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avohana Purchased

Hi… how do I add two fields to the contact form? One should be a simple text field and the other one a checkbox with two options.


avohana Purchased

hi!!! already managed the query above. I wonder why the site is not correctly displayed on IE9 . The right arrow that allows to browse through the site sections is displayed below the bar and not ON the bar.

bstager Purchased

Great theme! It is easy to use/install, and with very little knowledge of CSS I was able to customize it slightly to my liking.

That said, I am seeing a solid black bar below the nav slider bar in IE8 . I haven’t tried IE9 yet, but it appears to be fine in all other browsers (chrome, safari, firefox…) Any suggestions? Your time is appreciated.



Great theme.. is there any way around the lack of page SEO or page URLS in this? it all seems to be under the same root directory when pages are loading



Not sure what you mean by lack of page SEO , but the answer is no, there is no way to have page URLs unless you do some coding to convert it from a one page theme to a regular theme.

I have the same question as the last poster …

admo Purchased

The image lightbox breaks with files ending in a .jpeg extension. (.jpg files work fine)


I don’t know many people that use it, but you can edit jquery.custom.js and on line 145 you can add this extension as well. Should be obvious how. Cheers!

admo Purchased

I’ll make the change, thanks.

For whatever reason, about 10-20% of jpg files downloaded from Facebook user photo streams have a “jpeg” extension.

This theme needs navigation links to be able to link from one page to another page. We hacked a .js file to get the donation button to work on http://anthonyalcasidfund.com


How can I link to pages from within another page? I tried:

<a href="#1" class="scrolling">Tracks</a>

while on the News page, but it doesn’t trigger the javascript.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.


I’m having a problem with the entire site not loading when I enter in a twitter name in the header content. I’ve tested it with several different twitter accounts, and each time the site loads blank, with just the background image loading.

Has anyone else run into this problem??


I think it’s a server thing. Some have allow_url_fopen set to ON, some have it to OFF . I will see if there’s another way to implement the Twitter feed and provide and update. Thanks!


I tried setting the server “allow_url_fopen” to off (it was on) and the page still loads blank. Any other suggestions?


I replaced the function that handled the Twitter feed with one that should work no matter what the server settings are. You should leave allow_url_fopen set to OFF , unless you need it ON for other purposes.

You can wait a bit and redownload the theme or if you know a bit of PHP , open functions.php and replace the two Twitter functions near the end with this one: http://snipplr.com/view/62845/latest-tweets/.

Sorry for the delay!

Rubiqube, I love the theme, and it is very easy to work with. However I am having some difficulties (most likely due to my own inexperience) with a few parts. Maybe if I tell you my objective first, it will help to streamline your instructions. I am creating a personal portfolio site (www.jenn-byrne.com). I would like to have a portfolio for photographs and one for films. At the moment, I wanted to play around with it and put photographs up there as separate pages (not in a portfolio). My first attempt with the portfolio has been with “Films.” I’ve chosen the portfolio setting, and I have created two posts for two documentaries I have made, embedded the vimeo hosted films into the html of each post, and categorized them as “documentaries.” The category shows up under “Films,” but nothing happens when I click on it. Can I create two separate portfolios within the site? Or will the categories automatically be linked to each page I set up as a portfolio? Lastly, do you recommend an image size for the site in order for a bunch of high res images keeping the site from slowing down? I hope this wasn’t too confusing. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Hi Jenn,

A few paragraphs would have been nice, but I had a look at the website and I will do my best to answer all your questions and give you some tips:

1. You seem to be doing a great job creating galleries, that’s the way to go with photos. You’re right, the images are way too large. Do NOT upload at the original size, I would go with 900px or 960px wide for landscape and the same for height on portrait images.

2. I’m afraid you can’t have more than one portfolio, as the portfolio template pulls the same posts.

3. To add video, you just create a new post, but do not embed the vimeo clip, instead you add its URL below the post editor, where there’s a box for that.

Anyway… let me know if you have other questions. I’ll soon be back in business with a few more themes and I will also try to make time for some video screencasts that should show how to properly use the admin and edit content.

Best, Adrian

Fantastic Theme! I’ve been eyeballing this for sometime and just didn’t have the right project for it. I bought it yesterday and used it for my own resume! It’s PERFECT !! So simple to set up, beautiful layout ~ so impressed. :) Thank you!!



I appreciate the nice words. If you have any questions, just send me a message using the contact form on my profile page.

Thanks! Adrian

Hi there,

have bought this theme an am pretty happy about it. Have some issue with the gallery. It seems to not display the images attached to my pages anymore. Is there a maximum number of images displayable ?

also have trouble with accents on the basic font. How can you change it ? Thanks for the great job,

(www.banzaii.fr to see it)

I managed to change fonts with fontface, so the only issue remaining is this weird maximum images limitation

Hello Adrian

This theme is really cool and I have to congratulate you about it. I was about to buy it because it (almost) suits my needs in terms of visual style, but I just changed my mind and wanted to let you know about it, in case it may help either of us.

