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I am interested in this theme, and have a few questions

1) can you either provide documentation, or a screen shot on how you specify the images for the slide show on the main page?

2)looking at the top nav bar, i see your “drop down” example. Is it safe to assume that when I nest a subpage under a parent page, and that parent page resides on the navbar, that it will create a drop down

3)are there options to change the background and font colors in the options, or is that only defined in the .css?

If these are answered somewhere else, I do apologize.


1. Please see the theme option screenshot at http://demo.templatesquare.com/wordpress/photoworks/themeoptions.gif

2. Yes, you are correct.

3. No option to change bg and font, you have to change in the css.



Thanks Stephen. I am still unclear as to how the images in the slideshow on the main page are defined. Are those each a post, or is there a separate configuration to show what images are displayed.

The images are in the post, each image per post. The images in the one post can be use for gallery page and home page slider.

Thanks…I purchased your theme, so far so good. Any plans to SEO optimize, or optimize it further?

Hello, The code is already optimize… thanks

How do you get the post not to show up in the button portion of the homepage and just have copy like the demo of the site has



Do you mean make the home page content similar with demo? Please see help files instruction point #7.



I purchsed your theme and it is great.

One question. My blog resides one level deeper then the root. The theme is programmed for root level and the image tags linking is off for the slider and gallery.

example: (see what I changed in bold)

” rel=”lightbox-gallery” title=”<?php the_title(); ?>”>/scripts/timthumb.php?src=the-works/<?php echo $values0;?>&w=220&h=146&zc=1&q=100”

My issue is that I have fixed in the slider.php and main gallerytemplate.php but can’t find were the light box references the image path so I can add my folder structure to it. Can you please advise? I am sure not everyone is going to use wordpress on their root folder.



just reply your email… thanks

Hello, I really liked the theme and would like to buy it, but would like to take a question:

In the demo http://demo.templatesquare.com/wordpress/photoworks/?page_id=246, I see that there are only 8 pictures in each gallery. This is a limit of 8 pictures, or I can put more photos?


Each category only limit 8 pictures, but you can have multiple categories to make it more than 8 picture.

See in the demo (flower, landscape, nature), you can change to page 1, page 2, page 3 (as categories).


Hi I just purchased this template, an excellent piece of work!

I have followed the instructions and am succefully creating all the pages and galeries etc, however I have one issue

I have created the home page and set it as the static front page, but I’m left with the home page as well on the menu bar (i.e two home pages) This is clearly not the case with your demo.

Any advice? http://www.swaffs.co.uk/blog/

Many thanks. Rich

My bad! I found it. Under Appearance—> Theme Options There is a box to exlude whichever pages you wish from the top page menu Navigation / Navigation Settings

Hello, Great you have found the settings :) Please enjoy…


Hi- I just purchased this theme and it seems like timthumb might not be working. Not sure where to start in troubleshooting this but I’ve uploaded an image as the instructions say, and the image is taking up the entire front page.

Do I need to size this image myself before uploading? I didn’t see anything about a specific image size in the instructions.

Here is the page:


Also, when I set the Slider Category to “All Categories”, no images at all are shown in the slider. It only works if I select an individual category, but I wanted all categories.


The actual images size is too big, you should keep the size under 960×327. We are fixing it so when you put bigger image, it still fit in the placeholder, but better keep the image size not too big.

If you want to set the slider to all categories, you can add all posts into two categories, one is the post category and the other is the slider category.



Hello, I’m having 2 problems in customizing this theme:

1 – The images of the slider, are larger than they should. Check in http://rsmonteiro.com.br. How can I fix this?

2 – The widgets are not editable. Simply click on them, but there is no way to enter data.

Can you help?


1. We have fixed this issue, please download again the files.

2. You should drag a widget to the sidebar placeholder and it will change the default text.



Ok, about the problem of image size, I’ll re-download the files. However as the problem of widgets, I think will understand me better see the picture below. Click to view.


What happens is that if I click the widget, it will not let me drag, has just selecting the text. Can you help?

Sorry, I was wrong. There was perceived to function properly. I need to drag the options into the fields.

Everything is working.

Thank you!

Hi, I downloaded and installed your theme. There is a cartoon bird on the upper right of the home page with a caption bubble that says “Radiance Theme – New premium wordpress theme release, please see at http://tinyurl.com/yeryygo”

How do I remove this?

Thanks, A

audall go into the theme options and disable Twitter. The bird goes away.

correct, thanks :)

Two questions:

1 – How to hide the text appearing in the photos of the slider?

2 – How do I get the picture of the page “About” is correctly in the space reserved for it? I’ve tried to put the picture with the same size as existing in the demo, but it was bad, because the reduced size of the space and photo, see: http://rsmonteiro.com.br/?page_id=237

Can you help me this once?


1. currently we can’t hide the text, but I will check if we can make it hidden…

2. To put image similar with demo in the about page, just add custom field named “image” and put the image location in the value field (similar with post image). The size is 330×387px



1. Ok, i’m waiting… thanks!

2. OK, it’s simple! Sorry !

Best regards :D


We have update the theme, please redownload… thanks

FYI removing the text from the slider on front page just edit the remove the following from Slideshow.php; slideshow.info=”information”; (Line 64) see here.. http://www.swaffs.co.uk/blog

I’d love to have the thumbnails (and left right nav) drop off the bottom until someone hovers a mouse over it. If you could manage that I would be very greatfull. or at least remove the navigation all together so it’s just the full images.

I seem to have creashed the gallery page though and the images are not opwning with Slimbox, just the spinning logo any ideas?

I’ll try the latest files.


Love your theme but I was wondering why my thumbnails aren’t being generated automatically. I read through your instructions and it said that they would be. I also activated the plugin “timthumb” just in case but still no thumbnails. Let me know.



Hello, I bought the psd/html/css version of this theme and I would like to “upgrade” if possible. Can i pay extra to get this wordpress version instead of trying to convert it myself?

I believe there is no upgrade feature in TF and you should buy this wordpress version, thanks.