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Hi, I like prefer to use the previous version. Could you please included the old version in the download file? I overwritten the old file with the new file by mistake. Nice theme. Thanks.

Do you know which previous version you need? I can’t include previous versions with the current version download.

Sorry for the delay, I was out of town for the weekend. ;)

Hi, I am not sure which version. The version with a dinamic slider on the front page and 4 or 6 small slider on the top page?


Pixel8 when can we expect the new ‘huge’ update? Much eager to start my own site using the new version

I forgot to mention… yes i know that its not support and more of customisation. I was just asking or maybe i was dreaming more… lol. thanks :)

And one last request… I know again its not support but still asking as you are always helpful :) I am trying to use Social Sharing Toolkit plugin but unfortunately using it the pull down menu stops working. I am using this particular plugin as i wish to add social share buttons to homepage excerpts too. Any workaround for this?

Thank you

That I don’t know. What’s your URL? I can take a look. You can send me an email from my profile page with it if you’d rather keep it private.

Hi, I’m trying to make a full-width parallax section but it’s boxed in with a big white border. I’ve tried everything.

Hi there, It doesn’t look like you purchased this theme with that account so I can’t give you support. And on top of that, this is very heavy customization. I’ll provide support to my themes, but I can’t provide help with customizations.


I sent you guys a Private message via your profile contact form, please let me know if you receive it.


Your biggest fan

Got it and replied ;)

Just thought I’d drop in. I’ve been using this theme for quite some time. It’s quite some time since we’ve had an update or any news. The last thing I remember is. wearepixel8 was no longer happening and all projects were moving into other hands. Can we have an update on this? Thank you.

Fantastic! This is great news, good to see it’s in good hands. As this theme is very close to me and has done wonders for our fans.

Ok great, hopefully the move will be smooth.

WOW Awesome! Looking forward to the update. Will be interesting whats been updated/changed.

My site:


Hopefully we’ll be pushing something out sooner than later!

Ok great, thank you.

That’s Great! I’m also very excited that this product is going to be updated after a long time….

I’ll wait for your mail….

Thanks a lot :)

hi you said loooooooong ago that a new update many new things is coming soon…. but….. any hope? or this is now a ‘stagnant’ project?

I did say that, and I still have it ready.

I bought all of these themes from their original author (wearepixel8) and we’ve been working with Envato to try to make the switch over as easy as possible, but it took a lot longer than anyone anticipated. The good news is that we have all the kinks ironed out so now we’re in the process of moving servers, once that’s done, we’ll gradually start pushing out updates for all of the wearepixel8 themes. They’ll be under a new name, but nothing will change for you.

Hi. After 6 months i am writing this. But still no updates :)

See your theme : The alignment of logo part is very correct.

Where as once we try up upload a logo its a disaster for alignment in logo section :

It would have been great if you clear this issue in next update

Noted! Thanks!


Any update on when the server switch will be complete and the updates rolled out, please?


I don’t have a date, other than to say soon (which, I know I’ve been saying for a while now). I’ve put one of my guys on doing this and made it his top priority, though he is handling it for all of our themes.

Hi Seriously it seems that this is a dead theme now. 2013 was the last update and then only promises. And now at least me, have stopped using the theme as it doesn’t looks as good as in 2013. it feels 10 steps backward as compared to newer themes with more features and looks. thanks

We’re still here. The theme isn’t dead!

Sorry for such a long delay! 4.0 is finally available. It’s responsive and has tons of tweaks and a code overhaul.

Promises Promises Promises …. :(

I don’t take it personally :)

My team has been working hard since we took over control of the WAP8 themes. We’re currently managing a total of 25 themes across two accounts here at ThemeForest. Keeping that many themes updated while working on new themes and handling support for all of our customers is a lot of work.

The current version of Periodic works fine, the update are simply that, updates. Not bug fixes or anything of that nature. When it comes to updating our themes, bug fixes get the highest priority.

All that said, it looks like the only new feature we added was responsiveness. Everything else was just behind the scenes work, including a move to a better options panel.

Sorry for such a long delay! 4.0 is finally available. It’s responsive and has tons of tweaks and a code overhaul.

sorry to say… not using the theme anymore. looks BASIC now

Okay. Thanks for the feedback.


iorkara Purchased

Hello there, still loving this theme over the years. I’m looking for some help tho. Weather from the team or other customers, will be much appreciated. I’m looking at getting both sliders to auto-slide. Every second. I hope that it is possible via the child theme. Thank you.

You’re very welcome!


iorkara Purchased

Hello there,

I have applied the changes! Thank you so very much for this amazing support. The old team some time ago wanted me to pay for such service. However this new team, amazing. Thank you.

I have applied the following changes: -Both sliders auto slide. -Slides rotate every 3 seconds. -Pause on mouseover.

Checkout my Periodic theme in action here:

Awesome. Glad to help!

I still work with this theme and I still like it as it is. I don’t want to buy a new theme, this is perfect for my project, but it’s not responsive.

Is there any possibility of upgrading to a responsive version?

Thanks for continuing with the development of this theme and not leave it forgotten ;)


Yup, the new version that’s coming out soon is responsive. The theme itself is done, but as you see, these themes have changed ownership. We’re working on converting everything from the old brand to the new brand and will push out the updated items as we get them done!

Sorry for such a long delay! 4.0 is finally available. It’s responsive and has tons of tweaks and a code overhaul.


iorkara Purchased

this is fantastic! Thank you for the update, looking forward to updating.

I’m at work at the moment and tried to view the change log, comes up as a page not found, has it moved?

And the updates are more detailed than that, there was a lot of code rewrites. I’ve taken these themes over from the author whom created them.


iorkara Purchased

Fantastic, just had a look. Great updates, thank you! Yeah, I can imagine there was a bit rewrites. Thanks again for everything!