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Its nice, but you should increase the spacing between the section because it looks strange on a large monitor (1900×1200) because you can see the section below it

Its very ‘active’, meaning a lot of simple movement which is nice! :D Very, very cool!

I love it, but if I wanted to increase the gap between the sections, how hard would that be? would the template still hold its shape if I add more/longer content to each section? Thanks and once again the theme is great.

godonholiday increasing space between sections is really easy, I’ll update the file today. And yes, you can add more content to all sections. There are some limitations for Services section, but can help you with that

nice nice…

im still lookin for a site like this with single portfolio item pages.. if you click on an icon you get to a page with a bigger image for example and the comment funtion..

i like this style

@dellustrations: Why here and not in the forum? Else you´ll have to add that to every item everywhere now… @mixey: Very nice one, outstanding in Wordpress-section! Good luck!


Thank you!

This is a good idea you should do…. (from the forum)

When a file is updated through the “Edit” tab on your item’s page, after the update is approved. Customers that have previously purchased the item can just re-download to get the updated version. Unfortunately they are not notified of the update, so all you can do is make a BOLD statement at the top of your description similar to:

File has been updated on 9/14/08 please re-download to get the latest version.

Having some sort of notification to the buyers whenever a file is updated would be AWESOME , someone should suggest it through the support form.

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I’ve been trying to get the little excerpt in the about section. How would I get that there and then when the user clicks on the ” Do you want to get to know me better?” link it goes to the full ‘About’ Thanks


Sorry, I forgot to mention it in readme. Will update it now. All you should do is. Please see the link. http://pastie.org/569379 Wrap text the should be expandable in div with id about_txt and save the post. P.S. You should do that in HTML mode while editing the post.

Great looking theme. Wondering how actual blog posts look on this? Any examples by chance? Thanks in advance.


This theme don’t have a blog functionality it’s a really simple one page theme. Thanks for complementing!

I really like this theme, but I am not familiar with one page html/wordpress sites. So, here’s my question: Is it possible to have music playing the entire time someone is browsing through this theme? i.e. on a Flash site you can a music player playing the entire time (same song) and not stop when you load a new page. On a typical html site, a music player would stop once a new page is loaded. This one page theme looks like it works like a flash site would so that I could embed a player somewhere off to the side or top or along side the menu. Would that work? I hope I have explained this well enough.


Yes, it will work perfectly. This page is javascript animated, so page doesn’t refreshes and that means your player will work without stopping after each click.


Thanks. Looks like I may buy it then.


hey can you add a shopping cart to this site?

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@mixey I dont get the directions?\?! I tried it nothing is happening!?


Could you please send me a message throw my profile page? I’ll respond to you via e-mail

I would like some blog functionality on a second page, having said that I just found “Stylish Blog” also by Mixey which is a similar style but with a sidebar and blogging features and is almost half the price!

@hgbarrett Often music is a bad idea because not all your visitors have the same taste in music, but I think the idea of music with this particular theme could work well and would be a real selling point for the theme, it is certainly making me consider purchasing. Try using www.imeem.com or www.playlist.com to get your music and the embed code for it.


I’m considering adding a blog functionality to this theme, but not in the moment. May be a little bit later

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I was wondering how I could make the ‘Portfolio’ section mimic and be sorted exactly like the ‘Services’ section? It would be really helpful if the work within the ‘Portfolio’ section could be organized by tags similar to how the Services section works.

I have had a look at the php but my knowledge is limited and just cant work it out. Would be grateful for your help. Thnaks


To achieve that you’ll need to modify home.php file. I’m sorry but there is no step by step instructions. From top of my head. You have to add more wp_query with filtering by category or by tags and then output data to the appropriate tabs.

a blogging function would definatly make me buy

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Nice theme. Thanks!

What about blog area?

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ah, i can just change services to blog

I’d love to see a blog added to this theme. Also, an option for horizontal scrolling would be an awesome theme feature…

Very cool theme.

Would it be possible to display video instead of a graphic when a button is clicked in the portfolio section.


Yes sure, you may embed a video in to the wordpress page.

Dear friend bought this to use normal file as a normal site, without worpress is possible?

Give me error Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/vsdesign/public_html/js/7/index.php on line 1





This one is for wordpress, try using it in a tandem with wordpress, you’ll like it!