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I don’t mean to be rude, but this is nearly an exact copy of Orman Clark’s Duplex theme – http://themes.premiumpixels.com/duplex/ – colours, layout, everything.


I’m sorry you feel that way. There was no intention on our parts to be derivative of any of the great themes here. Thanks for your comment.

I like it, there are a couple of different features from the Duplex template but I do agree with @pau1winslow , it’s far too similar.

This theme is amazing!!!!!!!! !A BIT HIhigh right now but I still love it!!!! Paul thats so not true, I don’t see any resemblance apart from the slider… all magazines tend to look allikeee

nice looking theme but what font did you use in the logo part? looks nice..


The logo was created using Gotham with modifications on the “e”.

gluegl Purchased

Great theme. I compared your theme to the other one, and the other is very shallow in design and only a few pages with massive repeat.

What I been looking for a template that resembles huffingtonpost and enhances the look of huffingtonpost and yours does it. KUDOS !!!

Hope you consider adding more colors, RED , BLUE, GREEN , etc…


Thanks gluegl,

We polled several editors of online magazines to get a sense of what was important to them in terms of functionality, layout and colors. In terms of colors, we wanted to start out with 6, as a base, and let the customers dictate how many additional color variations to add for future releases.

We even toyed with the idea of a color picker, but tabled it for possible inclusion in a future release.

Trying to view but no dice!


Are you having problems with the demo?

I love this style but it looks very similar to the Duplex theme by Orman Clark.

I like it! simple and well organised home page.


Thanks dany_j, for the kind words.

Great work. Love the theme and its on my short list of ones to buy but the main thing that I find it missing, like so many other themes on themeforest, is there are not enough shortcodes for article page typography and design options. Buttons, Tabs, columns etc. Is this something you would consider adding?


this has the best selection I have seen but I like your layout better for my purposes at the moment.. I like the other site as well but yours is a better fit for what I plan to do with it but unfortunately doesn’t have much of a selection for shortcodes.

Anyways.. just a thought and something I think all the themes should include more of.


Thanks for the kind words and the consideration of purchasing Periodic. The theme comes with 9 built in shortcodes that can be viewed here: http://demo.wearepixel8.com/periodic/shortcodes-additional-tags/

The shortcodes currently included are:

  1. Right Pull Quote
  2. Left Pull Quote
  3. Check List
  4. Arrow List
  5. Two Columns
  6. Three Columns
  7. Four Columns
  8. Boxed Content
  9. Button

We felt like these were important to start with and wanted to hear from the consumer about additional shortcodes they would find useful for future updates. If there are shortcodes that you think we be a great inclusion, let us know.

Thanks again.

hi from Greece very wonderful work mate! may i ask you a few questions? 1. i can use selfhosted videos mp4 & flv opening also with lightbox or whatever? 2. can i use different bg image for every page? thank you in advance Takis



You can change the background to whatever image you like. It will require some knowledge of CSS and PHP to serve up your desired background(s) based on the page the user is currently on.

The Fancybox plug in is pretty flexible and can serve up various types of content. Check out their website to see all of the plug ins features—> http://fancybox.net. We’ve chosen to use only a few of the features natively in Periodic.

To achieve what you are trying to, you will need to embed your player in the video post template an change the player button links in the widget and archive page. I hope that helps.

Greate theme Pixel8, nice typography and attention to detail. I like your company site and client work as well.

Good luck with sales :)


Thanks for the kind words, sxbs. They are much appreciated.


I have tried numerous people’s Flickr IDs with the same result:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity() in /home4/thejapa2/public_html/wp-content/themes/periodic_v1/functions.php on line 425

Thanks for looking into this.

Tim http://thejapanobserver.com


We are looking into the problem you are having with the Flickr Feed widget and will let you know shortly.


Thanks for your patience. We’ve figured out the issue and have uploaded v1.0.1 to the que. The updated version should be available tomorrow.


Periodic v1.0.1 is now available with a fix to the Flickr Feed Widget bug. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Hi again,

The Popular articles toggle feature at the top of the homepage does not seem to be working on my site. What’s up?

Regards, Tim



You should not activate the Popular Post slider or Featured Post slider until you have the minimum amount of posts for each. If that did not make sense in the documentation, we apologize.

For the Popular Post slider, you will want to have a minimum of 8 posts with comments. For the Featured Posts, you will want to have a minimum of 6 posts in the category, Features.

Let me know if that helps/answers the question.

And again, Look what happens when I do not have a featured image for a post!! Wow. This can’t be right. Tim http://thejapanobserver.com


First, thank you for purchasing Periodic.

Now, let’s see if we cannot get you up & running. For each post, you should upload an image to be used as the “Featured Image” even if you do not intend on using that image in the post (at the top, below the title). The theme is looking to make variations of the image for use throughout.

I hope that answers that question.

Hi Pixel8, first of all great theme, I bookmarked it for future reference, I have several questions, not sure if other users implemented them or not yet: When it comes to adding third party Plugins such as a post Rating plugin or a Custom contact form generator plugin, should there any issues or conflicts with your them or is it expected to work seamlessly?

Thank you in advance and keep up the great work.


Thanks. There are no known issues with 3rd party stable plug ins.

Hi great looking theme, but i’m having trouble viewing the feature slider on an ipad…and doesn’t work.

Any help? I would like to buy it.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Apparently, the iPad and iPhone does not like our large sprite image and decides not to display any of them. We are going to have to recreate the sprite image to ensure that they render/display properly on the iPhone and iPad.

We’ve just uploaded an update to the que and will upload this fix tomorrow (v1.0.2). Thanks again.


We have rectified the issue with CSS sprite image rendering in Mobile Safari and are submitting Periodic v1.0.2 to the que. The update should be available shortly.

weberm13 Purchased

Hey Pixel8! Great theme!

I am having some issues:


This happens once I enable my third content block. It only seems to do it when I choose the thumbnail block. Could it be doing this because I don’t have thumbnails attached to all of my posts?

Thank you!

Matt Weber bl0ggers.com

Weberm 13, I had the same problem and I believe you need to have something in the featured image slot. See above. Tim

weberm13 Purchased

thejapanobserver Thanks. That is what I figured it was.

Pixel8, There might be instances where an Image doesn’t make sense. In which case the structure of your theme will be off. Probably an issue that should be fixed.


weberm13 Purchased

Yeah. Sometimes a post doesn’t have an image in the featured image spot. This should not cause the theme to break (i.e. in the screenshot I put in my comment above). This could probably be fixed by putting in a standard generic “Image Not Available” picture. Or the theme could just format around posts that don’t have an image.

This is especially important for bloggers who have many posts that they are importing into this theme. It would be very tedious to have to go through and put images in each and every post if they have more than just a few.


Thanks for the great suggestion. We will look to add this addition to an update shortly.


We have added an update to the que. This update has a graceful fallback for any post that does not have a featured image set. When this happens, a default thumbnail will appear.

This theme is beautiful but what amaze me the most is how fast it is! you definitely coded this theme to perfection because usually heavy magazine themes are a little slow but yours is faster than any mag theme i saw so far on any marketplace.

Good job :)

Bookmarked for my next mag project.


Thank you very much. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the YSlow grade of the theme as much as possible.