your theme? Any chance that you can add in a flexslider? The trend seem to be moving towards responsive slider. Previous themes purchased here work well only with the distribution and not on pre-installed drupal. Will this work on a fresh install?

PEAK is not a responsive theme. We might update that later. It doesn’t need any theme base. Calendar & forum module will display its’ default style. The download file is theme files only, it doesn’t include pre-installed Drupal.

Clean work! Good luck ;)

Thank you & you too!

Hey does this come with demo content?? Plus Nivo seems to be working fine, but kwicks is not appearing on the front page.

Any ideas?

Cheers Linda

Hello Linda,

Kwicks showcase setup is fairly straight forward. Please double check with user guide Kwicks section and make sure Showcase view -> Kwicks Showcase display -> taxonomy term(= kwicks). Also check your showcase node, tags field fill as kwicks. Final check Kwicks Showcase block published to the front page.


Thanks I have it working now, it was an issue with page assignment. .. another question:)

What do you have in the way of a contact page?

I’m really liking this theme the more I use it, nice and clean.


There is built-in contact module with Drupal 7. You can enable it at module setting.


Also how do I get rid of the page title at the bottom of each page? Is this possible?

Regards Linda

Hello Linda,

I’m not sure why but you can get rid of page title if you want. Remember it will effect on all nodes of the same content type.

For article content type, you can edit page.tpl.php file. At line 114 change

if ($node->type != ‘blog’) {


if ($node->type != ‘article’ || $node->type != ‘blog’) {

This way will disable the article main title.



Thanks for your help:)

ohh actually I meant for the basic page, is that possible?

Hi Linda,

If it is page then try

if ($node->type != ‘page’ || $node->type != ‘blog’) {

instead. Thanks

Awesome fixed!!

Thanks for your support

Hey do you have a built in HTML code for creating boxes with a content block?

ie: <box> </box>?


Hey how can I move the menu over to the right?

Cheers Linda

You can try change line:

primary { float: left; }

to float: right;

My client likes the theme but doesn’t like the spinning “wait” circles each time the kwicks slideshow loads. Is there a way to cache those images or improve the performance so the spinning is negligible?

Demo show perfectly fine and we use exact same theme files as you purchased. I suggest reduce your images size to speed up.

Thanks for the suggestions – none of them worked.

The spinning circles is there to make it nicer. If your client don’t like it then delete it. So you will have blank black background there before image loaded. If everytime you visit the kwicks slideshow page and it loads images everytime without cache then you have a problem but there is no way this problem cause by theme.

Great work ! ~ Loved it but responsive themes are becoming a must.

As some people already mentioned, it’s a great theme but unfortunately it’s not responsive.

Peak + repsonsive = sold to me.

There are few modules that are out-of-date:
  • ctools 1.0 original – now 1.2 is available
  • block_class 1.1 original – now 1.2 is available
  • views 3.3 original – now 3.5 is available
Could you please confirm that the latest updates are compatible with the theme so we can upgrade the modules?

Thanks in advance!

As long as remain same major version upgrade, it should be fine. For example, version 1.0 to 1.2/1.3/1.4 etc. Thank you.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong with Cufon. I generate a cufon file using the page you listed in your help file. I add the line you mention to substitute based on the cufon class. Upload it to the JS directory. Rename it to peak.font.js but nothing changes. My headings and such (which are cufon classes, right?) stay in a san-serif style. Any ideas as to what I’m doing or not doing wrong? Thank you. Mark Oh, and using Firefox, Chrome and Opera – nothing changes.

Did you clear your site cache at performance?

Shoot – never mind. Works perfectly. I didn’t realize I still needed cufon.yui.js in the folder. Once I added it back in everything worked. Best, Mark

Hi…having a small issue with the Latest News block – the accordion effect has gone away. All items are fully expanded (to the teaser.) I haven’t modified the view or anything but I did modify the CSS for the blocks regions so the background is white, not colored. Any ideas as to why the block is now showing the items as expanded?

I’m getting this error on the JS console: Error: start_item is not defined Source File: Line: 63

Just noticed that error is a joomla error from another site. No idea why it’s coming off that console.

Still no joy on the JS, though. I’ve disabled a bunch of modules and also did what you suggested about the the aggregating the JS.

What do you suggest?

Apparently there was a conflict with either Colorbox or Lightbox. It’s all working now but I had to take one of the image handlers out. I’m using Lightbox and that seems to co-exist well with the rest of the site.

I’d like to add my voice who say that this theme is pretty terrific and also that a responsive version would make it truly great.

Thank you very much for the feedback. I will look into it.

I am not able to get the bullet #s for blocks on the homepage working

I don’t quite understand the question, could you explain it a bit more? Thanks