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Hi Daku. I encounter an issue after upgrading. Each time when I click the menu on the website, it keeps saying “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: background_custom”. pls check out my site: www.jikhung.com By the way, I’m a Mac user.


Hello, i don´t get this error on your page. Neither using mac or pc. Please try to clear your cache.

Hi, Daku. Sorry to bother you. I think I’ve just fixed the problem by relaunching my browser. Thanks all the same.

Btw, could you please make changing font and size more convenient when writing a post? That’d be perfect.


“Hi Daku. I encounter an issue after upgrading. Each time when I click the menu on the website, it keeps saying “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: background_custom”. pls check out my site: www.jikhung.com By the way, I’m a Mac user.”

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Please help . I had added all my pictures. I have written my post and put my custom background galleries. Now I am attempting to put a gallery in a post ( not my background gallery , just a regular gallery)

When i put the short code in the post nothing happens. Why ? please help ! Thanks !

p.s. this is the shortcode i am putting in the page [daku_gallery id=130 ]

Please note that i have tries to put the code at the beginning of the most before the H1 , in the middle and at then end


Hi Frank, unfortunately, with the given information, i´m not able to help you. Please write us a mail including a link to your website. The easiest way would be to grant us access to your wordpress installation so i can have a look into it.


frankR22 Purchased

Hello How can I set a page / post / gallery / portfolio that is password protected, that woud allow clients to simply put their pasword to have access to their specific post pictures ?


Hi, this is a WordPress function that you can find in the Page/Post options. When you edit a page on the metabox “publish” it says visibility public. Click “edit” here and change it to password protected, choose a password and thats it :)

Hi there,

I have a problem with how optimised the site I have developed is – I have viewed it how Google sees it, and all it gets is ‘loading content’ all the time… particularly on h2s for some reason..? Do you have any information that would help me to fix this?

Thanks, SoT


Hello, please send us an email to support@daku-design.com including a working link to your website. We will than have a look on it.

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Thanks for this theme team. First theme purchase I’ve made for www.artbydjboy.com trying to get the hang of it now as I type this so it’s not finished yet.

Hi Daku, do you think to add in the next release a social network sharing feature (Facebook “Like”, Google+ “+1” or Twitter) for the galleries, or even better, the single image in the gallery?


Hi, it´s not on the update table yet, but we will remember this request.

Great theme, i love the minimal design and layout.

I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of items:

1. How can I change the font type of my page headers and body text?

2. How do I remove the ‘Leave A Reply’ section on all of the pages?

3. Is there a way to create more space in between the menu items in the Main Navigation?

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you in advance!

Update from my post above ^^

1. RESOLVED : I figured out how to change the font of the body and header, using the WP Cufon plugin

2. RESOLVED : I disabled all comments through the wordpress settings->discussion panel.

3. I still can’t figure this one out. How do I add space between the menu items in the main navigation?

4. Is it possible to remove the ‘Maximize Page’ function all together?

5. Can I change the text in the main navigation menu to CAPS and Lower case letter?

6. As of current, the top and bottom menu bars go ‘hidden’ after approx. 4 seconds after the mouse is idle. I wanted to know if I could speed this up to 2.5 seconds, is this possible?

7. How can I center pages instead of the current Left justified layout?

thank you in advance!

Hello. I just saw your theme. So nice. It’s first time to make my homepage. so I don’t have any skill about WEB . Before I buy this theme, I have a few questions. 1. When I saw demo, every page has box. Sometime I don’t want to use the boxes. Can I control this part? 2. http://www.spaceheadconcepts.com/ablaze/portfolio-post/another-portfolio/ I want to make the portfolio page like this one. As you see, there is full size picture and I can write a article in the box. Can I do that? I hope this theme will be worked every function. Thank you and please reply.


I´m not sure wether i really understood what you mean, but i think you can do all the things you were asking with our theme.

