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Hmm..this theme is quite buggy, I get overlapping pages, and have a hell of a time sorting them out, something is wrong here but I am not sure what. Ia m really doing quite a simple layout just a few pages with columns and a contact page, but the theme muddles the pages together. The column shortcode does not work properly. I have worked round all these issues to try and get the site running but this is not a $35 theme


First of all, did you try to contact me here in the comments or privately to try and get your problem fixed? I honestly think that this would have been the way to go. I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug and most likely you are doing something wrong.

The reason you’re doing it wrong might be because you haven’t properly read the instructions, because of a typo (happens with shortcodes sometimes) or any number of other reasons. Either way, contacting me and telling me about your exact problem helps me help you and others, by improving the theme and the documentation. Badmouthing the theme helps no one!

You can still contact me here or via email and I will try to help out.

saniol Purchased

Hi. Love the them. Is there a way to create a page that is not automatically added to the menu bar? I tried using a plugin that eliminated certain pages, but although the link to the page doesn’t show up, it’s still there when the pages progress.

I’d like to be able to create pages that I can link from on main pages but that they themselves are not linked on the menu.


Hmm… I’m afraid there isn’t a way to do it via theme options or plugins, but you can edit header.php and edit line 70 to use an exclude parameter. More info here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_pages

Of course you can do a bit more coding and tie this to a theme option, but that’s a bit more coding work from your part.

I will keep this in mind, seems a good feature to have.

Best, Adrian

Hi, i have a urgent question…

i wanna know if can i put a logo in the place that have a word (the title).


saniol Purchased

Hmmm. Bummer. I do love this theme, but I think that’s a serious deficiency. I would like people to be able to drill down to additional pages beyond the simplicity of the main pages listed on the menu bar.

How to fix black line below, shown in IE8 ?


I sent a question privately a couple of weeks ago but haven’t received a reply. On our site, the first time the gallery page is loaded it doesn’t show all thumbnails. They are normally cut off in the second or third row. The problem only resolves after the page is refreshed (but when I clear the cache it goes back to incomplete thumbnails).

Our web address is www.bishopkonig.com.au.

Is this something that you’ve seen before or can advise on how to fix?


Hi rubique,

This is my 3rd attempt at asking for support. My gallery still doesn’t load correctly unless I refresh the page. Please see the previous comment above. Can you please advice what is wrong with the page? The url is www.bishopkonig.com.au.





Apologies for not replying sooner, but I checked the website back then and the thumbnails load fine on my end, so I figured you managed to sort things out.

Can you please contact me using the form on my profile page? I will reply and you will then be able to attach a screenshot.

If the problem persists, we’ll figure things out eventually.

Best regards, Adrian

Is there a way I can make it so the Image description appears below the image on the popup of the FEATURED IMAGE ?

I don’t want to insert photos or type long posts you see, i want the portfolio page to just be thumbnails and titles and then click on image to get a full image description

Hey, I have an issue with my VIDEO and PHOTO category. It seems it can only hold 10 items at any given time. Everytime I upload a new video, the oldest video gets “pushed out”, so that it doesn´t show on the page anymore. I have tried adding new categories, deleting, renaming etc – still the same problem. What do I do?? Thanks :)


There is a WordPress setting that you need to change. Go to Settings > Reading and increase the number of pages to show at most to something larger than 10. Sorry about the late reply, hope this still helps!


Thanks! It fixed my problem :)

hello. all the plugins works, except the portfolio photo/video. (My videos are hosted in youtube). I have following all instructions:

i created a page portfolio types i created a post and i put the url link of adress bar in the panel (i try with the other url) i’ve created a category.

nothing appears in potfolio page, except the categories.

if i try to put my self-hosted MP4 video, it doesn’t work. Have you any ideas?

my site is here http://www.xn--thrapeute-couple-toulouse-cic.fr/

Hello, Adrian! Your theme is just what I’m looking for, but before purchasing it, I need to make sure that you’re still providing support. Thank you!


I’ve been off the grid for a while, but I’m available now both here and via email. Ideally via email (using the contact form on my profile page), as I can receive notifications there.

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Hello Rubiqube

My portfolio page doesn’t work properly. My video is in Vimeo and after I linked the vimeo page on my portfolio page, it does not be showed at all, also the page address changed. (http://iamryanson.com -> http://iamryanson.com/#) I do not know the proper reason and even though I re-upload whole theme from the start, it never recovered until now.

I sent the email to you a few days ago, but you still do not answer about that. As I checked, you already checked my site before.

