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I need help customizing this template, will you be available?

Yes indeed. Please contact us via TF contact form, specifying your requirements.

Do you guys offer any advanced customization on this?

Yes. We undertake premium customization projects. Please contact us via TF contact form, specifying your requirements. Thanks

FancyBox 2, is it commercial plugin available for GPL ?

It depends on your project. Please see the licensing terms here:

I guess the parallax is having some issues on some mobile devices, how come this be tackled?

It is generally accepted fact that complex stuffs like parallax may have some issues when multiple devices and platforms are considered. Older iOS devices which is not updated on browsers may posess some issues when parallax is considered , may not be capable of rendering some CSS such as POSITION :FIXED on prallax. We will work on this as soon as any trusted solution arises.

Aaah, I see Jessica Alba pic on your theme, do you guys own the photograph or it’s rights?

The Live preview images, including the Jessica Alba snap is original photography by Mark Sebastian which is permitted to download from Mark Sebastian’s Flickr Stream under Creative Commons license We are not distributing any images with downloadable pack. Other images used in live preview are copyrighted properties of Mark Sebastian and Hasloo on Flickr Creative Commons and DreamsTime FREE image collections. Kindly purchase these stock photos from original websites, if you want to use them.

How to make the Navigation Menu to be always visible?

If anyone wants to get the Navigation Menu to be visible always, please do the following:

Open APP.JS comment or remove following lines of code, original code line numbers are given: 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92

This will solve it :)

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Even though support is not mandatory on themeforest we are providing 100% support for our verified buyers. We have dedicated developers to handle support requests.

Our support team works on 10AM to 6PM – Monday to Friday (excluding local holidays) – on GMT +5.30 Kerala. Support requests will get a response in 24 to 48 hours, but we are unable to ensure a specific response time due to massive load and complex nature of some queries.

Support requests sent via other mediums (including email) may not be monitored. If you send queries requesting theme refund / exchange, you may not get a response (contact Envato instead).

We provide free support only when there are bugs and issues within original live preview of our theme. Our support is NOT applicable to the following queries:

  1. Free customization or code-modification requests
  2. Additional feature requests
  3. Requests to edit or debug your website
  4. Requests to fix the issues present only on your edited website (but not in our theme preview)
  5. Issues related to third party plugins and components
  6. Issues particular to any specific device or browser limitations (for example, IE8 and below)

Please do not send such tickets – you may not get any response at all. By making this clear, we are ensuring the best services on our support system and our time can be better utilised on helping the right person with a genuine support request.

All Pre-sales questions (only) will be answered via ThemeForest comment form for that particular item.