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First: thanks for this theme. It’s great! Second: How can I make the theme ??available for multiple languages (WPML)?

Thank you in advance!


It should work but i never tried, if you already tried and had some problems, please write a support mail to support@daku-design.com

Hi there DaKu First of all, great theme! probably the best photo theme I ever saw! I am having a little issue (might be nothing I’m still a newbie).

I am trying to password protect some galleries. I do set the password in the publish box so it should work.

But the problem is that I am making a page that list and link these galleries and when I click one link it opens the gallery without asking for a pass. I tried several things but I can’t figure it ou yet…

Also is it possible to set comments on specific articles or pages and not others? Danke! and again great work!


Hello and thank you,

for me it sounds like your linking to a gallery instead of the page which includes the gallery. You can only password protect pages not galleries so maybe thats the problem. If this doesn´t help please send us a mail to support@daku-design. com including a working link to your homepage so we can have a look on it.


Wow it worked! Thanks a lot! Since you could assign a password to a gallery I assumed you could just use i like that. Anyway great theme and thanks again!

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I proved a lot of themes and decided to buy yours, fine designed and carefully developped.


thank you very much!

I have a problem with my portfolio. When i write content in a portfilo-post, it doesnt appear on my site. It says: Ooops… It seems the content you are looking for does not exist. Maybe searching can help?

What am I doing wrong? :)


Hello, please send us a mail to support@daku-design.com including a working link to your site.

Great theme, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with it. Hitting a snag now in Google Chrome – my webpage – http://comeonlittlerabbit.com/a-st-louis-wedding/ seems to have the top and bottom menu scrolling alongside the post making it lag and freeze up. Chrome V. 23.0.1271.91 – I just updated to the last version you updated hoping that would fix it and no luck. It seems to work just fine in Internet Explorer so that’s why I’m now trying to figure out if there’s something else I’m missing. Cleared Cache as well and no go.


Ok, very strange bug. Please try to disable your plugins and check if the problem persists. For further support please send us a mail to support@daku-design.com

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How can i set it up that when i land on the page that only the background image is showing and not the first page so that the page is loaded minimized.


djkavaa Purchased

Allready got it;) it was the no-content Section in the page settings.

Beautiful theme and minimalistic,I have a few questions before buy the theme. 1.The Home page plays and HD video fullframe? 2.The home page slider,can have and thumbnails down? 3.The Portofolio and the blog can have and video? 4.When are you planning your next upgrade? Thanks for all


Hi, I am not sure if I get all your questions right but I will try to answer them. 1.) yes you can 2.) no idea what you mean by that but there are no thumnails for slider images.. you can do with the theme the things shown in the preview :) 3.) there is no featured video option yet but of course you can use videos within posts and portfolio posts There will be an update sometime soon or of course whenever it gets necessary because of Wordpress updates and so on.

Hellow DaKu,Great theme to work with,i have some questions 1.How Contact Form, support other languages(greek) 2.It is possible to stop the site music, when a video from posts starts to play? 3.It is possible in the page of post videos,the background to be a photo and no the photo slidebar? 4.How can remove the Leave a reply,comment, from posts? Thank You


Hi, I am glad you like the theme :) 1.) you can change the language of the the theme including the contact form with the attached default.po file in the folder languages of the theme directory. 2.) That is possible therortically possible if you know javascript :) 3.) There is no option for a static background image for individual posts yet, only slideshows. 4.) Uncheck the “allow comments” checkbox in the discussion field of the postedit screen.

For further support please send us a mail to support@daku-design.com !! Thank you

DaKU 1.I Don’t want to change the language of the the theme including and the contact ,the mail that i sent(in greek)look OK but when i receive this mail the characters in the fields is like chinesse. 2.Can you do this javascript with some extra cost? 4.I Have uncheck the “allow comments” checkbox in the discussion field of the postedit screen but nothing happens. You can check on the site http://server2.ldhosting.com/~newbeaut/ thank you

Answered via E-mail