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Hi Mike, babe I wrote you on ThemeForest but received no response some time ago .

I want my WordPress like to version 4.4.2 . update , when it comes to update the Theme Pets & Vets ?

Warm greetings from Germany, Olli

Hi! Sorry for such a late reply on this.. Not sure if I got back to you via the other channels, playing catchup on my support at the moment.. Pets&Vets got an update a few weeks ago which makes it ready for the latest version of WP. You can redownload the latest version from themeforest.net/downloads .. If you’ve made edits to the original theme, let me know and I’ll show you where the last updates where.

Looking for support. I emailed 5 days ago through your support link.

Sorry I’m in the hospital at the moment and I won’t be home for atleast 3 days.. I just responded to the email you sent today. Cheers

Hi Dear

When i import DemoContent something is not install. I see only Homepage. And i dont find Menu or other pages. Is it about for themes or wordpress version? I use Wordpress 4.4.2 Thanks

Hi there! Yes he Wordpress import export tool doesn’t work with menus as far as I know.. You have to create the menus yourself.. If you check out the docs there are instructions there :) cheers

I want to delete the bone. How? :)

I have a widget that is shown in blog page. it appears on the contact page even though there is no widget set in Contact Page Sidebar . Why?

Hey Sorry I missed your comment, did we resolve this one via email? If not, could you please message me via the contact form on my profile and I’ll jump in and fix it up for you. http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous

Hi, it’s mentioned on the sidebar that the latest update was approximately 2 months ago, although on the main page the changelog says the latest version is “1.9.5 – Updated on October 29, 2015”?

Hi Vatnoise! Sorry yep the mainpage change log is a bit out of date, need to sort that out. The main updates where minor CSS fixes for the latest versions of WooCommerce and also a fix image field in the theme options. Cheers, Mike

How Can I have certain pages with the cat header, and other pages with the dog header? I want both!


Page About Dogs: Dog Header

Page About Cats: Cat Header


Cool yeah, I did that in the demo so that I could show off both headers, with some CSS in the Custom CSS field under theme options. like this..

.page-id-466 .doghouse {
    background: url('YOURIMAGEURL.svg') no-repeat left top;
So you just need to change the ”.page-id-466” to the class used on the body tag of the page you want the cat image, and upload the cat header image and replace the URL above. You can add it to several pages by just adding more page selectors like this
.page-id-1 .doghouse, .page-id-2 .doghouse, .page-id-3 .doghouse {
     background: url('YOURIMAGEURL.svg') no-repeat left top;

Cheers! Mike


ruffi0 Purchased


I want to purchase this theme. question: is this theme easy to customize? because i would like to have a different look, no comic style. thanks in advance

I posted a question but then figured it out. No support needed.

Will this theme become available for WordPress v 4.5.2?

Hi there! Yes this theme works with 4.5.2, sorry the description hasn’t been updated for a while.. but everything is running fine to my knowledge, if you find a bug though, let me know. :)