1. Like other people, I need a blog part on my website. I understand you don’t plan to add that functionality on the theme and I respect it, but it’s a problem for me nevertheless. I noticed other themes (Refolio, Jumper WP) whose menu include a link to a blog page. This page is out of the one-page frame itself, so it doesn’t slide up/down and loads a new page, but this is no problem for me. Do you think you will consider adding the same functionality soon ? Or maybe there’s another way to deal with this ? With 2 different blogs using your theme, but that seems an horrible thing to work on. And I’m not even sure your theme includes styles for comments and other blog stuff ?

2. It may seem paradoxical (and more that a bit stupid) but since this is a one-page theme, the whole website is on only one URL , and people like me would need a way to create links to some particular page or even area of page. The first thing I thought of considering this was to use anchors. I suppose it would work, but I’m not totally confident with this because of the way your theme is built. Can you tell me if it would work ?

I would be more than glad to buy your theme because it’s a very good start for my design and I like the one-page sliding, but those two points above stopped me to get it for now. I hope you will be able to help me or point me to a solution, so that I could buy it without fear of regretting it.

For your information, I’m a Wordpress noob (didn’t even started yet), but kind of experienced in html/css, Joomla, Prestashop and phpBB, so I won’t be impressed to look or modify the code.

Thank you very much for your time. Keep up the good work. Julien



Your second point is something I’m seriously considering and I will probably add a way to link between pages in the next update.

Regarding the blog: I’m aware some people hesitate to buy the theme precisely because it doesn’t have a blog section. When I released the theme, I knew it won’t be for everybody and I imagined it would be used a certain way. I don’t regret not adding a blog, I just wish I had handled implementation slightly different and left more room for updates in this area.

I am considering adding a blog, but there are some technical issues that I have to keep in mind, so that people who already use the theme don’t loose all their content.

Now I’m on a mini vacation, when I get back I will probably make some overall changes on ThemeForest and also make some updates for various themes.

Thank you for the detailed feedback, I appreciate it! ;)


Very nice design – congratulations! A couple of questions: • Can this function with the qTranslate plugin (for multilingual content)? • How might I also include a text-only item in the Porfolio – for example, a synopsis of a screenplay – that wouldn’t include an image. • Is there a way to include subcategories in the menu? (Perhaps a suggestion is to integrate a dropdown/display effect for this in a future version.)



Hi Flor!

- I haven’t use qTranslate before, can’t really say. I used WPML and because this is a one page theme and behaves a certain way, there might be some issues.

- I think some coding would be necessary to make the portfolio display text instead of photos or videos.

- No subcategories and no plan to add this in a future release either.

Sorry, if you need these features this might not be the theme for you. ;)

Hi Rubiqube, Nice theme! I just want to inquire about the nav bar. Is there anyway to have the bar fixed when it reached top? It’ll be great if they don’t need to scroll up when viewing a longer page?



Hi there! There isn’t an option for this in the admin, but I’m sure it’s possible if you know a bit of CSS . Maybe using position: absolute; for the menu or header, not sure.


I’m actually thinking more like this jquery demo:


Love the simplicity and look of this one page theme, but the weird jittery behavior and artifacting happening when clicking through the menus. I did a quick screen capture you can see what I’m talking about here


Can you please close the ThemeForest top bar and see if that still happens? If it does, what browser are you experiencing this on? Thanks!

aren13 Purchased

Hi, I’ve lot’s of questions and comments about theme but the first things first;

in ie(ver.8.0) there is an ugly black line appeared just under the “mainnav” while using light theme.

How can I make that non-display ?


I will check this out, there will probably be an update anyway with some fixes and improvements. For the other questions, just send a message from my profile page and I will reply.


I ‘d like to know if there’s any way to easily make a news section. With the blog option or something else. Thank you in advance. Max


I’m afraid right now there isn’t a blog / news sections, as the Posts are used for the portfolio. But a few people have asked about this and I will consider it for the next update.

extpur Purchased

Hi Rubiqube,

Great work with the theme and the support here as well. My question is about the slider. Can the slider be set to fade-in fade-out in addition to vertical and horizontal scrolling which are already available?

It would be lovely.



I will look into it and get back to you. Better yet, send me this question via my profile page, so that I have it in my Inbox. Thanks!

Hi! Great theme! Up and running for my client, but here’s my question: We were able to (somehow) leave a space between my client’s first + last name on the test server. So in testing, it would’ve displayed (using your demo as an example): “Jack Bauer.”

But I remember having to finesse it to get that space between first and last name. Now that we’re live, it looks like “JackBauer,” with no space between. Help?!!!


PS: I’ll rate your theme <high marks> as soon as I see your response and get this solved!


Yeah, I know. The font is pretty cool, but has this drawback and it’s a problem especially when the name isn’t very common.

Someone else mentioned it and I’m afraid the best way to solve this that I could think of is to open header.php and around line 60 replace the code that pulls the name from the WP settings with your text.

This means you hardcode the name and your client can’t edit the title from Settings > Reading, but it would allow you to add something like “Jack  Bauer” (that’s a double nbsp there, the editor picks it up though). You can always edit that under Appearance > Editor and choosing header.php.

Hope this helps! ;)