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Hi, nice template I have noticed a few issues with it though:

1. Collapse nav doesn’t work at all on some tablets using firefox and default android browser 4.0

2. Collapse nav doesn’t scroll on android browser 2.2 (try your own demo out)

3. It looks like ul and ol are missing styles

4. Latest FFox on Android 4.0 won’t let you click on any links (or it appears that way)

5. As I purchased I tried posting these issues on your forum, but that wouldnt let me post a thread.

We saw your post at the forum. We see all the menu and it is working fine on a GNexus mobile (Android).

Odd issue, will leave it at that then. If you’re looking for a developer to turn your theme into Wordpress I can help. I have custom post types/taxonomies for the pets area

Great layout. Great work, GLWS


I would like to use the search field to look for words in all the web. Any scrip suggestion? Could you do it for me?


Echo, echoooo…

At the moment, we will not offer a custom search solution. We will offer a php for the contact form.

Its very complex to add a database to store the information and make the search box works. Our advice is to look for a developer. At this moment we think we are offering a very complete and high quality template (revolution slider, CSS3, JS, PHP, HTML5, Responsive…)for an awesome price. Regards!

Hi. Great theme.

Fix your example, please. It has horrible bugs with nav and scroll. I’ve bought your theme on my risk, but real version is OK.

You see the scroll in the demo? In the download file? Please explain in detail and we will fix that right now.

The navbar is not collapsing on my ipad 3 using the default safari browser. I thought it was something I did but then I viewed and the same issue occurred. Please help I love this theme but this is a very big issue

I saw the website on an Ipad and I understand what you said about the menu. I am working on the solution.

you just need to change the media queries relating to the nav bar from 768 to 992 and from 767 to 991 in bootstrap.min.css. It was a pain to figure out but my website is working great now. Thank you for the theme

Thanks! Great solution :)

Hi. Wondering if your theme is compatible with woo commerce/theme?

This is not a WordPress Theme. This is a HTML Template.


I have a lot of spam, because there is not a securiy pass at the contact form. Have you got a solution?

It is a great problem.

Hi @KiloByte, please add this question at our forum. Thanks

One week waiting for a solution… here and at your forum.

Please, a captcha system or another solution to this.

We do not offer customization work in our free support page. We will take your question into consideration for the next update.

Hi, The template doesn’t work on Google Chrome. The roll bar has a problem.

I Bought yesterday. Please, help me!!

Hi @motaj1982. The forum is not there. The forum where we support our buyers are here:

We provide solutions for any error that may have the theme. Please write in our forum, the support team will help you there and will solve any potential problems.Regards

We did an UPDATE. Please check the demo, it is all working on chrome now. Feel Free to download the last version of this item in a few hours!


With your last update… What files I need to upload?

Thank you

Hi, to have the last version of this item download the item again from TF. Sorry for the delay. Regards.

Obviously. Could you tell me which files have been modified?

Download the item again from TF to get the new version. We touch a few files: the main stylesheet and the main js.

Gentlemen, I bought this template but I have a problem. Is defective in the menu when it is rolled in Crhome, which way to fix? Http:// roll the page down and up and also my and summer problem (the Crhome only). How do I fix this?

Answered forum. Regards

I couldn’t post on the forum for login problems, the error is “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” but I just created my account and double checked the credentials.

my problem is with the scrollup icon on chrome really bugging, I read that you guys fixed it in the new version but my website is already implemented with back end stuff and a bunch of modifications, so if someone can tell me the fix for this problem I’ll appreciate. thanks!

Please contact us by the email to mustachethemes at gmail dot com We will help you.

Please help, when I try to install this theme I get the following error: Could not create directory. petshop-responsive-pet-friendly-theme/petshop-responsive-pet-friendly-theme2/Petshop Responsive Template/documentation/Slider Revolution/assets

Hello, This is not a WordPress Theme. This is a HTML Template. Regards.

Hi, when resizing the browser to a small enough size to make the front page banner disappear, when resizing it back to large again, the banner does not reappear.

Hello, thanks for your feedback. We made an update about this.Fixed.

Excelente pet care theme. :)

Is there anywhere I can buy this theme in wp?

Hi ahewardt67, give us a few days. It will be available in about two weeks ThemeForest!

MustacheThemes Team

Is there anywhere I can buy this theme in wp?

Hi ahewardt67, give us a few days. It will be available in about two weeks ThemeForest!

MustacheThemes Team

Great, could you send me a message when its done?

Send a private message to form our profile with your email and will notify you as soon as it is for sale!

MustacheThemes Team

Could you send me a link to the form for the profile? Sorry, don’t see it anywhere.

Profile: On the right you see a contact form.

MustacheThemes Team

I would like to know if the site is done in WP. Please let me know as I contacted you regarding this 3 weeks ago and you mentioned you will have it ready in 2 weeks. Thanks

Yes, but we dont know when it will be ready.

Hi, I have used your theme for a dog walking business but, the about page is not mobile compatible, neither is the index page with testimonial slider. Could you help me out why this is happening?

Hi ahewardt67 you do not figure among our buyers with this person. The answers are given exclusively to buyers. If you have purchased the template with another user go to the forum and register your purchase code.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

I purchased the template sometimes in June and have the zip file here. Themeforest deletes downloads from time to time as it states clearly when you log into the account, I have a receipt for this. Please advice with them. I believe it was purchased through paypal which is your payment gateway? Thanks!

Hello, if you buy this template on ThemeForest should appear in your download area. If you have trouble with your file manager here at ThemeForest should contact envato / ThemeForest.


why no wordpress :(

This is the version html template.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team