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Hi Daku, great theme, i’ve just buyed it… but.. how can i force the browser to open in a REAL fullscreen, without the address bar and the tabs.?

Thank you.

Hi, thank you very much. Unfortunately that’s impossible, its restricted by the browser itself (with the exception of flash based websites where you could have the player open fullscreen..). The only thing you can do for now is press F11 on your keyboard ;)

Strange, i’m not a HTML5 or Ajax coder, but look at this page:


Wow good to know.. seems you know more then I do ;)

Do you think it’s possibile to deploy this fullscreen feature in a next release of PhotoEclipse?

Hi, we will definetly look into it prior to the next update, it depends on browser compatibility and stuff wether we can really use it though. ( if you cant figure out how to implement it into your page but want it urgently we could also offer you custom work, just drop us a mail )

I love this theme! We’re using it for uncovermac.com and I would like to ask two things:

- how can I implement custom lightboxes like the one you get here http://uncovermac.com/luminary-collection/ (upon pressing the purple button) but without the white ‘page’ behind it (so just hovering over the background, activated by the menu)

- can I use a SWF file a background in the slider as well?

Many many thanks and warm regards from Amsterdam!


Hi, thanks a lot, we are superbusy at the moment I will look into it for you on monday. Would you mind sending me an email to support@daku-design.com with a little further explanation.. I am not sure if I understand it right, do you want one of your menu links open a ‘lightbox’ plugin?


First of all, very nice theme, very happy to bought it :). I have a small problem with the menu, impossible for me to change the font of it. Can you please even if it’s not possible explain me a way to make it work and change it by myself? Reallllllly needdd it!!!


Hi, you can just add this to the custom.css #navMain { font-family:YourFont; }

Thank you, but i don’t know anything about putting a css. Do i have also to drop the font file somewhere in my ftp? Where do i have to put the custom css? I’m happy to see that i can do something but please give me more details, i’m not a pro like you :).

Thank you anyway for your fast reply :)

I see :) .. would you mind sending me an email to support@daku-design.com so we can figure out together what you need to do?

Just sent you an email. thank you :)

how can i set the home page to just show the background slider like the demo. My site opens up to a post or page by default which is blocking the original slider.When you go to my site i don’t want a content page to show up i want just the background gallery to show first then the user can navigate thru the menu as normal

Hi, you will need to create a new page which will be you new home page. Select the no-content template from the templates dropdown. (It’s at the lower right of your screen when editing a page.) Now navigate to Settings -> Reading: and where it says “frontpage displays” select the “static page” radio button. Then choose the page you just created.

Hope that helps


Just purchased your theme and when I went to download it into WordPress I received this message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

I’d appreciate a prompt response. Thanks in advance!

Hello, I am very sorry for that! But unfortunatly I have no Idea whatsoever what happened there. If you send me a mail with a link to your page and ftp access I will look into it. Don’t worry we will be able to fix it I think :)

Don’t take this personally but I don’t feel comfortable providing access to an unknown third party. As a developer you should have some type of suggestion other than ’ I don’t know’, specially if you are designing themes specifically for use with WordPress.

Per my e-mail, if this issue cannot be resolved without providing my login info, I will simply ask for a refund.

Thanks for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to getting it resolved.

I am sorry if this makes you angry, we and none of our clients had this or a similar error yet and without being able to reproduce it and no access to the page (you haven’t even sent me a link to the page yet) all I can do is guessing.

Hi Daku, i have some strange issues when i create a gallery. First of all when i upload the images, if they are named like 01.jpg i found them ordered in descending mode (50.jpg, 49.jpg, ecc..) but no problem, in the gallery are displayed in the right way. If the images are named with a prefix, for example, party_01, party_02 ecc.., i found them ordered in a strange semi-random mode (party_10.jpg, party_11.jpg, party_12.jpg, party_35.jpg, party_36.jpg, party_37.jpg). Ok, just drag’n’drop and ordering in the right way, a little pesky way to work, do you agree? But the surprise is when i put online the gallery: the thumbnails are in the right order, for example 3 colums:

01 – 02 – 03

04 – 05 – 06

07 – 08 – 09

10 – 11 – 12

but the display order of the gallery is: 01-04-07-10 02-05-08-11 03-06-09-12 the gallery is displayed reading the vertical columns!!!!!!!! Sorry but this is unacceptable. If you want to check:


Last minute update: If you go in the gallery section and click on “view gallery” (without using a page that contains the gallery), the gallery is displayed correctly.



thank you very much for pointing out this issue, we will solve it as quickly as possible! If you send me a quick email to support@daku-design.com I will inform you as soon as the update is ready.

