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Are you able to post in like a blog style on the home page with just one post under the other?


Yes. There is a traditional blog style option as well.

I am interested in buying this template but i am concern about the following:

1- i need to be able to upload video so, will i be able to ? 2- How many Video will the template hold as i do not want to upload links to you tube i want to store them on my own database? 3-? regarding comments i do not want people to leave comments will that be possible to switch off?

  1. This question is related to your server capability and not the theme itself. If you are capable of uploading videos, to your server, via a FTP client, you can serve them on your website.
  2. The template does not hold data. Your server and database does. The amount of videos your server can maintain is a question better suited for your hosting provider.
  3. The WordPress commenting system is managed in the WordPress admin on a per post level. If you want the theme not to print the comment system on your site, you will need to do some minor edits in a child theme.

hello and great theme!

i was just wondering for the related post feature how the related posts are fetched? i understand some are fetched by newest posts within that category or is it related posts by tags?

thanks in advance!


The relationship is based on tags.

I like to use the autoblogged plugin to help with some of my content, will this theme be compatible with that? Will it also be able to auto generate the thumbnails from RSS feeds? Thanks.


Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the plugin and cannot honestly say. As for your second question, no, that is not a native function of the theme.

dlima Purchased

Hello! Love your theme! But the field boxes don’t show the box around them for the Contact Form 7 plugin – http://modernchristianwomen.com/contact

Can you please advise?? Thank you!!


We are more than happy to help at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

UFcoders Purchased

Hi after updating the theme we have a serious porblem, thubnails is no longer generated, it show us “http error” and all picture are in big size. but same time it work 1/10 time it’s a serious probleme as we are working with the site and we have around 20 000 visitor per day :( please need help asap, TY

the site is: http://www.melekher.com

thubnails not generated http://www.melekher.com/detail/roland-moreno-inventeur-de-la-carte-a-puce-nest-plus.html/

We would love to help you at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

Hi wearepixel8,

Great theme i installed no problem…

Only one question though, how do I get my logo to blend on background like yours do….http://www.fashionox.com/blog/

any suggestion would be most welcomed


Please post your question at http://support.wearepixel8.com. Thanks.


Very simple question can you not answer me from here ?

I do not wish to sign up to your site to ask the same question when I am speaking to a Representative right now….

does not make NO SENSE :(


We have migrated our free customer support to a dedicated forum to not only answer your particular question, but to be able to provide other customers with an archive of answers. We fully understand and respect your decision to not sign up for a free support account and thank you for your patronage.

Great theme. Can each category have it’s own slider in the header?


That is not a native function of the theme and would require customization.

Hello, Great theme and i have been enjoying it.

1. I was wondering if i could add thumbnails to other categories similar to how the video category has a thumbnail in the top left corner. Thanks


Not certain I am following your question. Could you please post to the customer support forum at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

Hello I’m wondering how I go about updating? I currently am using an older version of this theme and need to update/


You can download the latest version from your Downloads tab. Make sure to read the Change Log to see what has been changed since the version you are running.

All other support questions are answered at http://support.wearepixel8.com.



Thanks I was just wondering how do I go about getting it on my site. I am currently running an older version of the theme. Do i disable the theme and then replace it with the new version??

Anything? I tried posting this question on your forums but no one has responded. Thanks


Your question was responded to 72 hours ago.


Sorry I didn’t get an email notification so I didn’t think anyone responsed. I’m using version 2.4 which is very old and I need to update. Malicious content was found on my server , and according to my hosting company it’s due to the fact that I didn’t update my theme. I’m just trying to find out the proper way to go about updating the theme. Thanks


We are sorry to hear that. You can overwrite the old theme with the latest version to remove all instances of the older version.

Is it possible to get rid of the commenting option on blog/article posts and add a facebook commenting area? If you could get back to me ASAP that would be great. I will be purchasing this theme tonight :-)


It is easy to remove the WordPress commenting system from the theme by deleting one line of code in a child theme.


Are there any ecommerce plugins that are particularly compatible with this theme? Would it be reasonably easy to add store pages?


How easy it is to change the color scheme, the header bg and the color of the navigation buttons? Many thanks!


Any presentational changes can be easily executed in a child theme’s “style.css” file.

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hi wearepixel8

i have contacted you through your toolbox page 3 days ago to request a customization to this theme and i didn’t received any reply from you until now.. can you please reply to me asap


Toolbox requests are responded to within 7 days of receipt. Thanks.

Hi there!!! Before I buy I had a couple questions.

When I go to read a article, under “share this” there isnt a facebook share link? is it possible to put one, or I wont be able to? Also can I use disqus (a comment platform) instead of the one there? thank you !!!!!!! also do you guys do customizations?

thanks !!!!


The theme does not natively support a Facebook Like button but you are free to use any of the freely available plugins. Yes, you can use the Disqus plugin with this theme.

The screenshot displaying ‘Home Options’ shows that we can add up to 6 categories but on the demo site I can see more than 6 categories boxes being displayed. Can you please clarify as to how many category boxes can we put on the homepage?

Also if we can make the category box (containing list of articles) cover both the columns? And can we display the list of articles in the category box without displaying the thumbnails?


You can have as little as six categories on the home page. To make the categories cover both columns without thumbnails, you will need to make modifications in a child theme.


Before purchasing, I was wondering if this theme had an option to have a sign in/log in option?



No, it does not.

UFcoders Purchased

Hi, after upgrading the wordpress to 3.4 i have Jquery error:

b.widget is not a function [Stopper sur une erreur]


jquery…ver=3.4 (ligne 23) c.widget is not a function [Stopper sur une erreur]

...a(resizable)”))&&!b&&e.resizable(“destroy”);g&&typeof b===”string”&&e.resizable(...

jquery…ver=3.4 (ligne 34) The “fb-root” div has not been created, auto-creating all.js#xfbml=1 (ligne 49) L’utilisation de getAttributeNodeNS() est obsolète. Utilisez getAttributeNS() à la place. jQuery(”.wpmlbutton”).button is not a function [Stopper sur une erreur]

jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(’.wpmlbutton’).button(); }); at line 744

Web site: http://www.melekher.com/


None of the above referenced code is related to the theme and you will need to contact the developers of the plugin you are running to insure that it is up to date.

Hello, How do I organize the categories in a specific order?


All customer support questions are answered at http://support.wearepixel8.com.