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Photogra v1.6 (March 3, 2016)
latest jquery library
new added masonry gallery 2 columns
new added masonry gallery 3 columns
slider description now support html tags
body class added for specify page styling
added text above gallery template
fix for select slider transition not work
fix for slider image upload issue
fix for portfolio image upload issue
fix for gallery image upload issue
fix some error notice on wp_debug true

Hello, I can’t see videos background on my site with Android or iOS mobile. You said one year ago that the next theme update should include this fix. Is this fix included?

I don’t want to use the black background in the text fields of the comment page. Other than using Editor to edit theme files, is there a preference setting to set this to regular white textboxes?


You can insert code below in custom css field (navigate to Appearance > DE Panel > Styler > Custom CSS) to remove comment fiels background:

#respond {
    padding: 20px;
    border: none;
    background: none;
    margin-top: 20px;

This did not work. Perhaps I described it wrong. I am talking about the Contact Us page that sends an email.


You said ‘text fields of the comment’. To change contact fields background to white you can insert code below in custom css:

#contact input,
#contact input:focus,
#contact textarea,
#contact textarea:focus{

Hello, I can’t see videos background on my site with Android or iOS mobile. You said one year ago that the next theme update should include this fix. Is this fix included?


Sorry for late reply. Small button on top right is visible by default. I not clear about your question.

I would like that the first loading of the web you only see the small button with the plus sign like this:

And if the user want to see more photos can push the plus sign to access the others “galleries”.

Now, in the first loading from a mobile device you see all the “galleries” in the middle of the screen like:



This requires some modification on source code. I will thinking to make it for next update.

The page width on my desktop computer for my pages using this theme is not responsive. I’d like the page width to increase as my browser window increases and be centered. Is there an option for the desktop version to be responsive?

Nvmd. I figured this one out.



pkabe Purchased

Hi. I m not able to put a backgroundpattern on the normal-templated sites. So the text is hard to read… Is it possible to put captions and/or navigationbar on a normal template site backgroundslider, like on the starterpage?

what about captions in sliders on other than the starter page? is it possible? on the demo site, where there is the possibility to change the transition effects, it looked like there is different pages, with fullscreen slider + captions…


It currently not possible. For sample transition you see on demo is same page the difference only the transition. I will consider to make individual slider settings for single page.

That would be awesome!

HI, Purchased the template yesterday. Great template! Only problem I am having is the background video deosn’t work on IE. Works fine on Chrome and FF. Do you have a fix for it? Thanks!


Thanks for your purchase! I still research for video deosn’t show on IE. I will release an update once it done.

Hello Again,

wondering where the support in 2 Busynessdays went… :(

I try to put the pattern Background in slider on another than the Starterpage. It doesn t work. – in DE Panel there is pattern Background activated….What s wrong?

hi, as i told ya 2days ago, wp could not install your updated version, because -as protocoll told to me: there is no style.css i stuck right here and need your support….

Hi, seems you upload wrong file. Please extract package file you have download from ThemeForest. Then upload file “” not the package file. Also you can read here:

That worked out good. Thank you!

Hi, I just updated the theme and now the menu in all pages besides the Home Page has a weird gray background behind every link:

Also, the slides in the Slider on the front page used to be clickable, to go to product pages but it doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you!


Is there any css code on custom css field on DE Panel? For slider on front page you can insert url on Slider Picture > URL field.

No, there’s no css code and yes I can click on the Slide Name (The text box) and go to a linked page but we used to just click anywhere on the slide and it would work.


We actually don’t have Photogra version with whole slider is clickable like you said. Just curious how you got it.


TheShax Purchased

Hello. You can go on my page to see what is going on:

So… If I try the mail page, I send and email and nothing happens… It tells me that the email is sent: Thank You! Your email was successfully sent.

But I never receive any emails in my inbox. How can I fix this.

Also. I would love to change the message. My website is going to be in French and I would like to change the notification message that says: Thank You! Your email was successfully sent. And also the colour of the green box in which it appears. Thanx for your help. Chak.

Hi, i thought you use a Gmail. A solution used by some people is to simply create a new email address If issue persist i would suggest to ask your hosting provider for permission to send php mail.

To change email notification message you can navigate to Appearance > Editor > page_contact.php > find text below then replace with your text.

Thank You! Your email was successfully sent.

hccrea Purchased

Hi, I’ve been trying to add an sticky bar at the bottom of the website, with the contact information, so visits can easily find it. But I can’t put it because I can’t find where to add some widgets. The’re normally in Appearance/Widgets, but in this theme I can’t find them. Could you tell me how to do it, or how to add something that could be similar? Thanks a lot. ps: the website is


Sorry for late reply. Did you meant fixed footer on each page? Here is custom css code to make fixed footer. You can insert code below in custom css field by navigate Appearance > DE Panel > Styler > Custom CSS > insert code below:


hccrea Purchased

Hi, I’d like to add a “zoom” effect on the slides (as you can do with Revolution Slider plugin) but I find no options to do so. If it’s not possible, could you tell me how to set an slider revolution slider as background in this theme? Also, is there a way to put the title and description of each slide in the center, and change the background colour to transparent?



We have plan to include revolution slider plugin for future update. We currently still work on theme update. Please wait.