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Hey onion eye, I am interested in buying your theme but want to run some questions by you first, if that’s OK? 1. Can you add additional content on the home page (I presume I could either create a custom field or just include it in HTML, right?) 2. Can you add copy to individual project? On home page, when you click on any thumbnail, can you have a project description there too? Or is this just a gallery with caption ability?

Thanks for your comments.


Hi there,

thank you for taking an interest in the theme!

To answer your questions:

1) You can have any page as your homepage, but the main portfolio page, that is set up on home in the demo, would require you add any of your content in the HTML.

2) Yes, you can easily add any amount of it in the individual project. (Not sure, but isn’t this question the same, or almost the same as the next one?).

3) Most certainly. You can add the project description anywhere you want within a project.

Enjoy working with the Peak theme, if you end up buying it!




Brilliant, thanks OnionEye. Buying the theme! :)


You are very much welcome. Glad you decided to make the purchase! :)