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Hello, I added the slider within a page and it is not responsive for some reason. Would you know why or have code to fix that?


Hi Jenny! Sorry for the slow response time, I’ve been moving house for the last few weeks and I’m still waiting to get my office back online.. Did you have any luck with this yet? If not feel free to send me a message via my profile. Cheers

We already purchased this template. Can we please get the PSD files?

Thank you.

Hi there! Sorry I missed your comment, hopefully you found the PSD in the art folder. Cheers, Mike

Can any one help how can i import the demo content?

Hi! Sorry I’ve been offline for a while, did you work this out?? Cheers

hi, how can i have a background that repeats? I want to replace the bgtop.jpg for a vector image of cats

Oh!! Sorry I just checked the docs, there isn’t actually font settings, but you can do it with css and a change to the functions file.. I’ll help you do that when I get back on Monday.. Just writing myself a reminder now, but if you send me a message via my profile I’ll get back to you there.. Pick a font from Google web fonts in the meantime :) Cheers

Hey did you pick a font you liked? :)

hello, yes, the one called : Gloria Hallelujah or Coming Soon


jmf421 Purchased

How do members signup initially to get access to the members area?

Can you specify what pages are locked to non-members?

Can you charge a fee for membership?


There is a members only page template that you can apply to any standard page, but that does not include a signup form or paid memberships. What you’re looking for there is a plugin, you can checkout free membership plugins here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=members or premium membership plugins here: http://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress/membership?ref=unfamous .. I don’t do technical support for other peoples plugins though, so keep that in mind, but you should have no problem using one of these plugins with Pets&Vets :)

Cheers, Mike

hello, is there a way to change the animation for the bone/fish image at the top, I tried to change it in the CSS but i do not know what i am doing . Ive tried to change it here : style.css at eh bottom where it says ””bounceInDown”” for one of the other specified in this website : http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/ like “flash” or “pulse” but no luck

Hey! You’re getting close! So you don’t want to replace the name in the style.css file, you need to change the class in the petsandvets/modules/head.php file, on line 7. So what you can do is copy the whole animate.css file content from their github, except the first line ”@charset”(https://raw.githubusercontent.com/daneden/animate.css/master/animate.css), add it and save it at the end of your style.css file… and then you can change the class name in that head file to any of the animations from their demo website…

thx, also, is there a way to have the bone bone/fish image to go down just a little bit more?

Is it possible to check out the backend for this theme prior to purchase? (Similar to what ThemeFuse does with the testlabs feature?) TIA

Hey! Thanks! Sorry, I haven’t got that setup.. I can send you some screenshots of the theme options though! I’ve got your comment on Facebook so I’ll shoot some screenshots through when I get back the office.. Thanks


Samlue Purchased

Hi, any idea why is not working last link (specifically the last one and a half) in top menu? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1LUR6TdQvFiX2QxcHdUZlFGcjA/edit?usp=drivesdk


Thanks for help.

Hey! Yep! it’s because the doghouse is in a box which hangs over the menu, the menu wasn’t really designed to be that large, but you can get around it by adding this CSS to your theme settings under custom CSS

.doghouse { z-index: 0;} #top-bar {z-index: 2;}


Samlue Purchased

Great, thanks.

hey @Samlue how did you get the links at the front page translated, are you using wpml?

I am thinking of purchasing this theme and have a few questions. 1. Is there a search widget that I can use on the different pages? 2. Is it possible to increase the size of the font? 3. On the artwork, can I remove the dog at the top and just have the bone listing my telephone number? how easy to change the artwork? 4. Is it possible to tie in with something like Petfinder or Adopt a Pet? 5. Tell me more about the Members Only area? What can I do with this? how does it work? Will it work on all browsers? Thank you for your help.

please see answers below :)

Hello, I would like to see the demo of the theme but the link is broken. Could it be possible to find a solution? Thank You

Hello, I would like to see the demo of the theme but the link is broken. Could it be possible to find a solution? Thank You

Hello, is there a .po file for translation?

Yes there is :)

Hi, just wondering about answers to the pre-sale questions I posted a few days ago. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the answers. Just a couple more questions for you. 1) Does the theme include social media icons for Pinteres and instagram? 2) The Booked plug-in comes with the theme, correct? When there are updates to the plug-in will I need to go through you or can this be done through the WP dashboard? 3) how often is the theme updated? Thanks again for your help.

Sorry, got a little mixed up. I meant to ask if you think the Booked plug-in would work okay with this theme.

No probs :) Yes for the social network icons, I’m not sure about the booked plugin sorry, I’ve never used it, I’m guessing it’ll be fine, but let me know if you find a problem and I’ll have a look.. Updates come around every now and then, but this theme has already had a ton of updates and there aren’t currently any more major updates planned at this stage..

Demo is not working.

Thanks! Sorted, someone at Host Gator is having a bad day.