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Hi, I bought your other wordpress theme, but it seems to have been taken down. Could you tell me where I can find the vectors for the images of the theme, more specifically the icons used for dog walking/Doggy grooming etc. Many Thanks

Hi there,

The pet icons are located inside the Images directory.


I can only find png’s. I need them for print and they are not hi – res. Do you have them available as Vector images (.ai files?)

Ah ok sorry I misread that.

AI files aren’t available; however, the psd does contain vector shapes for the icons.


where or how do i edit the links on the learn more button in services?

I cant figure out to link it to the page? It keeps going to main home page


You will need to change your permalinks so they’re not the default as it causes issues.

Many thanks


c0mrade Purchased

Hello leegrant,

This template doesn’t work on mini ipad.

To be precise : ipad model md528ll/a

Here is what else I have observer, this code :

if(!window.mobilecheck()){ alert(‘not mobile’) $.stellar({ responsive: true, horizontalScrolling: false }); }

This alert actually fires on the mini ipad, related or not.

Also here is a screenshot of how the front page looks like loaded from the preview of this theme from your page :


In case that you need anymore info to look into this issue, please respond and I will give you more info.


Hi c0mrade,

Thanks for the info, this is a particularly odd bug I’ve not seen before. I will need to get my hands on an iPad mini and I’ll test the code to see for a fix.

Thank you

where is the contact 7 page? the chortcode shows up on the contact us page

[contact-form-7 id=”256? title=”Contact form 1?]

but I cant find the tab in the dashboard to edit???

how do u want me to send you an image?

do u have email?

if you could send to support@klevermedia.co.uk that’d be great

Hi, is there also a blog ore news feature availble in the theme?


I have a Wordpress version which has a functional blog http://themeforest.net/item/pet-care-dog-kennels-wordpress-themes

Many thanks

it is working with joomla?

Sorry no, this is an HTML template.

Many thanks

My company bought this theme and there are so many inefficiencies, here are some major ones:
  1. BootstrapWP is not supported so you shouldn’t be using it as a bare bone theme template.
  2. Editing styles is a HUGE mess.
  3. Theme Options > Homepage & Content page layout, moving from “enabled” to “disabled” duplicates those elements and doesn’t remove them.

Hi there,

This isn’t a WordPress theme I’m afraid.



iandv Purchased

I have asked you this on email via your support, but not had a proper answer yet to the question below.

What is causing the carouFredSel not to use the fade effect. I have added scroll : { fx : “crossfade” }, into the custom.js file but this seems to be making little difference. What is the solution?

if ($("#carousel").length > 0){
                                responsive: false,
                                scroll : { fx : "crossfade" },
                                pagination: "#pager",
                                items: {
                                                width: 374,
                                                visible: {
                                                                min: 4,
                                                                max: 20

How do I compress all CSS to one file? I am trying to upload this theme to Weebly and they need all CSS in one folder and named as: main_style.css. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi there,

It will just be a case of opening the bootstrap.css & style.css and copying and pasting them into one stylesheet. You will then need to link to this file in your template headers.

That’s all I can think as I’ve not used Weebly before.

Thank you