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Hi! Is this theme fully compatible with WordPress 4?

I’m trying to register on the opendept. support forum, but it keeps saying item purchase code not valid. As you can see I’ve purchased this theme, so what am I doing wrong?


You can post your question here, or send me an email via our profile page on Themeforest, and I’ll manually create an account on our support forum.


Thanks for the quick reply. My question was regarding the featured image on my posts, which display in really low resolution on the blog page. Is there something I need to do to get them higher res?

OK, now that you get an account on our support forum, please open a ticket there and do not forget to post the URL of your blog. I need to take a look at the issue to understand what’s wrong.


Glad I found this theme!..especially because of the touch-swipe and thumbnail toggle. I’m close to pulling the trigger, but I want to bypass the initial extra step of going to a collections page and just go straight to each gallery from the main header. Is this possible in the theme options? Or will I have to dig into the code? I’m not asking for a drop down I promise. :) Thanks!



Sure it is possible. You can add a custom menu link where you set the gallery link as URL.

P.S. No dropdown menu is available on Photochrom.

Cheers, -P

Great! Thanks for the quick response. I was joking about the dropdown menu. :)

Hi. Close to making a decision and buying the theme. But I’m worried about how SEO friendly your homepage is… will the slider content be 100% searchable? I try to stay away from homepage that won’t allow enough static content to satisfy SEO.

Please let me know.


I am not sure to understand your question. Normally Googlebot scans all the content inside a webpage so, using your words, the page is 100% searchable. Btw, SEO is a very complex subject based on a wide range of different principles.



Love the theme.

The homepage is proving a little problematic. The status code returns a 200 OK; however, somehow the TITLE and H1 tags are returning 302 Found. As such, the homepage is being rejected by Google Adwords.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

Steve Wade

Note: you can use a program like Screaming Frog to see the errors in real time. The site is

Hello Steve,

I can’t see any 202 or 302 error, I am sorry. Would you please provide more informations about the issue?


Hi. I’m experiencing a strange glitch with my galleries:

If you click on any gallery, say for example travel. The images start repeating themselves and you can never view the entire set. Right around the marihuana leaves and the forest imagery, things start looping and you can’t continue forward.

Is there a limited number of images per Collection? We really need to fix this. Thanks.


There’s no limited number of images per collection. BTW, that’s pretty odd, I am unable to replicate your issue on our development theme. To make sure that the issue has nothing to do with some conflict with any third party component, please disable all plugins and js/jQuery changes you did to the theme. If that does not fix the issue, please open a ticket on our support forum:


Ok, please don’t care about my latest comment, I’ve found out what’s wrong: that’s not a bug, you uploaded the same image into the set twice and that causes the issue. For instance, inside the set “Travel” images on positions #11 and #16 are the same, please remove one of those and it’ll work fine.

You are 100% right. Thank you it worked.

I have another question. When you click on a collection and start viewing images, can you make the image larger or full screen? Right now it seems to stop at a certain size.

Also, in the collection, when you are viewing individual images, anyway we can keep the navigation bar visible instead of hidden? It helps the user to see the arrow and the site information. Thanks!

I am sorry we are unable to provide support on theme customisations. For any other question regarding the theme’s functions, please use the support forum.


Hi, thumbnails youtube videos not appear. vimeo those work well.

We just fixed it on next theme update (1.6). Stay tuned on Themeforest, you should be able to see the update on next two days.

Cheers, -P

With the upgrade works perfect. thanks for your being so fast.

You’re welcome!

Hi, I’m creating a website for the client, and I’ve run into a few problems that seem to be theme-related.

1. When I upload images to a set, I’ll select a large batch to upload, but they won’t show up as selected after they’ve saved. This is no problem when I upload individual images, but kind of a pain when I have a large batch of them.

2. Of the images in the set that have been successfully uploaded to the webpage, when clicked on, don’t go to the permalink page but instead go to /set/.../#p742, with the “Embarrassing, isn’t it?” caption. The permalink itself works.

Please help, thank you.


1. It works that way, I am sorry. We’ll consider to improve it on next major update.

2. That’s probably a permalinks issue. Go to Settings -> Permalinks and Save them again; that should fix 404s.

For any other request, please use our support forum:

Cheers, Pasquale

Hello In my site/Blog: How do I remove the comments and all empty fields. 1 – I have all comment disabled but the “NO RESPONSES” is in each post of my blog. It should say: Continue. 2 – How can I eliminate the date? it is completely irrelevant. Can you help me? Tks

Hi, I’ve answered all your questions on our support forum ;)