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I’m having an issue. Have latest version 1.0.5 (using child theme). This is my website normal display: I simply refresh website a few times (really random; different number of refreshes each time) and something breaks in how code loads: Header image blows out of proportion. CSS breaks.

What am I doing wrong here?

Child theme CSS is very basic: /* Theme Name: Penoolis Child Theme Theme URI: Description: Child theme for Penoolis theme Author: Max Minzer Author URI: Template: penoolis Version: 1.0.0 */ @import url("../penoolis/style.css"); /* Header height ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ #header { height: 260px; } #identity { margin-top: 80px; }


In what browser did this happened? I used your code to create a child theme and everything looks ok.

We do plan to release a new version in a few hours, that fix several issues including theme options issue when running on child theme. You might want to try updating when the new version is approved.

Using Chrome on desktop and mobile. Just got email about new version available so I’m hoping that will take care of things. Thank you!

Hello, this is a great looking theme. I am thinking of purchasing this for my use, however I have questions with regards to commenting functionality on the theme. I prefer to use Disqus as opposed to the default Wordpress commenting system. So, I have two questions:

1) Have you any experience with users installing Disqus in place of the default wordpress commenting functionality? Is there code modification required to make room for the Disqus plugin?

2) Is it possible to have the comment count under the title of the blog post reflect the Disqus comment count and not the WP comment count?

I look forward to your response.

Thanks, Mark


Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. I once used Disqus on my personal blog running Penoolis theme, and you don’t need to add extra code at all to make disqus comment form running on your blog. You only need to install Disqus plugin for WordPress and setup your username & blog.

2. Yes it is possible, but you will have to tweak your theme file a bit following the instruction provided in

I love the theme and was able to customize it to my liking in minutes rather than hours. One question: How can I restore and edit the text in the header that was “Penoolis” before I deleted it? Thanks.


You just need to restore the setting for the Appearance tab, go to Theme Options > Appearance > Hit the “Reset Section” button.

I must warn you though, it will restore all the options value in the Appearance tab.


Glad we could help!

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Hello. Great theme. I’m just setting everything up but I can’t seem to get Warrior Twitter working. I put in the consumer key and secret, but it simply won’t show any tweets. Is there something I am missing? Perhaps do I need to do something special on the Twitter side? I tried putting in a callback URL of my site but that didn’t work either. Any ideas?


Make sure your tweets aren’t protected and the site isn’t running in localhost.

Hey again. I was wondering if there is a way to easily turn you guys’ image gallery into an auto scrolling gallery. When I use the shortcode version (su_slider) it washes out the colors on the images. The slider also dulls the image sharpness no matter what I do to fix it but the real issue is the colors. I would use either so if there is a good way to solve either problem, I would appreciate the assistance. Thanks a million :)

Oops I forgot to ask about the other issue with your gallery. Is there a way to get copy outputting before the gallery. It always places itself above the text no matter how I order it in the post code. Thanks.

Okay I figured out what is going on with the dulling effect of slider. I didn’t realize that one of the images was 2 pixels shorter so I assume that some scaling had to happen and that dulled the image. But the color issue remains a mystery. For some reason, the browser it is being viewed in also effects the washing out even further with su_slider. Safari washes the colors out quite a bit but FF and Chrome are far worse. But with you guys’ gallery, the colors appear the same across all browsers. The only problem I have with your gallery is that it doesn’t scroll automatically. Thanks again.


Can you let us know your site url so we can have a quick look at the issue?

hello, I bought your Penoolis theme recently. Really like it, and am just setting it up now. Am trying to remove the avatar and “Penoolis. Your live journal” outright from the header. Put

identity { display: none; }

Theme Options > Appearance, as you suggested in online help, and also put it right in the css file. As you can see at, it is still there. Can you advise?

Actually, this is working now. tks!


Glad you managed to solved it.

Hi, There- I’m actually having the same issue as anothermug. How do I change Penoolis to my own text? I was able to delete it altogether, but I want that same layout. Do I have to upload my own logo? Or is there a way to change the text in Penoolis? Thank you! BBL

Also, 2nd question: How do I change the typeface in I’ve tried theme options and customize, neither will allow me to make changes. Thanks!