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Ah ok.. I just read you are releasing Pegasus for Wordpress! How long do we need to wait?! ;) Can’t wait.

Fantastic! Please post a link to the Wordpress download when you are ready :) Thank you. Simon

Just searching your latest work.. Elastic WordPress Theme looks very similar to Pegasus, is this the new Pegasus Wordpress theme? It looks ace.

Pegasus WP version is available

There are numerous errors on chrome.

wow, thanks for comment!

Sure, it has been a couple of weeks since I started the thread. Would have been easier just to fix it. I don’t know man, all you had to do was load chrome and check your work. We are not going to buy from you again.

Serzh, what happened to you man?

Is there any way to include an iframe with the modal window? For example:

<iframe width=”500” height=”315” src=”//” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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February 18, 2013 / Watch Video

This fails and give me the error “The file or directory could not be found.”


Of course there is! In the layout there are no restrictions, you’re just doing something wrong.

Tell me more about how you insert?

I replaced the img element with an iframe one – for example I used this iframe: <iframe width=”500” height=”315” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

and get this error: “Not Found The requested URL /ar/”” was not found on this server. “


Next week will update with bug fixes and new features.

Hi! I’m having an issue on Mac Safari (ver 5.1.10) the background images aren’t rendering for the sections that use them. Any help would be appreciated! Thx

I solved it – the background statement needs to be the last declaration for the element being defined.

Ok, Thanks :)

Hello, i bought this theme for my site. I have a problem when i pass my mouse on the “ABOUT TEAM” section. The background of next section become of a different color, but only with chrome. this is the URL of the site. What can i do? thanks

Yes, thank you, soon will update.

Hello, we still have this problem and the page is not responsive as it should be. With telephone the content view is partially wrong (for example the part with the skills become text fields) this is the link : thank you

How can i apply this theme in rails??

Sorry, I did not understand you.


When will the Pegasus Wordpress theme be release?

i think next week!

WP version is available!

How can i make the slider roll automatically?

In the next update will be available!

Hi, why certain part of content is not show up on mobile?

Only the second slider, it heavily loads the mobile version

Also the main menu is not working on mobile

Not pressed? You look at the android or iPhone?

Hi. I’m having an issue when opening my web on iPad. The main menu doesn’t work on mobile version. Also, the welcome text (typewriter style) is not loaded. my web url:

Maybe message is in spam?

What kind of problems do you have? Which version of IE?

Please provide more information

Hi, I haven’t heard from you in weeks. Is there any update soon to fix the iPad and mobile version? Sorry for rushing, it is indeed very important for the website to be able to load in those devices.

Yes very soon will update

Here are the things I found:

Mozilla 1. The portfolio is not centered (no margin left) 2. Broken “our team” section. The flip doesn’t work 3. The floating menu color change is 1 section late. So for example, I’m in the About Section, the menu option that is colored is “home”.

iPad & Small devices 1. paragraphs not showing up.

For IE, i forgot what version I used to open the website (used my friend’s laptop to open it).

And for the support forum, no I didn’t receive anything in my spam as well. Can you please reset or do something so that I can register again?

Thank you

Can you give me a link? I need to see, I think you have just a little error and because she has a lot of errors.


please help to fix the iPad and mobile version asap. (especially for top main menu and welcome text in my website) it’s very crucial that my website can be opened up using tablets and phones. thank you.

When will the update which includes the iPad display issue fix be available? This is a very urgent matter to us!

Please, must have fix for ipad, iphone…rendering and functionality is causing great distress as we are attempting a go live for the site and are unable to complete QA. Thank you

Are you kidding me…no response at all regarding this issue – I am sure I am not the only one here feeling the pain. You have to do a better job of supporting this as the responsive problems are significant and make it impossible to finish what we have started. What a gigantic waste of time for such an awesome theme. Come on Serzh, sack up buddy!

First of all, GREAT theme! I love this. I would like to buy, but I have one question first.

I was testing this on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 – Android 4.3) and there was an issue with the template. When you scroll over it will allow the webpage to slide out of view of the browser. Is there some way to lock the page in place for Android devices so it cannot scroll in this direction?

Please see what I am talking about here:

I look forward to hearing from you so I can purchase this great theme.


Hi Serzh. Come on you should fix the ipad version soon or this theme will be wasted.

Yes, I’m sorry. But I have a few themes and all require constant updating. I do updates whenever possible. Very soon will be updating.


looking forward to it! thanks.

Its been 2 months now. Please let me know the date that you are planning to post the update. If it takes more than 2 weeks, i’ll just discard the theme and find one that’s compatible with mobile and ipad. It’s very crucial but I don’t think you take it seriously.

When you said “very soon”, i assumed it to be within a week. Just do me a favor by giving a date / just tell me directly if you won’t fix this theme. Thank you.

Come on Serzh, you have not updated the theme since 11/1/13 – so many people with the same issue. I am sure you are busy but, if you say you are going to support the theme then you have to do it…It’s embarrassing to have to keep explaining why you can’t see the site on pads and mobile devices and no reliable way to fix.

Very nice work ,, Good luck;

Thanks :)


I purchased the Pegasus HTML template and used the dark skin option. This is the original site:

As you can tell, the original link has mobile issues including: 1)The menu bar doesn’t click through to the different menu options, 2) There is too much blank spacing between menu options, 3) The correct map doesn’t pull in near the bottom under “Visit Us” and 4) The home image text doesn’t appear.

My version of the website is experiencing the same issues and I have to launch today. Can you please assist with how to fix this? My website is here:


Hello, DChristianII!

We saw your question on our support forum. The answer you can find in topic you creaded. Next time, please, write straight there. Thanks :)

hi where we can buy wordpress version of this theme?!? thanx in advance.

Hello, danieleg

Unfortunately this is not possible now. This version of the theme is temporarily withdrawn from sale for revision.

hello serzh thanx for your reply.

we should migrate from version HTML to version Worpdress . CanYou help us whit wp version of this theme, Although not perfect?

Hello, danieleg

Unfortunately this is not possible.

demo not funtion, please could you please check?

Hello, efraincg!

We have some technical problems. We’ll fix their ASAP. Thanks!

Hello, efraincg!

We have resolved this issue. Demo works at present. Sorry for delay.