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Hi there,

If I add products to compare… where can I find the comparison of the products?

Kind regards,


P.s. my log keeps posting about issues with files related to the theme?


You can contact us. We will help you enable compare products.

Hi there,

Any idea why the quickstart installer isn’t working? What kind of package is this?

After installing using wamp i need to adjust the base url in database, login is not working… returning everytime to login screen again.

Why can’t you just make a FTP backup, Mysql backup (with in the documentation the login for “admin”) and with check on foreign-keys disabled.

Than we just can upload ftp… import database and login with the admin specs…. Than starting adapting the demo…

Please provide me a stable working export package…. that works.

Kind regards,


Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will help you.


I am interested in using this theme, can it be used as a multi vendor marketplace where other sellers can sell their products as well?

Thanks Tom

Hi Tom,
You can install and user multi vendor marketplace. This function doesn’t available.

Super theme. It suits perfectly with my 1.9.2 magento. Good job really!!!!

Hi, It’s compatible with magento 1.9.2. If you need help you can contact us. We will help you.

Hello, I’d like to get a refund for this product because of several reasons: 1. The theme wasn’t fully translated into Russian. Before I purchased it I specifically asked the author if the language is supported. But when I installed the theme turned out that it had some mistakes and some parts weren’t translated at all. 2. It also has some CSS issues and that wasn’t resolved as well. 3. The patterns for the theme were absent and the author ignored my request to fix them twice. I tried to resolve all those issues directly with the author, but he stopped answering my emails on September 7th.


You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you solve it.

Hi we have migrated over 2000 products and images to the store and have an issue where by on the product page it shows the price twice.

Here for instance you can see the price duplicated. is there a setting that I am missing to change it or is it something else.

Thanks Alan

Hi, We have fixed this issue. You can check readme.txt file and update file for your website.