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My ‘shopping cart’ (header) appears on the left instead of right beside the ‘Checkout’.

Anyone can help me?

Tried to modify the css style but didn’t do any changes on it.


I’d like some help adding comments to my product pages. Also, is it possible to have the store sidebar expanded at all times, instead of just when its hovered over? http://marymeyervintage.com/

I just purchased your theme and had a question about the gallery page. If I want to use product images to showcase our products in the gallery can I use shortcode or a link when the image pops up in the lightbox to take the customer to that product page?


transparentideas replied

The link to a product is possible you may insert the link into the image description

I found your reply to not be accurate. I have sent you multiple e-mails asking questions about your theme and I have not received very much instructive feedback.

Per the above answer you gave me, I have tried this and it does not work. I get this error: Unresponsive Script Script: https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5.1/jquery.min.js:16

I have tried to put the link in the title and description area and I get the same error.

Please provide me with some REAL INTUITIVE SUPPORT! Not just BS one off answers!! I have been very unhappy with your support and would like you to respond in a professional manner or I will have to alert envato of your faulty coding and support!


Just sent the email.


Still waiting on a response.


Hi Mark. I have sent you multiple emails and am still waiting on a response. Please give us a little help! Thanks

Chullie Purchased

Stil didnt find out how i can change the first page of the store.. now i only can choose all products or a specific category..

where can i change that..



Didn’t see any info about the theme being responsive. How does it view on mobile then?


Hi there, I am very interested in your theme. Let me ask you if you plan resposive version and support for this theme at least one year more. Thanks.



Yes the support will be extended to one more year

Hi, I’ve just bought your theme, a week ago. Can you please provide me with an xml file containing content example of the shop you have for demo. I really need to work on how to fill in your theme. Thanks.

My current problem is this: my blog page is not the home page, but it is for some reason replicating all the settings I have instituted for the home page. Whenever I click on the “Blog” page it duplicates what I’ve set for the home page.

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Hey There, can you let me know where I can set the links in the coin slider? Also, how do I set them to open in the same window instead of a new one?


looks good but in reality a customer can’t buy photos from the gallery instead you have to go to the store section which is a bit unintuitive, I would expect to buy from the gallery also, take this scenario – I am a buyer and naturally I go to gallery to see imagery, I see a photo I like, I can’t just click on the picture to buy, I have to go trawling back into the store section to look for the same photo, makes me wonder why there is a gallery in the first place

Hello, after following your videos to make some tests, i come with 2 strange issues :

- When I use an offsite link for a product, the button doesn’t work on safari (but it works well under chrome and firefox); well I guess that’s more an issue from the wp-ecommerce plug in so I asked them too

- When I try to create articles for the blog part under Safari, it doesn’t save the text neither the image, so the post just got the title.that’s all.. when I add text to the post and update the post, in the editor there’s no text anymore and it saves it like that. But the post editing under firefox works well. Is there some bugs with wordpress under safari?

also I’v got a question : is there a way to let the users post comments on articles? because when I choose yes to activate comments on the products that I create i get nothing ..


the file wpsc-grid_view.php in the Phomedia theme have a small bug. At the line 160 you find <?php echo wpsc_the_product_description(); ?> this print the products descriptions in the grid view but it don’t take in care the Display Description option setting.

I correct inserting this code: <?php if ( ( wpsc_the_product_description() != '' ) && ( get_option( 'display_description' ) == 1 ) ) : ?> <div class="grid_description"> <?php echo wpsc_the_product_description(); ?> </div> <?php endif; ?>

I hope this help


the file wpsc-grid_view.php in the Phomedia theme have a small bug.

At line 99 you find: <h2 class="category-title"><?php echo __('All products', 'phomedia'); ?></h2> The string ‘All products’ is cabled inside the code so it don’t take care of the translation in the language file. I’m lucky I have a site in only one language, so I need only to go inside and translate the strings. But if my customer will ask me for a multi language site how can I resolve?

I noticed a similar issue many times inside the theme, this is only a sample.


I’ve sent you an email to transparent.ideas.com@gmail.com but i have no answer. Please I need your help.

I have several questions. I can’t find how to link the blog posts to the blog page. I’ve seen the tutorials but can’t find the way.

I would like also change the slider fade at home but I don’t know how. I’ve gone to Gallery – Options – slideshows but nothing happens.

Thank you

Hi, i’ve just purchased your theme and can’t get the piecemaker slideshow to work. I can add assets, but when i try adding slides i get the message:

“Please specify the page of type, if you don’t know which type to choose please see the help file”

But there are no options for me to select. Please help!

I’m also having trouble with the menus. My main menu displays ok but my topmenu displays partly underneath the static bar at the top. The first menu item displays above this but overlapping the bottom, but the others are hidden underneath.

Major Issues with Theme and Unresponsive Support

Shipping and Checkout Page: When setting up the checkout page if shipping is turned on then your “checkout” sidebar that displays the “Total” and “Proceed to Checkout” button disappears. Also I have set up all configurations with UPS shipping and confirmed with UPS over the phone that our configurations are set up properly, but I continue to get this error message “Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details”.

Gold Cart: Gold cart has been installed properly and i am not getting options to use Authorize.net within the settings for checkout.

Both issues listed above are major flaws in your theme and need to be address as i can not finish this website without a checkout page or a payment gateway.

I am also still waiting on the PHP file for the updated “recent products plugin” as well as information on linking gallery images to products as quoted below.

This is getting very discouraging. I have been waiting for weeks and weeks with only partial responses. Now i have ran into another huge issue and can not move forward with completing the website until i have a checkout page!

transparentideas Author 2 months ago

The link to a product is possible you may insert the link into the image description

Hi Mark,

I just sent you another email!

Hoping I can get some help with the items.



how can I display the product title in the product page?

Now I see only the breadcrumbs. I cannot find any option that switch it on.

Can you help me?




thanks for your help.

I found a solution. I edited the theme file wpsc-single_product.php and I inserted the row <div class="product_description"> <!-- Product Title Start--> <h3 class="single-product-name"><span><?php echo wpsc_the_product_title(); ?></span></h3> <!-- Product Title Stop--> <?php echo wpsc_the_product_description(); ?> I hope this help. Best</div>

Hi Mark,

Still trying to get this completed! Cant launch our website without the two items listed below!

1) Authorize.net payment gateway not showing up in setting. Gold cart is installed correctly.

2) Taxes on items being purchased from CA are being shown on the checkout page but are not being calculated or displayed in the transaction results page.

Please advise on how we should move forward as we are getting limited response form you.