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Hi there, I am interested in purchasing this theme, but I wanted to know, instead of the “Load More” when you get to the bottom of the posts, is there a way to paginate it either with page numbers or “previous/newer” or arrows or something? And any way to include instagram feed at the bottom of some sort? If you could please let me know. Look forward to your response. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve noticed that in chrome the left menu (when you click to see the post sidebar) doesn’t appear properly. I cannot see the language selector good, archives or categories. In Safari or Android there is no problem but in a desktop computer with chrome or firefox I think there’s something bad. Thank you.


Hello Gerard

thanks for purchase Persefone Themes

we will check about this issue

could you inform your URL ..



yes of course is gerardosalvador.com try to open de sidebarmenu on chrome and you will see there’s missing things on the left. Thanks!


I’m using this theme and the Contact tab will not let me choose my location. How I can change that is by default?

I get a button to find the location but nothing happens when I click. I need some file? I hope you can help me :)

send me an email please monivazcor@hotmail.com