• HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery
  • 1440px responsive fluid grid
  • Retina display support
  • Mobile first approach (optimizes bandwidth for smaller screens)
  • 120+ font icons (optimizes bandwidth and display perfectly at any size)
  • Modified fancybox lightbox (CSS3 loading animation and no sprite images)
  • CSS3 dropdown menu with mobile compatibility
  • Many elements to choose from for the home page:
    • Simple flexslider with mobile swipes support
    • Zoomable images with lightbox support
    • Responsive video container
    • Portfolio grid display
    • Multi-column services/features
    • Multi-column testimonials
  • Unique pages: Gallery, Journal, RSVP, About, Testimonials, 404 Error Not Found, Search Results,
  • Common elements: typography, grids, lists, tables, forms, buttons, tooltips, dropcaps, quotes, alerts, toggle panels, accordion wrapper, tab container, lightbox gallery, pricing table, pagination, etc…
  • Diverse variations of the portfolio page that contain:
    • 2/3/4/6 column based items
    • Hovered thumb titles and icons
  • Contains AJAX based contact form + PHP sendmail script (no need for other plugin)
  • Layout scales down perfectly to mobile
  • Sticky footer for the cases when content is smaller then page height
  • Images are not included in the final purchase file
  • Easy to customize + documentation