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Hello! First of all, thank you so much for this amazing theme!!

I have a question: is it possible to change the possition of the menu a bit lower in the page? I tried this below but does not work …

.mainmenu { padding top:200px } many thanks in advance!!

Oh, I think I found it!!! }

text-align: left;
   position: fixed !important;
   bottom: 600px;

Thanks for your purchase! :)

Hi, I would like to have one video that will start when I open the website and I would like to have that only one video through all pages. Is it possible to have one video for all pages without refreshing the page and the video when I click on some other tab?


Hi, sorry this currently not possible.


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I’ve spent the last hr on this and can’t figure it out. Homepage Slider loading… yep it looks like you answer this an awful lot.

I do not have any text in slider descriptions Homepage to show latest posts images are 1200px wide displays properly on all other pages EXCEPT the naked doamin (frontpage) shows loading

cloverandabeefilms [dot] com


Sorry for late reply. When i see you website, i not see any issue with your slider. Have you managed to fix it?


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i fixed on front page but not on cloverandabeefilms[dot]com/project/test


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just fixed it.. all good…


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Edit Post Page Title _ can you direct me to the code to the post page title. Instead of displaying “Blog” on individual post pages i need to display the post title.

You can open file single.php by navigate to Appearance > Editor > single.php then find code below:

echo __('Blog','Photogra');

replace with code below:



Beautiful… thank you.. After some work this has turned out quite nice.. Many thanks to you and your theme

You’re welcome! :)

Hi designesia

Everybody love your theme in our compagny! Everything is clear and perfect.

I spent a long time by reading and pasting the codes you gave in comments for further uses. Many thanks for that! :)

However, I didn’t find the way to change the hoover color of the titles in blog mansonry. Right now it’s grey and it is not readable with the background. May you give to me the right code?

Best regards Piccolo


We glad to know it! :)

To change blog masonry title hover color, you can insert code below in custom css field.

#blog-masonry h1 a:hover{

Then change ’#F8DB14’ with any hex color code.

really nice! and thanks for the quick answer! I rated five stars, you deserved it.

Thank you! I very appreciated it! :)

Hi!! I dont know why mi site doesnt show the slider. The loader is loading but doesnt show the images. What can be happening?

Hi, try to make slider description clear without formatting. You can remove all blank paragraph from slider description. On WordPress editor try to edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode then remove <p> and </p> from slider description. Also can you send your url so i can inspect your issue?

Hello, can i ask you something..? I want to put wpml code under the menu…how to do this..? thank you…

hi…this code: <?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?> I want to put under the menu…

Menu code contained in file “sidebar.php”. You can insert your code directly by navigate to Apperance > Editor > sidebar.php. Insert your code below this code:

<?php wp_nav_menu( $defaults ); ?>

thank you very much! excellent support!!

Hello and again thanks a lot for this amazing template! I have a question. I am using a vimeo video as a background page. It works perfect. But it is way too big, covering the menu as well. I am trying to make it smaller from the vimeo page but it is still big. Is there any way to give a code in your template to make it smaller? many thanks in advance!!

Hi, sorry for late reply. It seems currently not possible to make it smaller. I will try to find way for this.

Hi, I still love this theme for some of my websites en everything works great (including the contact form). For another site i’m using a different theme which uses the plugin ‘contact page 7’. Here i’m running in to trouble with my current host..Someting to do about phpmailer… Could you tell me which plugin is used for the contact form in photogra? hope you can help!


Nice to know you still love this theme :)
Contact form on this theme is not a plugin, it’s integrated with this theme. You doesn’t receive your email from contact form?


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Hello. I am facing a problem with my photogra theme when I am trying to add new gallery item. I go to Gallery—> Add New and at the Photo section I click browse, to select the photo, then I check for the dimensions I want and finally I click the “insert into post” button but the URL bar at the photo section is blank…this is happening for months and I am forced to do this manually by copying pasting the url and then add the dimensions to url which is very annoying How can I fix this ?


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Hello, I am using Wordpress 4.2.2 . Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE from Mac and Windows but nothing… :/


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Hi, sorry for late reply, we’re just back. If you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.


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Hello! Thanks a lot for getting back to us! I have a question: I put a semitransparent background on the text boxes. It works perfect. The only thing is that my logo is very long (width: 400px) so when I scroll the page, my logo (in a fix possition) covers up a bit the text box. Is there any way with css to hide the logo behind the text box?


Can you send your website url? If your logo too long why not just reduce logo size?


Can you send your website url? If your logo too long why not just reduce logo size?

Beautifull template…

Thanks! :)