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Right now, the WordPress only download is infected. Do a search for “Sony” and you will find the JS file.

Msg me if you’d like more details.

Downloading the full package now…



Could you give me more info? Our files doesn’t seem to be infected. Searched for “Sony” and didn’t find anything.

tinuzzo Purchased

Hi there again!

I just received an email from Envato announcing a new version of this theme.

However, I do not see anything for 2015 listed in the updates section here, nor does my WordPress say anything in the Updates area.

Can you help explain please?


I too have purchased this theme and want to know what the update is for Peekaboo_v2.8. I received an email and I can’t see what is listed what was updated.


Same problem purchased a while back and I would like to know how to update it. Thanks in advance

Same here… Purchased, but no link to download update.

I purchased your theme back in 2012 and I noticed your demo looks much different now. My question is if I upgrade to the new release is it going to change appearance or mess anything up?

I sent a support request on your forums Thursday and still have not heard back. My logo is loading very small and sits up at the top margin. The file I uploaded is at the correct size and I need to know how to fix it. Thanks!

TomNL Purchased

does this theme contain the xss issues which are reported recently?

TomNL Purchased

I am running version 1.10. Since I changed alot of things (logo’s, code etc) I dont want to upgrade to a new version but I am a bit worried about the xss leaks.

I dont use the comment function, only a contact form. Do I need to upgrade?

japonsar Purchased

Hi guys! How I can import the “Demo Home” to my wordpress? Where I can find the archive?

Cromagic Purchased

Yeah, I would also like to know about new updates…and how can I preserve my settings..