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Nice Theme, we are going to use it for our theater group, will post a link when its online.


Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the theme. Cant wait to see your theater site.

Very nice theme.

Can the content be centered and widened? Can the music be selected with next or previous arrows?


Thank you very much! You can use the fullwidth template to have a wider content area and with a bit of coding effort you will also be able to center the page.

The sound engine includes the option for next and previous arrows they are just not implemented so it is definetly possible to customize it in that way.

Feel free to ask our support in this matter, we are happy to help. Just drop us a mail.

Will use it for photographers, to show their portfolio. realy nice job :sunglasses:

Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the theme. Would be nice if you could show us your page once finished.

hi I like the full screen bg map..I see the zoom level is very high and Im not seeing that elsewhere..you get a nice close shot of the area you have..my concern is ..can anyone who purchase’s the theme..adds the correct lang and long.. get the same clear close zoom look? Than- the menu closes before someone can switch to map from sat..is there a way to control the menu JS? Than—the screenshotds show the map options but can a person go to the function file and work with the code? or is it a file loaded in say the options folder assuming a typical folder structure..I would like to be able to really work on the map function if thats possible..I like fullscreen maps that are real but the zoom is closer than anything I have seen recently..tell me how to do this and I will jump in.. thanks

Hi, there are options for the coordinates, the zoomlevel and the map style (satelite, roadmap, etc…) in the themes backend. This 3D-effect shown on our presentation is not available for the whole world but for most major cities and places.

You can set the idle time for the menu in the backend. The javascript files for the menu are quite clear and easy to understand, so you could allways change them in the way you want to.

I´m not sure if i get your last question right. We are using the googlemaps api which contains a lot of options you could use to customize your background. We only implemented the ones we need for the theme, but we will be happy to help you with your ideas.

Autoplaying music – bad.

You can switch of the autoplay function in your themes backend. It is just for the presentation.

Really nice theme! What’s the song in the preview called? :)

Thank you! The first song in the preview is called “Making Me Nervous” from “Brad Sucks”

FANTASTIC :D – this seems to be at least 80% of what I’ve been looking for, and 100% of everything I need.

In light of the ajax base (which i’m a huge fan of), is there an easy way, or designated injection point in the theme code, that will keep other jQuery-type wordpress plugins in good working order?

in particular, I’m hoping to keep the Ether Builder and the layer slider plugins in the overall mix of things for what I’m working on

Ether Builder: http://codecanyon.net/item/ether-content-builder-wordpress-plugin/1690784

Layer Slider http://codecanyon.net/item/layerslider-wp-the-wordpress-parallax-slider/full_screen_preview/1362246)

Thanks in advance! I’ll be grabbing this theme within the next few hours :D

Thank you very much, yes there is an injection point for additional javascript which needs to be loaded after ajax request. Just drop us a mail, we will be happy to assist.

Thanks again for the support!

His work is exceptional, finally a player with theme music that plays without interruptions, I have a perguna, the grid of the slide can be removed or even desabilidata?

Thank you! Of course, its all in the themes backend options :)

Accepts youtube videos?

The contact form has option for name, email and message. Would include telephone option on the form?

Example: Name: Required Mail: Required Phone: Not required Message: Required Enviar

Adding additional options would need a bit of coding but is very easy. Feel free to ask our support in this matter, we are happy to help. Just drop us a mail.

Sorry I’m translating it in google, the translation went wrong

Name (required) Email (required), phone (not required), Message (required), send

Hello! This theme has the option of translation? I noticed that when I’m in the demo, Google Chrome automatically translates the original language for my Portuguese language, navigate through the menu but it does not respond, only if the orignal language, if I buy the theme and not the translation consegir my visitors osuários Chrome may have difficulty viewing my site

Sorry, I have to question all my doubts

Hi, Thank you for you interest, the theme is translation ready and comes with a .pot file where you just need to fill in the translation. I can help you with that and it will work fine with all browsers. I am not sure if I understand your question right though. If your question is not answered just send us a mail in português and we will ask a friend to translate :)

One more question, more important, this topic has sortable portfolio? I can create a portfolio of wedding and within this portfolio include the image galleries or individual? Exempo: Inside the John and Mary portfolio menu (by clicking and see only the images of this pair), Fernanda and Julio (click to see only the images of this pair).


If I understand your question right you could achieve this by using categories and slightly alter the category-archive php file. We ar also working on an update including portfolio posts especially for this. If you need support in this matter feel free to drop us a mail, we are happy to help.

Hi, Does this theme have the option for custom background images for each page?


Hi, no, by default it does not support this option. This Theme is build to offer you a constant slideshow throughout the page without reloads. It is possible to customize your theme in a way that you can have different static images on pages. Drop us a mail once you reached that point with your page and we will help you.

superb. i need to confirm a few things before i purchase though…

  • i hope i can add breadcrumbs…
  • will i have issues assigning a custom permalink structure, and
  • most importantly, does this theme work out-of-the-box with W3TotalCache ?

hi, thanks for your interest.

- There is no option for breadcrumbs in the theme´s backend, but they are easy to implement.

- Default and custom permalink structures work well.

- After a quick test, i cant find any issues with W3TotalCache, so i would say, yes it works ;)

If you face any problems feel free to drop us a mail, we will be happy to assist.

Hello! I wonder if you’re working on an update for this theme, I worry about the updates wordpress. If I buy this theme, it will be left to bring in and lose compatibilidade updates with new versions of wordpress?

Hello again, yes we are working on an update in the moment wich is mainly about a mobile CSS and yes, of course, we are going to keep the theme up to date, for 100% compatility with new wordpress versions.

btw. you can always send us email to support@daku-design.com :)

I just bought the theme, however, it uploads to a page called ‘Home’, which I can’t remove as it does not exist in my pages or elsewhere, also when I click on the logo it takes me to this page. How do I remove this start up page? Thanks.


glad you like our theme and thanks for purchasing it.

Which page will be displayed as “home/start” page and which is used as the “blog” page (the page that displays posts) is set in WordPress under: Settings -> Reading. To remove the home link from the menu you would need to set up a custom menu in WordPress under: Apperance -> Menus.

if there are any questions left just send us a mail – support@daku-design.com – we are happy to help. Greetings from germany,