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Hello Mark, I’m in troubles with my client. Really problems

I can’t remove the title message only for the thumbnails in the products page, like (example): When you put the mouse over the product images shows the filename. I don’t want this funcionality.

Please, how can I setup this? In what PHP file?

I need an answer as soon as possible!!

Anyone with the same problem?

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I am running a site with your theme, and wanted to check if there was any issue with updating wp-ecommerce plugin to the latest version? thanks


Hello, I have upgraded to the latest version as well, no problems so far


ok thanks, I will make a backup and do the update today

hi why but when i input price IDR 65.000 in wp e commerce, it show IDR 56.000 in your phomedia latest product widget, why it happened?please me


hi, i have sent you email twice, are you don’t check your email? i have give you wp-admin login too,

I am having an issue with the variations. If I have multiple products on the page, no matter which product I change the variation on, it will show the price change on that last product on the page. Please help.

After filling out shipping and payment information, when trying to purchase an item, at final checkout the site says the merchant address can not be defined and it will not finish the sale.

I have completed all shipping set-up to the best of my knowledge. Any idea what the problem is?


You have to configure the shipping correctly, fill in the base city you are going to ship from, and set the shipping methods correctly

Hello. I updated to the latest WPEC and latest WP, all of a sudden my Authorize.net transactions wont go through. They stay marked as Incomplete and the user never leaves the checkout page (page just refreshes and takes them to the top). My test product is here http://www.gabrieladias.com/products/swim/test-product/. We were previously using Authorize.net 2.0 which was working fine. Neither this one or the newer gateway are working. Paypal transactions work fine. Any advice? Thanks.

I want to modify the code of the “Latest Product widget”.

I want to make “Latest Product widget” is another group of products.

I set ?“products 1”, “products 2”.“products 3”. “products 4”. “products 5” ?Category 5. I need to let the “products 3” Is displayed . I need to let the “Latest Product widget” display “products 3” display.

How I can do this? Thank you!

Hi – I have a question regarding two widgets:


I am using both widgets on my home page and I have noticed that PHOMEDIA PRODUCT SPECIALS widget has two options – “show description” and “show thumbnails” while PHOMEDIA LATEST PRODUCTS has only one of these options – “show thumbnails”.

I would like to disable descriptions in the PHOMEDIA LATEST PRODUCTS widget so it shows only thumbnails – how can it be done ?

Hi- I am a complete newbie to this whole “website buidling” thing. I purchased your Photo Media theme and I truly love it. Thanks for provinding the tutorials, I found them easy to follow. I do have a question though- in regards to your tutorial, ” Setting up you footer for Phomedia”. When you were creating the “Customer Care” text box, where did you get the code that you pasted in the actual text box? Or can you provide me with that code? The screen was kind of blurry, so I couldnt write it down. The code started of with ”

Also I am having some trouble with loading my custom logo. What are the proper dimensions that I should be using for the logo space? I tried using the dimensions of the logo provided in the images folder, but my logo appeared tiny in comparison to yours. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!


My theme is buggy and not working at all. None of the changes I make show up, if I switch themes (such as to a native wp theme) it’s fine. Everything shows up. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed, tried on two different computers, and used Google and MS browsers.. all the same problem.

I am very angry and feel ripped off. Please contact me!!



I emailed you today – thank you


I have an issue with my theme settings. When creat a custom pages it doesnt take the theme of it. We have the choice between “col1”, contact pages”, “store page”... but my page style have no style and rederecting to “product page”. Is anybody having the same issue ?

Thanks a lot

Hello, Can’t find a way to change the speed of the slideshow.. Even if I go into the Gallery/options and change the speed of slideshow to 1..it keeps changing to 5 seconds. On the nextgen gallery page settings if i do a plug in check i get this message when it comes to Check theme compatiblity>

Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author

I add a product classification “PC” and “Phone”.

Now, I need to “PC” and “Phone” in the home page of the site show the two classifications of products. I hope it is this: 1: “phomedia Product Specials Widget” only display products classified in the “PC”. 2: “Phomedia Latest Products Widget” only display products classified in the “Phone”.

How do I go to modify: wpsclatestwidget.php, wpscspecialsdwidget.php these two documents? ? ?

Please provide the complete modification tutorials and code. Thank you!

Hey, is there a demo of the black version of the theme?

thank you.


Unfortunately there is no

After buying four other wp-e-commerce themes for my client on Themeforest, it seems yours just might be one that is most documented, current version upgrades and operable. In addition, you seem to respond to people.

I sent you an email with “easy questions for you” in the subject line.. did you get it? Thanks

OK Now I’m really impatient. Spent $50+ on this theme. A little help? I emailed you days ago and my client is wondering when they can preview this thing. I need answers. I have to scrolled through 44 pages of unsearchable comments to try to find them. I’m opening up nearly every PHP file you have trying to find stuff so I can update it. Blank Readme files and a header.php that DOES NOT support an earlier comment that says: “Please open header.php file and find and remove the following code: <form method=”get” name=”head_search” id=”search_form” action=”<?php echo home_url(); ?>”>...................”


uuuuuhh, yeah… about that.. you’ve already received SIX emails from me.. trying to find out if there is life out there. Here’s one question: Other than retyping page titles in the body of a page, what do I have to do to get my Page Titles to show up in the page body? (using dark theme)


When you add a page you add the title, there are page templates that show the title automatically and there those that don’t so you may add the title your self. try switching between page template and find the one that fits you the most


Thanks for responding. I’ve troubleshooted with this approach but couldn’t get there.. I’m just going to type them in (150+pages). But the standard Wordpress approach to creating sidebars and new widgets is gone in your theme. How can I make my own?

Is it possible to use this for a membership site? I would like to allow people to buy a single membership and then download as many digital files as they want. Thanks.


well you will have to tweak thing around a little bit, and possible get a plugin from getshopped.org that allows to sell membership

Your reference to the Featured Products on the ThemeForest main page is a deadline. Been trying to find out how you have set up featured products as opposed to ‘latest products’.