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I bought on themeforest the PerfectCV theme for my website: http://www.raphael-dewan.fr/

I have a problem with the contact form: it’s not working. I’ve got an error message saying “MESSAGE NO SENT”. Can you please tell me why and what I should do to fix it ? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Do you have PHPMail() function enabled on your server? Just make sure sendmaiil is installed.

raphael24, do you have access to the server you applied the theme to? If so, you need to make sure sendmail is installed. Take a look at my post here as I detail what I had to do on the server to configure and test that mail was working.


Thanks, good post.

Can you please let me know how to remove the printing CSS? I’ve been unable to find a single .css file that manages print media styles. Printing my site is a mess.

I’m a developer, so I’ll manage whatever is needed for this.

PS. take a look at my setup, you might like what I’ve done to it: http://www.bennybottema.com (checkout portfolio and skills as well as the modified single blog post styles). Also, after sending an email, I’m clearing the form. Printing doesn’t work properly yet.

Nevermind, I grep / sed replaced all @media directives (”@media print” -> ”@media print_ignore” and ”@media only screen” -> ”@media only all”). It looks already a lot better, now just to reintroduce some print styles and I’m there.

Hey, glad you solved it. CV is looking great!

Please check out my hack to ensure the menu nav works. https://gist.github.com/cjpetrus/cd35a7b91cabc8eebd1b1f9ff28c2ef4

Thank you :)

Can you please post instructions for adding recaptcha to your contact form?


The contact form is spam protected via an Invisible captcha - ‘honeypot technique’. So recaptcha would be redundant.

Let us know if you have any other questions.