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BUYER TIP: Since I’ve been having a conversation with myself and it took me 3 hours to figure this out – for those of you who want to edit the ribbon – color it via editing themename/images/sales_ribbon.png. Edit ribbon text by going to themename/extensions/wpsccoups.php

One issue down.. 7 more to resolve BY MYSELF.


If you have questions email to transparent.ideas.com@gmail.com


I have.


Another late night (fourth one?) going through your code. I have a client meeting in the AM. PLEASE ANSWER MY EMAILS! I’m going to be up all night weeding through Mazine’s unsearchable comments trying to find answers!

When a costumer buys a photo, does he get an download? The theme looks realy nice to me…


Yes, there is an option to add downloadable products

I can’t believe my questions have never been answered.

I dont think I can figure it out after spending 3 hours already. Please refer to my website: www.talis.com.au

I’ve been trying to figure out why then I press the button “old entries” in blog menu, it goes to store instead of showing more older entries in my blog. Could you please explain?

I’ve set up my blog as a category and have added it to the main menu.

Regards, Natalie

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I do not speak good English, so I’m using the google translator. I’m having trouble setting the home page, I try to use the widget on the home product categories, but does not display the correct style, like the demo template.

This is the website … http://www.franciscomacia.com/

Hi! I am trying to modify the Featured Products widget – I want to remove the “price ” and “details” button and only have it display the image with description. I can’t find the file I need to modify in the plugin. Would you be so kind to point me in the right direction? Thank you very much for your time! Christina


You have to modify the file in the theme, go to phomedia/extensions/wpecfeaturedproducts.php

My countdown cock displays 500+ hours and I need it to display days/hours/minutes/secs. Please tell me how to fix this code to display what I need:

$(’#count_down’).countdown({until: new Date(<?php echo $exp[‘year’] ?>, <?php echo $exp[‘month’]-1 ?>, <?php echo $exp[‘day’]?>), format: ‘HMS’, timeSeparator:’:’, layout:’ {hnn}:{mnn}:{snn} ’, labels: [’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’], labels1:[’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’]});

.countdown({until: new Date(2013, 8, 30), format: 'dHMS', timeSeparator:':', layout:'{dn} day(s) {hnn} : {mnn} : {snn}', labels: ['', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''], labels1:['', '', '', '', '', '', '']});

Thank you very much!!! You have assisted me. The following code is revised for other users who need this: $(’#count_down’).countdown({until: new Date(<?php echo $exp[‘year’] ?>, <?php echo $exp[‘month’]-1 ?>, <?php echo $exp[‘day’]?>), format: ‘dHMS’, timeSeparator:’:’, layout:’ {dn} day(s) {hnn}:{mnn}:{snn} ’, labels: [’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’], labels1:[’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’]});

Hi, my client would like to know if the gallery below the main image with the manual advance on the demo (has “isolated objects” “demo” and so on) can be set to auto advance or move on it’s own instead of manual advancing?

Thank You!


Would you please be more specific?

Also, my client just asked if this theme has “related products” and “recently viewed”.

Thank You!!


We can add those modules if you need


okay how much extra will it be? Thanks!

Hey, I’m having some trouble with the category images. They’re not showing up on the site (I’m not even sure if they are even uploading correctly). I go to products/categories, fill in the info on the left (name, slug, description), I choose the image I want (but theres no “upload button”) then click “Add new Product category” on the bottom of the page, a mini thumbnail shows up on the list on the right of the screen, but on my homepage I only see the category square outline with the category name (blank/no image).

Thanks for your help.


i am using the dark template and would like to set most of the text to #00FF00 i cant find where to do this is it hidden in the css?

Kind regards Paul

Can’t understand why is it so hard to remove all crap – like date of page modified and all the left column. And if page name is empty -why is there a name “Article” ? WHY? I want absolutely clean page without columns etc, how can I get it?

The coupon widget seems to go beyond the boundaries of the page at resolutions of and below 1024×768 – is there an easy fix for this?


Could you please tell us if there is a way to keep a product out of sale on the site with the mention “sold” like on this site ?

Thank you in advance for your answer,


hi, i am using the dark template and would like to set most of the text to #00FF00 i cant find where to do this is it hidden in the css? Kind regards Paul



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Which file can I edit the countdown timer?



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Thanks! I emailed you at the email address provided. Please respond to my email.

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I emailed a question a few days ago regarding the shopping cart and registration templates not working. Were you able to take a look or give an eta on response time?



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We are using phomedia theme for our project, and when we return after the checkout at Paypal, we are getting the following errors :

We have uploaded the error message snapshot here : http://pinballsidemirrors.com/images/checkout_error.png

When we are testing the checkout with TEST Payment Gateway, it works fine, and shows us the Transaction Results page too, but not for the Paypal!!!

We are also not getting any emails for the Order Placed due to this error

This really urgent, and you need to fix this or provide the updated theme files !!!

Please respond ASAP.


Hi there, I bought this theme, and love it. However, I’m having a few issues. Issue 1 – Top Menu is not displaying Register or Account links/pages. I followed the directions you provided by adding them to the proper widget area, etc. Still nothing. Issue 2 – Product Categories are not showing up in the sidebar on Store page – actually other randow widgets are appearing there. Issue 3 – When I create a Gallery or Contact page and put the proper shortcode into them, and add them to my Menu, etc. The pages display as copies of my Store page. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Is this the complete code to change the countdown timer? .countdown({until: new Date(2013, 8, 30), format: ‘dHMS’, timeSeparator:’:’, layout:’{dn} day(s) {hnn} : {mnn} : {snn}’, labels: [’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’], labels1:[’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’]});

I added it but it doesn’t work.

Hi there,

is there a way to truncate the description text appearing in the featured product section? tried using the <!-more-> but didn’t work