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Hi I would like to ue a child theme, but it will not detected, it still uses the original theme. How do I configure to use it? Thanks


I cab send you sample child theme what is your email?

Done. Pease check your email.

Hi – I was wondering if this theme will always overlay the ‘grid’ over the images, or whether they were just uploaded like that?!


For text background overlay you mean, you can adjust it like color and transparency.

Pre sale question, can the caption in the slider be in the middle instead of right bottom?

2. Can the gallery after open image be fullscreen?


Thanks for your interest! 1) Yes caption could be in the middle by some modification. 2) I not clear with this question, did you mean to have full screen view for single gallery?

hi, I would like to know if I have the option to put music behind when its doing a slideshow with fullscreen with photos. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest. Sorry currently no built in function to play music on this theme. Maybe with a plugin.

Where can I see help files on how to make your slider?

Thanks for getting back. On photogra home page you can see a yellow title box where it says “Welcome to Photogra” and beneath that an overlay text box. I would like to have those items in every slider I create. But if you check my site you can see that i have not been able to make these items appear for the slider “about us”. The home slider works like yours but not the about us slider.


Arapmoi Purchased

Is it possible to support this question please? It is 4 days old now!!!


I know what you meant. But for yellow box title and overlay text box only available for homepage and project item. It’s currently not possible for slider background page.

I am having troubles with the slider. For some reason, the slider is active on the internal pages as a background slider when I have chosen each non-homepage to only have a static background. What can be done to correct this?


Please check for each ‘Custom Page Background > Slider Page Background’ under page settings not assign to a slider.

Hi , Presale question. - Can I put caption on fullscreen video(youtube) background ? Short quote overlay on the video. - Can I hide all the menu on sidebar ? - Can I add footer and contact details on bottom of page ? Thank you


For Youtube video with caption like slider is currently not possible. For another questions is possible by small modification.

Hi, is it possible to remove the dot grid over the images? I’d like to levae it perhaps on the homepage, but don’t want to have it on the rest of the sliders.



To remove dot pattern can navigate to Appearance > DE Panel > Styler > Pattern Overlay > select ‘none’. Currently dotted pattern setting will affect all pages on your website.

Hello, the theme looks good! My question :

By default, the menu is on the LEFT side of the screen. Is there any option to put it on the RIGHT side ? The background photo I need to use is composed that way and I cannot use LEFT side menu even if I wanted. Please, is it possible to swap the menu to the right side of the screen?

Thank you!


Thanks for your interest. Currently it’s not available to make menu on right side. We will consider to make this feature on next update.

Hi designesia-team,

I’m still extremely happy with the photogra-theme! While adding a “news” page, i discovered that my website has a responsive-problem i don’t know how to solve, so i hope you can help me… First thing is, that my photos/pictures i inserted in the cextflow don’t change their size when changing the browser window. What did i wrong? Second thing is: The text between the photos is responsive, but not as perfect as on your demo-site. I guess this problem has something to do with my changes on the logo/menu. I changed from originally 200px to 400px, the content i left on original 620px.

Thanks for your help! (


Glad to know you’re happy using this theme! :)
Please read below regarding your questions:
1) To make responsive image when browser resize, insert code below in custom css by navigate to Appearance > DE Panel > Custom CSS > insert code below:

@media (max-width: 979px) {
.size-full {
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

2) This issue because you use custom sidebar width. We still research for this issue.

The theme will not save my new logo as a replacement for the Photogra logo. My logo is already in the media library. I go to DE Panel, General Settings, choose Browse for custom logo. I find the logo in the Media Library and click show and then Insert into Post but nothing changes on the settings screen. Then I click Save Settings and still no change on the settings screen. If I view the home page, my logo does not appear, the Photogra logo appears. My logo is not being saved at all.


Can you send your website url so i can inspect your issue? If DE Panel cannot save settings make sure to check below:

- make sure you have upload right theme zip file not the package file.
- make sure you not rename this theme
- make sure to check your folder permission

I am able to save other settings in the DE panel so I don’t think it is any of the things you suggest above. I am getting an error on the console that says, “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – {myURL}/wp-content/themes/photogra/js/functions_upload_img.js?ver=1.0.” The functions_upload_img.js file does not exist in the photogra/js directory. It is referenced from …/photogra/designesia/de-panel.php. I’m hoping this has something to do with why my logo is not being saved.

Hi, Please check your email.

Hello! I purchased your template code: 153b76c7-1d53-4d62-a40d-0e35162226a9 – 10 Dec 2015.

I have a problem, I want to upload a image in a slider, I follow the instructions: To create new slider item, navigate to: Slider > Add New. Type Slider title Type Slider description in editor (optional) Click Browse on Main picture to insert picture

But when I select a image the page it is not showing , I can upload the image to multimedia but I can’t add it to the slider. And the inspector show a error: NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"

Can you help me? Thanks!


Thank for your purchase! I need permission to inspect from your admin page, if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send through my profile.

Hello, I’d like to know how to show the +/- button on every page (not only home). Thanks!

Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway! :)

I don’t think I have a permissions problem as I am able to save other settings in the DE Panel including the footer text, link colors, etc.

Hi, Please check your email.