Any news about the gallery issue? I need to put the website online, can’t wait anymore.

It will be included in the next update wich is only a matter of days.


Thanks for the nice team :) Is there any way to optimaise it for phones and tablets?


Hi, thank you! The theme works pretty good on mobile devices, so at the moment its not on the update table.


Hi Daku, any good news about the update and/or the issue fixing? Need it!!!!

uploading it right now, should be available in the next few hours.

How to update the theme? WP tell me that the theme is updated (1.5), also forcing the update check. Also downloading from ThemeForest the file name is the same (2297592).


the file that you downloaded, although having the same reference number from themefores.net includes the updated version 1.6. Don’t forget to backup your custom.css in case you made any changes using this file.

Ok, but how to replace the 1.5 with 1.6? The automatic update doesn’t work, and when i try to upload the zip file, WP tell me: La directory di destinazione esiste già. /var/www/vhosts/weddingreporter.it/httpdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/photo_eclipse/

means the destination directory already exist.

I need to delete the photoeclipse theme in the theme manager page and reinstall?

Ok, removed the old version and installed the new zip file. Thank you very much!

Sorry Daku, still having problems with the gallery sort. I have uploaded 70 images (named 01.jpg, 02.jpg, ecc..) If i upload them in ascending mode from 01 to 70 in the dialog window, i found them ordered in descending mode in the WP gallery, and viceversa. Ok, could be not a problem, i upload the images in descending mode so i found them in the right order, but…. When i see the gallery, i found them ordered in a weird way!!!

Check it at: http://weddingreporter.it/wordpress/la-cerimonia/

Ok, i will look into it. For the future i would like to request you to use email for support questions. Thank you

I´m sorry, but i cant reproduce this problem. I can see that your gallery isn´t in the right order but for me on all of our test installations it just works fine. The gallery order shown in the backend, the frontend and in the lightbox plugin are always the same. The sortorder is exactly like you uploaded your images (latest image on top).

I know that the wordpress file uploader has some problems from time to time if you push in the images one by one, but if you use the “select file” uploader all pictures are in the right order.

You also have the option to sort your galleries manually in the themes backend if something went wrong during upload.

If you need further support in the future, feel free to drop us a mail.



just curious if there night be an easy way i could hack in a jQuery / jQuery UI transition effect to occur with the page content area while ajax is switching between pages

thanks in advance!

Well depending on your skills, I wouldn’t say there is an “easy” way to do it. We are available for freelance work and will customize your theme for you if you need help.

Got it- thanks :)

Hi, Have started working on my site and suddenly, when I click on a page, I get a message along the lines of ‘ReferenceError: background_custom is not defined’ Not sure what I have done to cause this, please help?


Cheers Alex

p.s Thanks again for the custom script. Great service and well worth paying you guys to do. :)

Thanks for the great help and service. The error I was seeing was nothing to do with the theme but a error on my part, deleting something i shouldn’t have. All fixed and working perfect again now. :)

What are the ideal dimensions for the background slider images ? Iknow this information should be easy t find but I can not find it . Also can i use the assets in my media library for the background slider or do i need to re upload everything again ? ( My goal is to have a light site as easy as possible)


Hello, there is no ideal dimension. It depends on what you set your priorities. We use images with 1024 × 683 px for me thats the best compromise between quality and load time. Yes, you can attach images from your media dialogue to galleries if the images are unattached. Just hit the “attach” button right to the image and search for your galleries name.

Hope that helps,


Awesome theme! ... I found exactly what i was looking for. Just one question, is it possible to fix the nav menu? Thanks in advance !

Hi, thanks a lot .. I think you mean fixing the top and bottom bars right? Under PhotoEclipse->General: you can find the “idle timer” that handles the fade out of the bars. Setting it to 0 will disable the function and fix the bars.

Thanks a lot. And another (hopefully) last question.. Where can i up the initial default volume of the music?

BTW Good luck with sales, this theme is really awesome.

Hi, you can find this on line:22 of ../sound.php where it says volume: 0.2


Hallo Daku, is there any way to not show the name of the photo when you click it on a gallery ? I mean the name in the upper left corner that appears when you click on a picture. Thanks.

hello, div.ppt {display:none !important;} in your custom.css should do it.

It works perfect !! Thank you verrrry much !!