I want to fix all these things ASAP. Please check what I said and reply to me ASAP.


Ryan Son ryan.sbc@gmail.com

Sorry about this! I just replied via email, problem fixed.

Hi Rubiqube, now I have an issue where ALL my feature images have suddenly disappeared from my MEDIA page. 20+ images are gone from the video preview, and when I click a video, I don´t get a pop-up video like before – I simply get transferred(linked) to Youtube where my videos are hosted. The feature images are still in my media library AND in my posts when I edit them. They just dont show up on the media page. Any idea how to fix this? PS: I only have one plug-in installed, which is one that makes it easier to rearrange the pages of my WP-site. And the issue did not appear with my upgrade to the latest WP. It simply happened all of a sudden for no apparent reason. Help?


Ok, thanks – BUT I have made several changes to the theme – so if I install the theme again, won´t the theme return to default? And if so, how do I avoid that? (And I am no coding expert, so I would really appreciate it if you could give “instructions for dummies” :) Thanks! :) See my site here: baueradworks.com


Hello? A reply would be greatly appreciated, since my website is still not functioning… Thanks :)


Since you are the one who created this theme, those of us who have these issues with the videos have nowhere else to go for a solution. And since I use my site for business, I´d be very appreciative if you´d respond to my request and help me out. Thanks.

Hi I’m also experiencing the same with my site. All the videos are now going directly to vimeo instead of popping up. How do I fix this please?


Of course not. Just log in to ThemeForest, rollover your username in the top right corner, then click Downloads. You can redownload any purchased files as many times as you want and basically get the latest version.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it shows nothing under my downloads. I have my receipt confirmation number that proves that I bought it. If I send it to you can you just e-mail me a link to download the theme again please? I tried contacting Envato help dept already but no luck


That is weird, it should be there. Please contact me via email (from the form on my profile page) and I will try to confirm your purchase and send the file via email. Thanks! Adrian

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hi there, i’m having trouble with my website : www.banzaii.fr the files in the gallery are opening at their original path so it’s really a pain in the ass to navigate properly. I downloaded the new personality theme you uploaded but i don’t want to loose all my customisation. What file should i swap ?

To fix the portfolio bug, just overwrite the functions.php file and the jquery.custom.js file from the js folder. The changes you all made are most likely in the style.css file. If you changed the above mentioned files, you probably know your way around anyway.

Either way, make sure you backup your cutomized theme first. And as an important side not: every time you make changes to a theme, make sure you use child theme. This might be a bit advanced reading for some people, but if you want to dig deeper and change a theme, you need to do it properly.

Apologies for the delay! I didn’t think this minor update would require follow up and I did not check the comments thread lately. Sorry!

IMPORTANT: That being said, I just want to reemphasize that the best way to get in touch with me about any issues is to message me from my profile page or reply to an email if I already responded. Lasse did so eventually and this is how noticed the comments.

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Hi Adrian,

the updated function.php and jquery.custom.js fixed the gallery problem I had too. It seems that you’d can update the theme Compability to the Wordpress 3.5.1 Thanks a lot for the great work. :) http://seoteam.co.il

If you are experiencing issues with the tweets not showing up or your website not loading at all, please change the header info from showing the latest tweets to some other text.

Twitter changed the way they allow developers to access feeds, so until I figure things out I might have to remove this functionality from the theme.

Thank you! Adrian

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Hi, After I moved my blog

it started to show this error at portfolio page, all funcionality is working but there is this error. How can I fix this ?

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘portfolio-url’ in /home/ardaeren/public_html/aytenzara.com/wp-content/themes/personality/content-portfolio.php on line 44

Hello! I’ve been using this theme for a while now. Last week I tried out a different theme and today I tried to put it back to your theme and it won’t load. I’ve disabled all plugins except for Akismet and nothing. I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3.9.

Any suggestions?



I’m having a look now, but I think 3.9 might just be the first version to break the theme. It is a 3 year old theme after all. I’m unable to login into the admin of the preview site, but I will let you know if I can have it running on 3.9.

Worst case scenario… I will have to retire the theme and maybe come up with an updated one, responsive and all.


Ok, I just updated to 3.9.1 on the preview site and as you can see, the theme works just fine. It was a bad plugin for me that prevented me from logging in. Please contact me via email if you’re still having issues and I’ll look into it.

Best regards, Adrian


Thanks, Adrian! My problem was that I had the Static Page set in the Customize options. Once I cleared that, the site loaded just fine!