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Nice work and welcome to forest :)


Hey one thing’s please correct cover image vcart spelling :) BTW nice work :)

Done! Thanks again.

The font is almost unreadable on Chrome 26. Renders smoothly on IE9 and Firefox 11.

Other than that very nice work!

Thanks for your feedback! I added some fixes for font rendering.

I am testing your demo. Very nice template! Does the contact form work in your demo? How does it send the message? PHP?


I’ve added working ajax contact form. You can check it out now :)

Thank you very much. Template bought!!

Thanks Yoyei!

Welcome guy! Very nice one page design!!!

Thanks for checking it out!

How do i change the Google Map within the contacts section? Also, how do I edit ‘My tweets’ section?


Thank you for purchasing this theme.

To change map location, change latitude and longitude coordinates in scripts.js (line 113 and 114 by default).

To show your tweets, find «tweets initializing» section in scripts.js and change username (line 175 by default).

You can find more info in the template documentation and If you have any further question feel free to send me an email.

Hey, This is a beautiful temple. I loved it. I have an issue – I’ve updated the php file with my email address, but the form is not working :( Is there anything I am missing here? Thanks!

Thanks Alex, I am mailing you now.

It worked now! Thanks again for your prompt response, Alex! I appreciate it.

You are welcome! ;)

How can i change the email in the contact form ?

Hi. You can change address of the recipient in the send.php file (line 8 by default).

And the form isnt working

What exactly is not working? Are you trying to send a message locally? You have to put the files on the server.

Hi Alexilin, this is a wonderful template. i have a question, im only a designer so i have very little knowledge about html and css so if i purchased this one how can i customize the site? i mean can i change backgrounds, colors, icons, organization of the sections?

Thank you for your interest in my template. Despite the fact that the template does not have a visual customizer, it is very easy to set up. Feel free to email me and i will do my best to help you out. Also the documentation should help you too.

Nice template!

Thanks, ChaseBurr!

hello, when open a work in filtered portafilo, buttons “prev” and “next” isn’t respect the filter, and display all the projects, instead of only the projects associated with the filter.

any solution?


(nice theme)

Hi. Thank you for purchasing my theme. In the current version, filter only affects on gallery items. Slideshow – is separate block. Maybe i will add this feature in the next updates.

Thanks for that awesome template. It was absolutely easy to edit (also without profound knowledge in HTML and Java). One question is left: I can not find the entry “Tweets initiatlizing” in scripts.js …

Thanks for your feedback! Tweets initialization is in the bottom of the page:
                var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';

I purchased your product, love it. One question, there is no code for the download vcard when selected. Is it located somewhere else? Or can you send it to me? Thank you….

Hi! You can create vcard here

Hello, Live preview is currently offline. Please get it online back … thank you :-)

Hi. Just checked it out and it seems that everything is ok. Try that link

Hi Alexilin! I love your simple template, I would like to use that. But not sure if I can upload any videos into this template.

Can you tell me if I can put some videos and my showreel into this template?


can I also add more picture into my gallery?

because i dont see how the thums link to the big size picture.

Each thumbnail has «data-id» attribute . You need to write the slide number in the value of this attribute.

You don’t need a plugins for placing video in slideshow. If you have problems with that, please send me your files, I’ll try to help you.

I try to add an external link to the navigation. When I click on it nothing happens. Could you help me out? Example, Persona is used on and I would like to add a link to to the navigation…

Thanks in advace!


You need to add “external” css class to the link.
<li><a href="" class="external">Some other link</a></li>
Then you need to define “filter” option in the navigation initialization in scripts.js.
        begin: function() {
            //Hack so you can click other menu items after the initial click
            $('body').append('<div id="device-dummy" style="height: 1px;" />');
        end: function() {
        filter: ':not(.external)' /* Add this line */

Thanks, first time I added the ‘filter’ line in scripts.js it didn’t work. I forgot to add the comma in the line above… Thanks for the support and great html-theme!


exmx Purchased

Hi, I use your template in a website , and the form is not working.. It’s working on my host for developpent but not in the host of the client. Do you know why ? is there something to change in the hosting ? thanks for your help

Hi. There are no special settings for the contact form. Ensure that send.php file is located in the root. Also try to contact with hosting support.

Hi Alex, I still have problems and there is some bugs in the portfolio part. Like the picutes are jumping to the right instead of in the bottom, if you click to much through the pictures. And also if my picture is longer than your demo, it will be cutted. Do you have any updates or solutions?

And how you change link on button “View site” so it goes back to WORK?


Please email me at and provide link to your site with more detailed description of the problem.

“View site” is external link which leads to the project site.It hasn’t any additional functionality. To change link destination, you need to modify “href” attribute in html code.

Hey Alex,

Five months ago you supplied me with a solution on a problem with an external link in the navigation menu. I just found out that the solution works doens’t work on mobile devices. Desktop works just fine… Any thoughts?

Hi. I tested external links on ios devices and they worked fine. What device are you using?

Hey Alex, I’m on Android 5.02 Lollipop and using the Chrome browser. Check my site and try the link ‘Blog’ in the navigation.

I plan to do an update with some bug fixes in the near future. You can wait it out or email me and i’ll send you the corrected files.