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Hi i created a page called blog. How can i get the blog on it? Because i got an other homepage. There is nothing about it in the manual.

Hi, please go to Settings—> Reading and where it says “Front page displays” choose static page and select a frontpage and a postpage.

Hope that helps, enjoy your theme, Kurt

Thats just what i sad… i don’t want that we want to have a Clear home page and a separate blog page. How can we fix that.

Im not sure if i get you right, but maybe you should try to use a wordpress custom menu. For further support please drop us a mail to support@daku-design.com


There is a default Home page at navigation bar. How can I rename it or delete it ? Another question is how can I put Portfolio page on navigation bar?

thank you, Loi

Hi, you can achive both by using a custom menu under Appearance—> Menus :)

Hi, Great website by the way! perfect for what I want to present!

I need a little help setting up my portfolio page though, I’m a bit lost as to how to get my portfolio page to display link images like how you got it on yours (where you hover over the image and it displays the title of the portfolio page)


Hello, you will need to use the portfolio shortcode in order to display your items correctly. Please have a look into the dokumentation for further assist.


Can you show me what is good resolution of portfolio images to fit my screen when I view in maximum? And what is good resolution for background slide images ? Thanks, Loi

Hello, there is no best resolution per se, it depends on the screen of the user. In our presentation we use 1024px x 680px.


How can I do the same affect as your Porfolio page? (Mouse roll over) thanks,

Hello, you will need to use the portfolio shortcode in order to display your items correctly. Please have a look into the dokumentation for further assist.

hi sir, i have few question before buy your beautifull template: 1 can we have random music from a specific folder on the server? 2 can we use different background slider for different pages ? 3 can we use static images for background page or we have to create a slider with onlyone image ? 4 if there any chance to have mp3 player to skip tracks ? 5 can we have the sidebar also in pages or only in articles ?

thank u very much for your support Xenorob

hi kurt thanx for your quick reply, so i have to edit your player to play random music…have u use a thirdparty plugin/modules oer you did it ?? last question i would like have the main menu bar (Top) and the the bottom one, always visible…(without moving the mouse) is it possible ??(changing perhaps seconds paramets)

thank you very much r.

Hi, 1.yes but modified it quite a bit 2. yes exactly the way you said .. u could just set the idle tmer to 0sec wich u can do from the backend. :)

Hi Daku, finally i purchased yout theme, good job. I would like to know if is possible how to increase the number of songs playble on the backend from 5 to 30 … is it possible ? ... i’m working on the random player…have u got any suggestion about it …? maybe some tips from other clients/buyer. Let me know if u can help me. Thank u very much r.

Hi there,

when I show my portfolio items on my pages, I can see my portfolio items on a page by enter -1 for show all categories but when I just wanna show few category ( not all) on a page then I see nothing on my page. Please show me how to fix it. thanks

Please drop us a mail to support@daku-design.com and don´t forget to include a link to your site, so we can have a look at it.

Hello Great template and very easy to use (I am completely green with html coding). I have question: How to deal with sending mails from contact module? When I try send mail I get nothing in my mail. It is problem with WordPress or I have to do something in php in Your template?

Hello, please drop us a mail to support@daku-design.com describing your problem and including a link to your website. We will be happy to assist.

djkavaa – If You wont front page which is invisible (In Your case is empty and You do not want see it) then create page with Template “No content”. Aftert that Settings—> Reading and where it says “Front page displays” choose static page and select Your empty page. Page will start with no open page (it is open but with flag “No content”)

hi guys- how do you add more socials? like imdb, pinterest and instagram… thanks!

Problem solve! I edited class.phpmailer.php with my data for mail account (smpt, password, etc). After that I got error:
 if(eregi('^(.+):([0-9]+)$', $hosts[$index], $hostinfo))
which I fixed by
if(preg_match('/^(.+):([0-9]+)$/i', $hosts[$index], $hostinfo))
I hope this will help :)

Nice, thank you!

Hi, is there a way to remove, or edit out the coding that displays the ‘Posted on date by Author stamp on my pages?

Many thanks

You will have to edit content.php


My home page could not shown as summary form even I checked “show as summary” option in Reading wordpress menu. Could you pls help me? Thanks, Loi

please send us an email to support@daku-design.com

Hello i have a question, A few days ago I bought this plugin for socials “Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress ” but i can not make it work it’s a problem with jquery version…maybe? thank you

Hello, I´m sorry but i cant help you with this little information. Please send us a mail to support@daku-design.com including a link to your website and a link to the plugin your trying to use.

Hi there, i’ve got a problem with the native wp 3.5 gallery … when i put a native gallery in a article or a single page, nothing happens to the page, and i can’t see my gallery… i tryed with shortcode generator and it’s ok but is very useless for this kind of use…any suggestions ? The native wp gallery is really important thank for your help r.

Hi, could you drop us a mail at support@daku.design.com describing your problem and we will be happy to help you.


I purchased your theme two years ago and was wondering how I would go about getting it updated to the most current version? Is it something you guys do on your end or do I have to re-download and re-install the theme on WordPress?


Hi, you can just download the theme again to get the most recent version.

is there possibility to comment on pictures in gallery? or add fb “like” button?

Hi guys, thanks for this awesome theme.Like it very much. Unfortunately I do have a questions (I’ve seen it here before, but it didn’t work) I want to remove in the gallery the “posted on” and “This entry was posted in…”

When I do delete some codes in the content.php or content-gallery.php nothing happens. Thank you!

Hi Guys, i’ve a problem, today: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/apr1mave/public_html/wp-content/themes/photo_eclipse/plugin/widgets/flickrpress/flickr.php on line 70 ???????????????

I have been using this theme for ever, now all of a sudden there is no content displaying, but is hidden behind a white screen. Please help me figure out why this is not working.

Theme updated, problem solved.