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Mi Mixey,

Everything is coming along fine with my site. Thanks again.

Once question I have is that in my Portfolio section, for some reason, it is only letting me have 5 thumbnails displayed.

If I add a 6th one, it removes the bottom-right one so that there are only 5 still.

Is there a setting someplace that controls the amount of thumbnails displayed?

I looked through the old posts, but couldn’t find anyone having the same problem.

Thanks in advance, Dale



You can set the number of post to display under the Settings->Reading in the WP admin page

Mazer Purchased

Hi Mixey,

May I ask you to contact me about custom modification to your template? I want you to do it as freelance paid job as I don’t have time to figure out how to do it myself. I also need this done properly :)

I want to use your template (already bought it) for my photos portfolio but I need the gallery section to be modified. I have very good idea how to make it more useful for larger galleries 40-100 images/photos.

My email address is jacofuego{ a t ]hotmail.co.uk Please mail me if you are interested, I’ll send you all details.

Kind Regards


P.S. I won’t mind if you use this modification on your template later on.

Hey guys, I would appreciate any help, I’ve seem to run into an error in IE7 and it’s only on my site, and I cannot figure it out. My services list item Headers all show up down the page. If anyone has any clue as to why this is happening I would appreciate it. site; www.saveascopy.com , screenshot of problem: www.saveascopy.com/ss.png Thanks!


I believe this is because of the some font-replacement tools you’ve used on your design.

redpanda Purchased

Hi Mixey,

Did you get a chance to implement the custom thumbnail feature?


Still Lovin’ my theme, it was my first Themeforest purchase and I have since made many. I got very busy after getting this off the ground so I never went back to add my current work to my portfolio. Now that I have made some time to do so, I can’t show more than 10 thumbnails of of my work, where do the other posts to that category go? Not much use updating your portfolio if no one can see more than ten….Can you assist me with a solution for this anyone, author or other purchasers?

Thanks Guys and Merry Christmas.


I notice in the demo that when you click on Contact link, that it winds up lower from the top compared to the rest of the links. Will this be fixed in the future?

Micmor Purchased

1. Thanks for a great theme, i love it.

2. I would like to have a look at mayurs modification but can´t find it, sounds like its that i have been looking for.

dylouK Purchased

Hello Mixey, i would like to put some video in your theme instead of picture. Is that possible ? Would you help me to do this ? I will pay you for this service of course. In advance thanks. Yves.


Yes, Please send me a message throw my profile page.

For some reason I cannot either get my thumbnails to work. I get a tiny box in portfolio and the text hover effect occurs, but that´s it.

I cannot even click the box.

I have done everything as described here before and then some but nothing seems to work.

The URL is http://anssieriksson.com

If anyone could help I would be most grateful.



As I see everything is working now, I’m glad you’ve figured that out!

Hi, I really like your theme but i willneed to present some video into the portfolio section! is it possible without it being too difficult??? cheer



It’s not possible out of the box, however you can contact me after the purchase to make this modifications for you on a freelance basis.

Love it. I added an additional page to the theme from a different category as well as added tips that pull the actual blog content on mouseover: DK New Media.

I did notice one serious flaw – you linked directly to jQuery on Google. You could have simply loaded jQuery shipped with WordPress, it’s a couple lines of code. Look up AJAX in Plugins on WordPress. If someone loads another plugin that uses jQuery, you’re going to have jQuery loading more than once… that’s a no-no.

wp_enqueue_script( "scrollTo-min", path_join(bloginfo('template_directory')."/js/jquery.scrollTo-min.js"), array( 'jquery' ));

This tells WordPress that you’re loading another script and the dependency is on jquery. You’ll also need to change $ to jQuery throughout your code.



I’m glad that you are enjoying using the theme and also I should say that you’ve done good job customizing the theme!

Question. Does this have to be used with wordpress? I would like to use the theme, but dont want to use wordpress…..

thanks in advance!



This is a WP version. Using WP is really simple and a lot of fun, you may want to try it

I keep getting errors. The theme will not work with the latest version of wordpress…..I am going ot have to request a refund.


I’m sorry to hear that, but you are not right. Live preview is running latest WP version (2.9.2). Try uploading theme with FTP as described in the help file, you should upload theme folder (not the zip file) to the wp-content/themes/ folder

Did that twice but I still get

Warning: fopen(/home7/chrisbur/public_html/wp-content/themes/personal-landing-page/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home7/chrisbur/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3598

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home7/chrisbur/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3601

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home7/chrisbur/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3604


I have 7 pages in WP admin panel buty menu is still with original 4 (about me, portfolio, ...). How can activate my pages to menu??



you’ll need to tweak header.php file and also home.php there are ul with class “menu” with links to your site sections.


OK, but why it isn’t generate automatically as in 99,9% Wordpress themes?

This theme does not seem to work with version 2.9.2, I am very disappointed. Are you going to make it compatible?


Live preview is working on WordPress 2.9.2

ilqnur Purchased

hi mixey! i love your theme. thanks, but i have a problem. Your theme only 10 thumbnails but i want moreee.. Could you help me this topic? I hope there is something to be done.


login to your WP admin area and navigate to the Settings->reading and change 10 to your value

Mixey, Any chance you could add a blog as a paid gig?


Please email me details throw my contact form on theme forest profile page.

mioza Purchased

Hello mixey,

great work! I just bought your theme and i am loving it. Two simple questions (i hope, since i am not a code expert):

.is it possible to have 4 photos per line on the portfolio section? I would like to have smaller pictures

.on the home page, my image logo it´s bigger than your original logo, so i can´t see my logo completely. Is it possible to resize it somewhere?

Thanks a lot, Keep up the good work. Cheers


please take a look in to the main.css line 51

header {

height:140px; // make this value bigger }

to have smaller photos and 4 of them in 1 row, you’ll need to tweak just a little bit home.php file “&w=294&h=200&zc=1” change this to the width and height you want. and also this width=”294” height=”200” and then tweak css to your needs

Im having trouble with this. I installed in on the 2.9.2 wordpress and its showing the page but all the content is visible. Meaning, its not hiding the divs like it should be but rather showing everything on one page.

How can i fix this if its claimed to be working as 2.9.2 in the preview?


please provide url of your site it will help to solve the problem