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Re above – OK I now see that we mustn’t make Home page a static page in Admin > Reader settings. Works now.

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I’m getting an error that says:

Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/injuryli/abflawfirm.com/wp-content/themes/personality/functions.php on line 457

on my Twitter feed in the header. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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Okay nevermind. I realized it was obviously a server issue and got it fixed. Thanks!

@clivemcg56 I had the same problem, along with others with this theme. Beware.

@rubiqube I would like a refund please. It’s been 20 days since you said you were going to update the theme and it hasn’t worked properly for me since day 1. And getting no response isn’t helping.

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Is there a way to make it so that the arrow keys don’t activate the slider?

This is particularly a problem on mobile devices, as the device apparently interprets gestures as arrows and only lets you transition between posts instead of being able to actually scroll any of the pages.

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I’ve noticed the same issue with this theme as owlicks. It’s almost impossible to scroll through this theme when viewing it on a mobile or tablet device. It’s great on the PC, but very difficult to view anything below the fold on a smaller touch-screen device.

I hope there is an easy fix for this, otherwise the theme design is not very practical for an age where touch-screen devices are starting to sell more units than PCs.

This is weird. No response from the developer in weeks with regards to confirmed issues with the form and other features with regards to the 3.4 update.

This is a big deal and I think the buyers of this theme deserve the respect of information with regards to a timeline for the fixes necessary to make it work.

I can’t add a form to my client site!! Please????

Hi there When I try to install this theme it says: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Can I use it on Wordpress 3.4?

I really cannot believe I purchased this theme without reading the comments here. I would also like a refund immediately!!

@mrandmrsa, @MacMyDays: I just updated the preview site to WordPress 3.4.1. Took me exactly 5 seconds and the website works just like before. I see no issues with the gallery page or the contact form (you can send a message there with a real email and I will reply).

I’m not sure what your current setup is, what plugin you have installed or what changes you made to the theme. Please contact me privately and I will do my best to help you out. If you still wish to be refunded, contact ThemeForest and in case they agree to this, I have no problem with that. But please contact me first, as you might be overlooking something obvious.

Again: the theme works in 3.4.1 without any issues!

@owlicks, @miWisdon: I’m aware of that, at that time the theme wasn’t really built with touch screens in mind. I do agree that browsing on mobile devices can’t be ignored, so here’s what you can do if this is important to your users: open jquery.custom.js from the js folder and where you find “vertical: isvertical,” add “touch: false,” just below.

This will disable touch gesture and allow scrolling, but the user will still be able to use the main menu links to navigate the site.

It’s an issue with the scroll plugin I use, I will see if there’s a better one that’s easy to set up, that allows swiping and scrolling at the same time.

@lisamelvin: The issue you are having has nothing to do with the issues the others have mentioned. You received that error because you tried to upload the wrong zip file.

You should NOT upload the entire file you download from ThemeForest, but rather a zip containing ONLY the theme files. Unzip the file you downloaded, browse to deliverables/theme and look for personality.zip. That is the file you should upload and you won’t have any issues.

Please let me know if you are still having problems and want a refund, or if this was just a matter of you not reading the help file or doing a basic Google search.

Best regards, Adrian

Hello. I’m trying to use my self hosted mp4 so I put the complete URL in a post, as written in your instruction. The file is ok if I put the URL directy in the address bar of a browser BUT , when linked in my post it doesn’t work (the popup with the player doesn’t play the video).

I tried to put in my post the URL used in your example (the one with the bunny) and it works. So I downloaded the mp4 of the bunny (yours), uploaded it in a directory of my domain, and then tried to insert the new URL in my post: it doesn’t work! :(

Can you help me to figure out what is the problem? Am I missing something important?

Thank you.


From the sound of it, this might be a folder permissions issue, but not 100% sure. Can you contact me privately and send me your file (or a link to it), so that I can try what you tried, but on my own preview site? Thanks!

Thank you. I’ve just wrote to you in private.

Another problem is:

I found that, in Portfolio page, if an article has more than one category, its behavior is not as expected and it seems to be associate only to 1 category, and not to the others. Is there a way to figure out and quickly correct this issue, please? (Also manipulating the code, of course! I need to know where to change the script and how.)

Anyway, I like your work! :)

Hi, like the theme. My aunt wants a site that looks like: http://www.hoogeweegenrouwers.nl. And yours comes closest, even better in my opinion. Only my aunt hates sudden movements haha Is there a way that navigation goes to the new page normally instead of sliding towards it?

And can I make a gallery page for example with only 10 photo’s and go to the next page for the next 10 photo’s instead of scroll down?

Hope it’s possible, thanks!

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Hi there,

I think you can add a “speed: 0” parameter to the scrollable script and this will prevent the sliding.

Regarding the other question, you can create as many pages containing galleries (as in the Gallery page on the preview site), there’s really no limit to that. Only the portfolio page must be unique (as in the Media page).

Hope this helps! ;)

Best, Adrian


Thanks, just bought the theme :)

Can you tell me where I can find and which file I must change in order to set the parameter of the scrollable script to ‘o’?

Just now found out, that the theme does not have a blog functionality. Is there any secret way to enable it or is it simply used by the portfolio?

Thanks in advance!


I replied to you via email. Cheers!

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Hi thanks again.

Am sorry to say that it’s all been for nothing because I do need a sub-menu and since it’s not supported I have to look for another theme :(

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Hello Firstly, thank you for your theme, though I did have some confusion with downloading the HTML one first,it’s really great and fits my profile really well. I am just new to this and needed a little help building the contact page, so if you could get back to me that, it would be much appreciated. Thank You Utsab

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing the theme! Please contact me using the form on my profile page and state exactly what your problem is. I will reply to you via email.

Best, Adrian

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Hello there I needed help with a few things again. It would be great if you could help me out. Basically I needed assistance with- 1. How to arrange the photos on my gallery page in different sets. Is it possible to do so? Like if I wanted each series to be a different set and still be on the same page? 2. On the video page, though I have set the featured image but when one clicks on the link, they are immediately directed to Youtube to view the item. Is there a way that the video would buffer on my site? 3. Is there a way of rearranging the pages without having to delete any of them? Thank You Utsab

Hi, my WP site won´t load the Personality theme anymore. I have had supporters from my hosting company, and even reinstalled the theme several times. It´s the only out of many themes that I have that wont load. I simply cannot access the webpage once this theme is installed – it just searches without getting anywhere. Any idea how to fix this?


Make sure that under Settings > Reading you have “Your latest posts” set and not the other option.

Is this theme Compatible with IE8 ? I see the black line above menu in your demo.