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Hi, this is Adrian, I sent you my purchase i’d through your support because you said you needed it to send me the earlier version of the wordpress theme. Can you please send it to: adriankwb@gmail.com. Thanks

Thank you for this theme :) A little question, how can you change the icon that you get when you add the website to the homescreen of your iphone or ipad?

Hi, What do I need to do to the featured image so it doesn’t look stretched out when I post it?

The image is very clear in photoshop. It even has a 200 px/in setting. but when I upload it as featured image, it becomes BLURRY!

Please help.


Hi I bought the latest pekaboo for wordpress childrens theme. I have the old theme installed but when I install the one I just downloaded it says the theme is already there. But what is installed is the old version. Can you please helo


Trying to install in Wordpress and getting the following error message:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Any ideas what i need to do?


Sorry I was trying to install the main .zip file. I’ve just found the peekaboo.zip file and it worked fine. Thanks.

hi ! i have the problem whit peekaboo how Prevent floating exceed their container for exempl http://puu.sh/b4KZ7/fe4cf332a1.jpg

Please provide change log info for the version released 12/10/2014

Hi Edwin

Is it ok to update to latest WP v4.1?

Just checking…

Many thanks



I emailed you through the online form to get the home page background PSD sent please?


I noticed that the contact page map is not working anymore. It used to be working. I don’t know when it happened. The map is now blank. Here is the link: http://www.stbarnabasns.ca/contact/

I have tried deactivating and reactivating the iframe plugin because I am guessing it is related but it won’t deactivate at all.

Please Help!



Temporary solution:

I embedded the map (instead of pasting the google map link) and then deleted these lines of code in the iframe plugin. ‘height’ => ‘480’, ‘scrolling’ => ‘no’, ‘class’ => ‘iframe-class’,

( because it had an error right beside the map, it still has some error [the characters ””> appear beside the map] but it’s acceptable -better than a blank map).

Hello. I have purchased theme a week back. Somehow I am unable to get the slider on frontpage. Could you show me the way? Link: http://winsomekids.com/

babos Purchased

Hi there, I am having an issue with the mobile menu not closing. I have both the latest versions of wordpress and the theme. Please advise

babos Purchased

Hi, I already sent in a few messages through your support system and got a response the second time with a cryptic message talking about how the theme has a bug but no solution has been provided as of yet. This has been a problem for over a month now.


If you have any issue or question with this theme please open a ticket at our support website.

Thank you!

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hi there i’m working with your theme and was wondering if its possible to have the logo centered and navigation bar under neath – so its stacked?

is there a way to also customize the color of the navigation bar and footer, other that the tricolor options provided?


chaiwatt Purchased

Hi I have question on Homepage layout manager. I need adding content layout into my hompage, I had already added but I do not know where can I put my content on. I look around document but no example. image link is my screenshot.



Hi I’ve been working with this theme now for about a month give or take. At first i was quite impressed but as time has gone on, I have found it strangely restrictive in ways that contradict the sale pitch…

Unlimited colour scheme… only that is very misleading. Five theme stylesheet… just five! and I don’t seem to be able to make custom stylesheets.So that’s not very customizable considering these style sheets effect the colour of your nav bars and other buttons and aspect of the page.

I’m trying to keep the colour scheme to the school uniform colours but it all looks a bit odd because the menu/button colours don’t match the rest of the site colours I’ve made – where this colour customizability is. What’s the point in that if you can’t make it all match up it just looks silly….

Now I might be missing something as I’m new to wordpress but I’ve had good look around and I can’t seem to find anything to let me customize the stylesheets, or make new ones.

Any help you can give would be great but…

If I am unable to change or add custom stylesheets so I can fully customise the page colour scheme to what I want. Then I feel that I will have to consider asking for a refund under the grounds that the theme’s advertising is misleading.

Hello, i am getting an error for isotope js, has anybody came across this? Help appreciated in advance

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I placed some tickets on your support site about a week ago and haven’t heard anything. I have a couple of questions. 1.) How can I get the slider to have a slower rotation? it is moving to fast. 2.) How can I use the Wordpress media library for videos in the gallery section for embed code area? I would like to use the library instead of Youtube.

Thanks Jordan


Hi Jordan,

I believe I have replied your question on March 19th. Here is my response:

What version of the theme you using? If you’re using the latest version, you can adjust the slider time from Appearance > Theme Options.


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Http://themes.population-2.com/dev/peekaboo-wp/? Page_id=864

I want to build the examples, but can not edit

I installed the wrong?


Hi I have a question. How to change numbers of text lines on homepage in Featured posts section. Thank you